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  1. GTA3 sucks (or so evil tongues say)

    I'm curious, what does it derive from? In the video game world I mean. Name me one game with a better soundtrack than Vice City. I defy you. (Perhaps excluding Grim Fandango). I'm happy for you to have your opinion, but I feel it needs more justification.
  2. Tell Us About Yourself

    In the past I have posted in the mojo forums as Andi Wan, but that nick is manifestly shit, and always has been, so it got the flick. I am a fourth year Media and Communications student at the University of Sydney, additionally majoring in History and Ancient History. I have been visiting sites like mixnmojo and Scumm Bar since well before CMI came out. Here are a few random things I like, in no particular order: The Beatles, the Stones, Bowie, U2, Outkast, Kelis, the Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay, crap sci-fi, GTA, adventure games, history, et. al.
  3. GTA3 sucks (or so evil tongues say)

    WTF? Are you on drugs? What a strange confused paragraph. Are you for or against Lieberman’s stance on violent games? The GTA guy also does what ever the fuck he wants. Doesn’t that mean he is the quintessential American by your reckoning? In other news, the best thing about GTA3+ isn't the killing. Things like non-linear game play, involving storylines (particularly with Vice City), amusing satire, and most importantly, the fact that you have a whole city to explore is what makes modern GTA games so great. Sure violence is a big part of it, but that isn't what makes them special. Even though they are violent, what's the problem with that? It's fucking fun. I'm one of the least violent people you could ever meet. Just because I enjoy GTA doesn't mean I'm a crazed maniac. It's just a game. You’re killing pixels and polygons, not people. Anybody who blames their real acts of violence on a video game are just fucking deluding themselves. As Kingz argued, violent people will be violent. They might get ideas from a game, but they would have lived out their sick fantasies in some other manner anyway. Most players are even tempered people, and will continue to interact with their fellow man in much the same way they did before playing GTA.
  4. GTA: San Andreas (Screenshots)

    Probably larger planes to get from city to city. That would be cool.
  5. If you were a filthy rich developer/publisher....

    Also, on more related matters, doing a remake of the first two Monkey Island games in the CMI/Paco Vink style would be cool. 2d is awesome.
  6. If you were a filthy rich developer/publisher....

    I really hope that Tim Schafer does that one day. Maybe when he finishes with the excellent game Psychonauts he'll take pity on his forsaken progeny. Even if LucasArts did actually decide to do (or resume) making sequels to these magnificent creations, I don't think they could be trusted to put out something approaching quality. When these were released, LucasArts was like Rockstar games is today. They cared about every release, about making a great game, not simply about reaping profits. We all know that TPWCS&M2 are only about profit, current market place realities and underlying economic considerations. Sure profit has to come into it, indeed play a big part in it, but those games had soul, which LEC simply couldn't replicate today. End rant.
  7. GTA: San Andreas (Screenshots)

    You can! They have overhauled the graphics engine as well. Realtime shadows, ragdoll physics, and a whole bunch of other stuff I don't understand. To be honest, I would be happy if they released Tommy Vercetti's Adventures in San Andreas without upgrading anything. Just a new story and a new map. Sure, that would be disappointing, but Vice City was pretty great all told. The graphical tweeks and the addition of new elements of gameplay like more cities and the ability to rob houses (among others) is going to make this sweet. You can only do so much on a PS2.
  8. GTA: San Andreas (Screenshots)

    I agree. That article was fucking great Kingz. Particularly the first page. Laughed my ass off. Keep up the good work. Edit: In other more related matters, San Andreas looks inexpressibly fantabulous. Three cities to explore instead of one. Wow. I guess this will have to be a multi dvd affair. (Or PS2 hard drive, as some have suggested.) The screenshots in the Game Informer article look really cool. The searchlight on the cop chopper is an interesting addition. Anyone who hasn't read that article really should.