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  1. What are you talking about. I forget what score you need to hit exactly, but if you play it for long enough you'll get an email on your PDA thanking you for wasting your life.

    u missed the point. perhaps i wrote it poorly.

    Nothing happends when you hit 1000 score, or 10.000. Its just kill^1000000 times. Like the Doom3 game, if you look at it that way

    By that i mean, doom3 was after about 10 maps, a very similar game to the 'kill the chicken' arcade game. Nothings happends. So in other words a player should get a pda mess saying that "u waste your time" if you play more than about 15 maps. doom3 was as booring after 10 maps as the chicken arcade game was after 2 minutes.

  2. I liked it. If the story continues to grab me into its world, its gonna be wicked sick. But if its a Doom3 game where the story ends after 30? minutes, then I will get bored very quickly with narrow environments. Doom3 had an arcade game which in my eyes is humouring the Doom game it self. All you can do in that arcade game is press a button and kill. Nothing happends when you hit 1000 score, or 10.000. Its just kill^1000000 times. Like the Doom3 game, if you look at it that way. Well, Prey was kinda fun in different ways. So thumbs up for this game :)

  3. I honestly have never in my life had any problems making reasonable and informed decisions about the products I buy based on reviews, conversations, common sense, and so on, and I don't think I'm a psychic or anything.
    Help? I have read gamespot, watched gamespot videoreviews, read PC Gamer mag and other game mags. Gamespot videoreviews is the best for me, since I can actually see the gameplay and the guy explaine how the game works, what features it has and etc, but there is still too much focus on the wrong things. I dont want the review to be a mini game guide, telling about all the small details. I want a quick overall judgement of a game, what games it can be compared to, so you know if you like those games you will like this one also. So a 1-15 word review is more my style of review. Demos are great, if they excist. A thick xbox mag with a demodisc cost 15 bucks here, so no thx. Perhaps you are more intelligent and is more patient than me Chris, and there for read more and make better decitions that make you happy with your games, so that is good for you. I invest a certain amount of time for each game I am planning on buying and if 3-5 sites fail to give me the info I want, I skip the game and go to next game in my list of games I have gotten interest in from ads, buzz of forums and, other kind of hype. A game is just a game, and the score 10/10 from one guy can be 2/10 for another, so game comparisons should be used more often. Renting service only exist in the biggest cities here in Sweden and on mail. And the mailservices have a mediocre game selection.

  4. BUY games? what are you, stupid?


    Buying mediocre shit games for 70 bucks is stupid.

    Buying a CD for 25 bucks that could be sold in store for 10 bucks or in MP3's online for 5 bucks is stupid.

    500 new games each year? 2-3 good ones that fit your taste?

    Music industry lyingly claim downloading mp3s hurt the artists, even though they are the one with one of the most profitable industries in the world. The artist only get about 5%.

    I got 2-3 bought xbox games I like, and 7 that I dont like which I wasted 450 bucks on. With xbox chip I can download 20 games a month and also play them for 15 minutes like the other 70 dollar shit games I payed for. Not many games fit my taste. The market is so full of games that have just enough quality to not be an entire dump of shit, so you can play for 15 min 2 times a week and not be bothered with the lack of artistic and creative and fun spirit in the game.

    The guys who say "you shouldt warez at all": :finger::blink::bomb::frusty::shifty:

    The guys who find good games they like and pay for them and have them proudly in ther bookshelf: :woohoo::yep:

    The guys who have trouble finding games they love: ;( keep looking!

    Edit: I forgot to mention, that gamemags can sit on my index finger and rotate. Their 10/10 score system is as reliable as the weather.

  5. Hmm, I love Mario songs! Yay! Here are some of my favs!:

    From "Super Mario 64 Soundtrack 192Kbps" (original music rip)


    - 1-_It's a Me, Mario!_.mp3

    - 5-Super Mario 64 Main Theme.mp3

    - 7-Inside the Castle Walls.mp3 (Very sweet song :)

    From "Super Mario Land (Gameboy) - Remake Soundtrack - Republished By Kilmex"


    - Super Mario Land (GameBoy) - BGM1.mp3 (OMG OMG Im inlove, -that good =)

    From www.ocremix.org


    - Super_Mario_64_Liquid_Mario_OC_ReMix.mp3 (OMG put on repeat and be happy! :)

    - Super_Mario_Land_Reel_Big_Mario_OC_ReMix.mp3 (OMG, hahaha, go insane of happyness :)

    - Super_Mario_Bros_2_Insomnic_OC_ReMix.mp3 (hehe! quite good!, no manaic happy dance though =)

    More Super Mario remixes here: http://www.ocremix.org/alpha.php?alpha=S (Scroll down alot)

    Misc excellent MIDI music


    - Super Mario Bros 1 Ending

    - Super Mario Bros Ending

    - Super Mario 64 Inside Castle walls

    Mario enthusiast plays songs on piano


    http://www.video gamepianist.com/index_files/video.htm

  6. I want in on this BF2 Demo thread too :) And hi by the way, I am an all Enemy Territory (ET)addict now adays being in top 2% of the players according to csports.net (yay), so I kinda forget about other games. :)

    Anyway, I tried the BF2 demo and I laughed my ass off for flying the helichopper like a pinball-machine with tilt!! :) Woke up my gf in the middle of the night because I laughed so hard!! :D Will try the full game, and hope the game have lots of fun hours for me.

