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  1. Man, I love the scroll ball on the Mighty Mouse, but the rest of it is terrible. I wish Apple would release a proper mouse with two main buttons, similar scrolling and two thumb buttons. And decent ergonomics. It'll never happen though, seeing as they still mostly insist on one button being enough with their own products - Mighty Mouse sort of being the exception, but really not.

  2. Or a giant cat omfg.

    Getting scratched by a cat is hell as it is, I don't even want to imagine what one described as "giant" would do to me.

    In regard to the intelligence thing; my dog is pretty dumb (but very sweet) so I'm basing my opinion of off that.

  3. I'm guessing you were bitten or molested by a dog as a kid or something?

    While I would agree that cats generally come across as more intelligent than dogs, I'd rather have a pet that actually wants to spend time with me, and isn't just hanging around for the constant supply of food. Cats are still pretty neat though.

    I'm not going to touch upon most of your post however, since it creeps me out a bit. Rating animals based on amounts of abuse you dream you can inflict upon it without it caring? Uhh..

  4. While the 360 camera seems pretty decent, the new EyeToy isn't looking too shabby either (ok it looks like shit, but that's not what I mean). The thing the gadget geek in me is excited about is the array of microphones they've planted on top of the it. They'll be using it to determine the position of the player and filter out background noise, which is pretty neat if you ask me. Voice recognition also included apparently. Instead of buying a Bluetooth headset, I'll probably get this.


  5. Yeah, for me this falls in to the "too good to be true" category, which usually means you're going to end up getting fucked over in some way. I'd be real hesitant to hand over my billing info to these folks.

    I'd love Tron 2.0 though :shifty:

  6. Speaking of Macbook Pros, I really fancy one of those for non-game nonsense (ie: can be taken to work too) but they seem to be a bit too expensive for me to want to bother with right now. Are there any cheat codes or tips for getting them cheaper without going second-hand?

    If you're not going to play any relatively demanding games on it, you could get a MacBook. Half-Life 2 supposedly runs fine on medium settings (even though the graphics card doesn't have dedicated memory). Processor wise, there's not a huge difference between the two, so it's basically a question if you want a decent GPU in your machine or not. It's still pretty pricey though.

  7. Upgrade complete

    Wow, nice step up there!

    I'd really like to get my hands on a 8800. My X800 is feeling pretty old, but it'll have to do for much, much longer still. With "chipset radiator", do you mean the heatsink?

    I just got my MacBook and I'm beginning to set it up. I ripped the 80GB hard drive it came with out and plunked in a nice 200GB drive from Toshiba, so it's currently installing OS X. Hopefully I'll be able to get dirty with it this evening, but I'm as happy as you can be after having stared at install screens for the past half hour. Formatting was pleasantly fast anyway.

  8. That's weird : I can't remember such a level in God of War, and god knows I'm not really a skillful gamer.The only part remotely connected would be a segment in the Path of Hades when you've got to kill a bunch of zombies as a moving wall threatens to crush you.

    Might be the clone battle or the rotating wall of blades thingy that you have to climb near the end?

  9. Ever hear the expression "two wrongs don't make a right?" Cliché, sorry...

    Of course all lives are equally important and it's very sad that the demises of people from certain places don't get taken in to account very often. However it doesn't make sense to disregard the deaths of 32 people "over here" just to try and balance things out. Striving for equality in media coverage doesn't mean to forgo what's already being reported here, but instead to try and also include other things.

    Sorry for being preachy, but I really don't agree with your line of thought here.

  10. Yeah, that sucks too. You'd think both companies would have hired at least one person who's aware that there are in fact multiple releases for many games. Adding that one extra serial number to the list can't be too much work, can it? :shifty:

    I'm sure Microsoft will get to your problem sooner or later but I'm more wary of Sony and their apparent lack of continued effort in this matter. I'm not exactly counting on getting to play Subsistence, ever.

  11. I'd love to comment on the camera, but can't due to Sony's utter incompetence. Here's the story in short:

    • See offer for PS3 with trade-ins.
    • Trade in MGS3 among others.
    • Get PS3, see that BC-list covers many versions of MGS3, including Subsistence.
    • Blissfully buy Subsistence.
    • Discover that all versions of Subsistence aren't covered by BC.

    Fuck. Seeing as how they've got the listed version of Subsistence running with a perfect three star rating, it's extra frustrating. It'd surely work, if they would just let the disc start spinning.

  12. I've also been thinking about getting a MacBook, but this time I'll just upgrade my dekstop PC with more/faster memory, a new processor and a new video card. The next time I have that kind of money to spend on hardware, I may also get a MacBook.

    If there were any exceptionally demanding games coming out for the PC that I wanted to play, this is probably the route I'd go as well. Seeing as that's not the case, I feel like a laptop would be a great purchase for me. I just accept the price since I'm sort of fed up with Windows, and using OSX has been a wholly positive experience for me.