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  1. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    You did indeed miss two scenes before that with them...
  2. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Dude, there's absolutely nothing cheesy about the t-shirt. Nothing, I tell you!
  3. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    EDIT: And I completely didn't see the next page. Shut up. Well, they did give some poor scores in that very issue, so they do give bad reviews. Not that I'd take their scores as gospel or anything of course.
  4. Silent Hill 4: OoOOoOOooo, I'm petrified.

    Anybody who complains about SH4's storyline should be hit with a blunt object repeatedly. Sort of like this... ... just, uh, the other way around.
  5. Grim Fandango!

    Somebody needs to remind me about what the jokes and the "corny phrase" were as I don't recall that.
  6. Grim Fandango!

    The last cut-scene was short, yeah, but... so what? The final scene in Casablanca is short too, but that's still one of the more famous movie endings of all time. Everything in the game needs to be viewed in context of every part of the story, so I don't really see why the last cut-scene needs to be superbly large.
  7. Hah, yeah, Conan is class. The "Michael Bolton is trying to kill me" segments were right up there with his "Bring Dirty Dancing back to theaters" stuff.
  8. Obscure games featurama (aka "remember this?")

    Man, I loved Z, I thought I was the only one who bought it. I think a lot of people were all about if because it was so slow moving, but for me that was part of the intensity. Also, uh... Dogman... is right, it didn't really look that dated for its time. Even had some pixel scaling (or whatever they call it) in it.
  9. FFS >: I ban you from talking about football games.
  10. OK, WTF?! Andy Kaufmann is back!

    Well, somebody showed up at a Nevada brothel as Tony Clifton. If it was him or not is anybody's guess, but if it's not him at least they did a good job at making this believable hoax.
  11. Football games with strategy-like gameplay

    Well... Championship Manager is kinda like that, with the stats and all that jazz. Though of course, you don't actually have direct control over the players there, but that would get annoying anyway with 11 characters under your control.
  12. I'm sorry, but WCI90 sucked ass. >: All ball glued to foot and stuff, no way!
  13. OK, WTF?! Andy Kaufmann is back!

    I don't know what to believe, but if this is actually a prank by Zmuda or whoever, it's almost as equally great as Kaufman faking his own death. :~
  14. Skill? Pffft! With the goalie's complete lack of anything even resembeling AI?
  15. Kick Off owns Sensible Soccer. Owns, I say! Nothing beats the adrenaline rush you got from the sheer speed of the Kick Off games.
  16. GTA3 sucks (or so evil tongues say)

    I'd argue that Silent Hill 2 has a better soundtrack than both Vice City and SH3.
  17. Nightmare before christmas screenshots WTF

    Should totally have been done as an adventure game.
  18. Exile

    Oh yeah, I remember that. Amiga Power or some other random Amiga mag got a complete hard-on from the game and named it one of the best ever. Never had the chance to play it myself.
  19. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    Isn't that Larry David?
  20. Dreamfall blows

    I believe most of the Dreamfall team lives in Norway. accurately describes your post too. ¬
  21. GTA: San Andreas (Screenshots)

    Seriously, eating burgers, shoot people, steal cars and rob houses. That is the route I should have taken with my life. :~
  22. GTA: San Andreas (Screenshots)

    It's "PS2 exclusive" for now, isn't it? Anyway, they've probably just pumped up the resolution for the screenshots, that's not exactely a unique marketing move.