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  1. It wasn't the story that was immersive, it was the way it was told.

    The game made you actually feel emotion, and concern for the world around you, after you cause the cascade, you see the death and destruction caused by it. After you fight your way through swarms of Marines and reach the surafce, you only discover that the situation is much worse above than below, then must subside back into the murky ground.

    There are many more examples, so don't say the game is mindless violence with no story.

    Hmmm. Sorry I don't agree. How is "comedy" moments of watching scientists being killed in various different "hilarious" ways - making you feel emotion? The only time there was emotion was when the army came in to "clean up", then you felt pretty fucked over! (Which was the best part of the game IMHO.)

    As for the game not being mindless violence, let me ask you something:

    1) Would you still enjoy HL without the story elements?

    I'm guessing "yes", because it was an extremely well balanced game.

    2) Would you have loved the game so much if the violence was interspersed with long periods of puzzle solving?

    I'm guessing "no".

    I *think*, athough I'm not sure, but wasn't the best part of HL it's gameplay, followed by the excellent atmosphere and trailing last, the actual story?

    I'm guessing I'm never going to understand people's infatuation with HL :(

  2. Lol! It's very interesting to hear the Kick Off fans come out. I hate footy games, but even I can tell Kick Off was horribly flawed... but it still has this die hard contingency. Interesting!

    SWOS kicked it's ass though, I'm sure they fixed the "stupid goalies" in it too.

    As for best footy game ever: Surely Winning Eleven 7 International or Pro Evolution Soccer 3 kicks both their asses to high heaven.

  3. Wow! Two really interesting things: Another World was inspired by Dragon's Lair! Yipe! (All those who complained about the trial and error gameplay... !)

    Secondly, the sequel wasn't really helmed by him and he didn't like it. I've played it briefly and WAS missing the magic of the first one. Not using polygons gave it a weird feel, too.

    Great interview!

  4. I just hope when I play Doom3 with the lights off and the volume up, I shat myself.

    Remind me not to come around on the day of release! (eugh, double entendre! ) :rolf

    Half-Life hardly had a "story", it was based around killing a lot more than say, Deus Ex (which actually has an ongoing story). But for a game that's basically just MDK, those graphics don't entice me one bit! :sad:

  5. Cool! It was a great game, but it really required you to pay attention and become "involved" in what was going on, and that meant reading the manual until you learnt the controls!

    I truly think it's the smoothest, most coherent mixture of action/adventure in a game ever. No levels, no lives, no really stupid puzzles, no impossibly hard joystick manouvering... and yet fiendishly difficult all the same!

  6. What bullshit. Did nobody criticize Speed 2 Cruise Control? Shanghai Knights? The Two Jakes?

    I agree, surely this was the stupidest quote in quite sometime: It's only taken 100 years to produce two sequels that were of the same quality as the first: and that was Lord of the Rings!

    Robocop 1: good 2: bad 3: ppppew!

    Indiana Jones 1: excellent 2: hmmm 3: cool

    Godfather 1: Wow 2: WOW 3: ....

    StarWars 1: Cool!! 2: Cooler!! 3: Ewoks :(

    Aliens 1: Groovy 2: Funky 3: Stinky

    Matrix 1: :) 2: :confused: 3: :sad:

    The "Tri Colors" trilogy were cool, but they weren't actually proper "sequels" by any means.

    Anyhoo, everyone knows that sequels generally stink to high heaven, if you ask me the game industy gets away with it a HELL of a lot more than other industries!

    Picture these conversations, if you will, that I recall having:

    Senario One (films)

    A: "I just saw this cool movie, The Matrix!"

    B: "Yeah! I saw that too, it rocked!"

    A: "I hear they're making a sequel..."

    B: "I hope it doesn't suck... :frown:"

    A: "Yeah... :frown:"

    Senario Two (games):

    A: "I just played Half Life, it rocked!"

    B: "No kidding, it's the best game ever!"

    A: "I hear they're making a sequel!"


    Games have it MUCH easier.

  7. I wonder how many people are speaking from memories and have actually played either Flashback or Another World recently? I played Another World very recently and I have to see I was very underwhelmed. Without the graphics being as flashy as they once were, there's not much else :( I think Flashback offered more replay value.

    Still, I enjoyed playing AW on my Amiga! There were some really excellent moments, but i wasn't a fan of that cave section in the middle (the pixel perfect jumping over and over those damned jaws until you finally made it).

    Does anyone know what the actual storyline for the sequel was? I heard it had a crumby ending...? Anyone played it to the end?

    Also: Did Flashback have a sequel? Was Fade to Black really Conrad's return or what it just a similar game in the same way people though FB was a sequel to AW?

    AW on GBA would be over faaaar too quickly. Once reasonably long train journey and you'd be trading it in in no time. I'd LOVE to have Flashback on my GBA, though! THAT would rock (so long as it's as good as I remember! ;))

    I bet someone could do a Flash version of AW!