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  1. Ok, so it's not your usual "deal" per se, BUT! It's kind of cool...


    If you Pre-order BioShock Infinite on Steam you can get: BioShock, some TF2 items, AND X-Com: Enemy Unknown... for free!


    (Small print: Enough people have to pre-order BioShock Infinite for everyone who pre-orders it to get all the goodies -- Right now you definitely get BioShock for free.)

  2. I didn't provide a definition, you did. I'll go by John August's definition since it's more interesting that yours, which can arbitrarily flip who's the protagonist or antagonist based on what  you decide counts as "something" (and following your logic, Indiana Jones and Mr. Incredible aren't protagonists).


    By John August's definition, Indiana Jones isn't a Protagonist, either. Neither is James Bond. What difference does that make, exactly?


    You said: "I argue that Cameron, Jeanie, and Rooney are all the protagonists because they all have a shared goal of thwarting Ferris because they all feel like it's not fair that he can get away with whatever he wants."


    How does August's definition back your argument exactly? Your definition is the agreed definition of an Antagonist.

  3. I finally decided to start this game. My god it has a lot of cinematics. It feels like more than half the time I'm waiting for the game to lets me play again. Also, Max keeps losing the painkillers. It looks like every longer cinematic the number of painkillers is reset to a predetermined amount. For example in chapter 2, I had like 4 or 5 painkillers before I boarded the heli. And after that, just 1.


    In theory the game is loading during those lengthy cinematics, but if you're playing on a PC I think it's been shown that the game has often long loaded before they're finished. Annoyingly. Secondly, yep, I believe each section is a level within itself. I think this is so they allow you to replay it and beat your "score".

  4. By definition the "Protagonist" of a story is trying to achieve something, and the "Antagonist" is trying to stop them... right? I remember Die Hard director, John McTiernan, talking about how John McClane is actually the Antagonist -- he's the one throwing obstacles in the way of characters getting what they want.


    With Ferris Bueller, he wants a day off -- and if you've watched the film a few times, you might come to the conclusion that he also wants to help save Cameron's life, and that's part of the reason why he wants the day off. This makes Principal Rooney most definitely the Antagonist.


    Either way, we don't always root for the Protagonist, as Die Hard shows.

  5. I don't know why you say this. That's not at all consistent with the reactions I've been seeing, namely Metal Gear fans (like myself) going apeshit for this game. Although my experience is mostly limited to the Something Awful forums.


    Yeah, I was just about to type something similar. I'm a massive MGS nerd (I even bothered to get ALL the achievements in MGS 2 and 3 HD), but my main concern is if it's a good game or not. I don't mind if it's different, just so long as it's good. Nice to hear that it is, btw!

  6. That's sort of true, I think, but it's not just about placing symbolic meaning onto things -- it's placing importance symbolic meaning onto things that are decadent and shallow. The book isn't cynically denouncing dreams and aspirations, it's denouncing dreams and aspirations that lead to greed and selfishness. As I understand it, it's a comment on the decadence of what the American Dream had turned into by the 20s: The selfish desire for money and status.

    Those wanting money and status (Gatsby) are destroyed by it. Those possessing it (Daisy and Tom) are shown to be horrible, selfish people.

  7. Well I've seen dogs react like that. Not to music, admittedly, but you seem to think that the dog is actually enjoying the music -- because his face seems to smile. Lord only know what's going on in that dog's mind, but it's highly unlikely to be, "oh man, I love this song!". Animals are weird, and I don't think it's unreasonable or naive to think that with 24 hour's worth of footage being uploaded to YouTube every second, that one of them might involve 60 seconds of a dog apparently enjoying music.


    Also, I didn't even notice the Bud Light can until you pointed it out, so...