    Its bad for me though because the the "hitboxes" or "spread of bullets" is so incredible big. You need to push "aim button" and lie down on the ground more or less to be SURE to kill your enemies from 3-5 meters away in 1-3 seconds. In ET the "spead of bullets" on the WW2 weapons are better than the new weapons in BF2. And there is no hit-sounds available in BF2. Hehe, the ET addics gets insane about that. :shroom: So when I have played BF2 demo and comes back to ET, I get so suckered. My aim is totally ruined then. baawaa. :) BF2 is really nice, since it has vehicles and you carry passangers in them and they shoot from there too. With Quake Wars Enemy Territory I can have a mix of the ET-geniuos play with vehicles, yay :) Although with lasers and stuff, and no WW2 genre, but the Splashdamage guys who did Wolf ET are super-geniouses and the game will be superaddictive as ET is now yay! :)

    Oh, here is a 300MB 35 min long ingame-video from the full BF2 game, that is something "extra" compared to gamespot videos and the rest. Clan "Soul Existence" made it out of 3 hours of their own footage: Its downloadable through filefront ----> http://files.filefront.com/Battlefield_2_Retail_Video_SE2;3893024;/fileinfo.html

  7. PCI-Ex is technically more advanced than AGP in that it effectively gives you twice as much fire power than older cards could handle. However, those figures are based on nVidia's own PR and have not been prooved to bare much resemblance to real world results.

    Damn straight! You can run 2 PCI Express cards making the double power. LOL IN YOU FACE NVIDIA PR.

  8. The ganeplay videos are what impressed me. I love the quality of the animation, the fluid action, great voice acting....and the branhcing text trees! I've missed them so!

    Oh yeah. The IGN videos.. I've seen three of them now. They show what I want to see. The gameplay. Like Mario Sunshine gameplay. (sorry didnt know any other expression)

  9. Coool. thanks manny c44. A devoper interview with Tim, and a FULL intro to Psychonauts. neat.

    Dev. interview.


    Full Intro (short scenes already seen from the new trailer)


    From this new point of view with these videos, makes the new trailer even worse put together :) Enough complaining I know.

  10. They gave effort in the beginning to the level design to have more "real-life" kind of room. A lobby, toilets, diner place, and etc, or if that was it I think. Then until the hell maps, it's just a sofisticated bunch of nonsense rooms on repeat. But when to think of it, I've been to underground rooms, like factory 'cellars', nuclear facilities, and a mine pit, and they are really sometimes, not at all times, really 'hardcore factory steel death' kind of architecture. No happy colours or nice normal environments like you are used to. Though, what I've seen, it hasnt been dark at all. It's been superlight. Oh, and I havent seen petrol all over the place either. I could sum this up to: Yeah I agree. Nice post.

  11. I think Majesco has done a terrible job with adding in the narrator and getting the trailer ready, so I mostly agree with you. The voices of the actual characters and the sound design are superb though.

    That's why I made/edited this:

    Psychonauts - Trailer 2 - Gameplay edit (no sound) (640x480).avi


    (5.3 MB, 00:55)

    I clipped out all the non-gameplay scenes except for beginning and end. And I removed the sound. The video is in DivX avi format. Enjoy.

  12. About the trailer... I dont like it with sound. I just find it distracting and really trying to get the attention from the viewer to two places at once. I actually dont think it is any good. I viewed it now without sound, and I emediately liked it. I get a totally different feel of what's happening, and the art blend beatifully. The sound/narrator was totally not blended or mixed properly. It was shite. :bomb:

    Btw, the evil doctor who steal brains. His voice is similar to Dr Fred's in Day of the Tentacle.

  13. I never played Counterstrike. Is it any good?

    The action is fixed/locked to 'Last man standing'. I totally hate that play mode, cause it makes chicken-shits thrive in that condition :frusty: , and normal players of course too. I suck at CS and just dont like the game mode, you may think otherwise. I love games where you have objective modes and where you also respawn every 30 seconds, and can revive your teammates. It's a missery that gamespot hasnt even made a score to such a game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, cause the developers "Splash Damage" and "Nerve" has done some serious over the top polish on the multiplayer mode.

  14. Super Mario Sunshine was a game that made me promise myself I would not forget how frustrating it was. Those erratic geometric abstract levels were at times difficult and unforgiving enough to make me quit the game for a few months. This has nothing to do with challenging game design, but everything with frustrating the heck out of the player. At one particular level I plunged to my death some thirty times in a row, and I got completely fed up. Only through my persistance to want to finish all the games I have, did I reach for it later and completed all those dreadful stages (admittedly, I got better at them with practice), but I can easily see all but the most seasoned platformer having a really dreary time with Sunshine.

    When I finished the game, I was really relieved and started to actually appreciate the game and all of its merits. But I made a promise to myself not to forget how I also had a really rotten time with it. Therefore Mario Sunshine is an ambiguous experience for me.

    Yeah, that was more or less the verdict the 12 minute Gamespot video review gave too. http://www.gamespot.com/live/streamer_new2.html?title=Super+Mario+Sunshine+Video+Review&path=smsusvr.asx&pid=533287&ppath=gamecube%2Faction%2Fsupermariosunshine&ksubmoid=47d9dbe5-8cbe-6a8e-136e-265f82c581bf&urdate=1030258800",%20"",%20718,%20500)