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  1. Finished this last night, and really loved it, especially Act IV.


    Hungry for more, like I often am, I looked up some discussions on the 'net, and found this forum post which instantly multiplied my nostalgia by a million and took me right back to my previous life as a terrible gaming forum guy (nowadays, I'm just a terrible guy):




    Then I logged on here and posted this! :tup: (fuuck, "emoticons" ❤️❤️❤️❤️, I think my previous post was from before emoji was even a thing)

  2. I just finished this, and I'm so fucking angry I'm going to complain about it on the internet. I didn't get the no alarms achievement, and I don't know why. The game tells you nothing about the viability of the achievement as you go, so the only way to know if you made it is to finish the game and hope for the best. Apparently at some point an alarm was triggered and I was fucked out of the achievement without realizing. Maybe due to a bug in the alarm system, or in scripting, or who knows what? Maybe it happened 20 minutes into the game, or maybe 40 hours! I knew I was setting myself up for this the moment I started playing, and I'm not really surprised, because if you google that achievement there's so much FUD going around and weird incorrect hints and tips, and nobody knows exactly what can cause you to fail, and fuck it fuck what a major annoyance this is to me as a shitty complaining whiny gamer. I'm more than 30 years old.


    The rest of the game was cool! It had all the Deus Ex things I like, such as sneaking around and avoiding detection for 43 hours.

  3. I've played this for a few hours and I enjoyed it. That is, I enjoyed it until

    I had to start controlling Trico

    , which is the most incomprehensible bullshit I've ever seen in what is arguably a mainstream video game. After furiously struggling for twenty minutes trying to figure out even the most basic aspects of that garbage, I don't even know if I want to continue playing at all. I know I could probably look up the "actual" controls, but I feel like I should be able to figure it out on my own, especially with the crazy amount of hand-holding the game has been doing up to this point.

  4. Hello! I just finished Inside, the latest (and second) game from Playdead, the Danish studio that did Limbo six years ago. It's out on Xbox One, and will be out on PC on July 7th. Anyway, I just finished it, and then, as I always do after finishing a game, I came here to read through page after page of intelligent discussion about it. Imagine, if you can, my disappointment at finding no discussion, not even a thread. I guess people are waiting for the PC release?


    Anyway, it's a fantastic game, but know this: it's very very very similar to Limbo in most ways. It has similar controls and mechanics, the same quiet, lonely, depressing tone, and a similar structure. It's technically more adwanced, and looks and moves and sounds like a thoughtfully put together and better funded 2016 Danish puzzle platformer.


    If you enjoyed Limbo (and if you don't know, you should try it!), you'll probably love Inside; run, jump, push and pull across a large, linear, continuous series of moody, desolate, eerie, beautiful set pieces, enjoy some light physics puzzles and some mildly exciting (but forgiving) action sequences, and finish off with one of the most creepy and satisfying video game ending sequences I've ever played.

  5. So this was announced yesterday:



    I watched this and thought hey, this art style is pretty damn neat, and then I felt a little uncomfortable at what looks like killing a bunch of innocent bystanders. It's obviously a syndicatelike, and I remembered I also found the gleeful massacring of little people in Syndicate a bit offensive (Ugh, now I remembered the Peter Molyneux GDC thing where he laughed as he described how you could set fire to ladies w/prams) and then I remembered that it reminded me of how I felt watching the infamous church scene in Kingsman. So I guess I'm just a wuss when it comes to gleeful massacres. Anyway, this trailer is popping fresh.

  6. Oh, so I have a question for anyone who's been keeping up with this game. A couple of months after release I sort of gave up on the game because of how unintuitively the traffic behaved, and how you had to follow special rules, hot tips and specific templates («all of my city is a giant one-way off-ramp!») to get traffic to work. There was a lot of rumbling about this on forums («why do all the cars line up in a single lane, while all the others are empty?!»), and some minor improvements, but it very much looked like they wouldn't be able to do much with how traffic behaved (apparently this was to do with some core characteristics of the traffic system, and performance stuff)


    So, is traffic still as weird and nonsensical as it was at release?

  7. I really liked this game.

    • Loved the beautiful and unexpected Twine intro, both the contents and the implementation of it.
    • I had high expectations from hearing James Benson doing (all of?) the animation, and I was not disappointed. Lots of little touches, and the way stuff moved is unlike anything I can remember seeing in a video game.
    • Between this and The Witness, I bet I'm not the only one having caught a glimpse of what looked like a secret puzzle, stopping and starting to back up to adjust the camera for half a second before realizing they were playing the other game.
    • I never really got used to the controls, always trying to run with shift
    • I (think) I would have loved even more stuff in the «several months pass» montage, as it felt a bit brief to me. I am very bad at paying attention to title cards with dates, so at least I'm glad they counted the days for me.
    • I also found myself meta-managing my fear at points, thinking no way would they spend a ton of time and money on a scary monster coming out of those bushes.
    • I love creepy stuff and things that are a bit off, and there was plenty of that, with the sometimes weird radio conversations, dream sequences, fenced-off areas, abandoned cabins and camps, etc.
    • Even though I was expecting more of an explicitly open world game, I never really explored a lot, and usually headed for my next mission target goal. Not sure how much optional stuff I missed, but regardless of my linear playthrough the world really felt vast and open, which added to the experience. I always assumed I was taking one of several available paths.
    • Almost needless to say, the game was very beautiful. The camera integrated with that fact very well.
    • Now I'm just wondering what Campo Santo's next game will be.

  8. Yes, apparently dungeons are rad (they are/were in the beta?) but there's already so much in this update I'm not sure I could handle even more stuff. Orteil's really been struggling with this constantly growing update, and at times it seemed like it would never come. Really happy he managed to nail down all of this and release it. Very impressed. Hopefully he'll be able to stick to his plan of more frequent, more focused updates going forward.


    Oh, and I really love the golden switch, which will do wonders for when I'm not at work to tend to my game. And Krumblor, again ... damn.

  9. This update is just ridiculous. I really like the rebalancing, as I'm now back to actually playing the game rather than just resetting and maxing out in a few hours, then clicking cookies for a bunch of weeks. Krumblor also throws a million exploding wrenches into my plans, which is great. Dragonflight is just out of control.

  10. Oh, and after deciding not to go after the monoliths, I made a discovery that changed all that.

    Each side of the monolith refers to a specific area near the monolith in that direction

    This makes the secret puzzle hunting a lot more manageable for me, so now I've started on those. Already got all the ones on the monolith by the monastery.

  11. I just finished this (433+67), and get the slightly depressed feeling I always get after finishing a great huge thing I've been waiting for forever, with tons of stuff still left unfinished. Once I've seen the/an ending, I never have the patience to go back and look for hidden stuff all over, especially having heard how ridiculous some of the stuff is. Just like with the GTA games, I just have to let the completionist stuff go, and in time I'll remember this as the Myst sequel I never thought I'd see (also can't wait for Obduction)


    It was fun while it lasted, and I'm very proud of finishing without ever looking up hints. I rarely have the patience to actually let something lie for a night and come back to it, but I did a number of times with The Witness, and the feeling of having an understanding click into place is incredible.