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  1. This is awesome!


    Epochs 3 and 4 were definitely new world, we wiped away the server each time and started fresh.


    The fourth (I think) had a very extensive subway system, if I recall. But it predates booster tracks, so it relied on the old "make one cart clip into another cart" physics trick.

  2. Ah, looks like the domain expired. I do have them all, I'll try to set up a new hostname for the site tonight if I have time.


    Edit: I've set up the archive at - it's serving the wrong cert via https, so you'll get a security warning when you try to access it that way, but I'll fix that up later tonight. Plain http should be fine (and there's nothing especially sensitive on that domain anyway)

  3. 3 hours ago, SecretAsianMan said:


    The thing I feel like would turn me off is all the additional systems in the game I'd have to deal with, like weather and food and gear.  On paper they might sound interesting but in almost every game that has them I end up annoyed rather than entertained.


    I mean you could also be totally right but these days my time and budget are limited so I'm much less willing to risk getting something on the chance I'd like it and stick to something I have fewer reservations about.

    At least the food isn't a survival mechanism. It's basically just a health refill, plus maybe a temporary boost to some stats.


    But yeah, I get it. One nice thing about the Switch for me has been the portability and the system-level mandate that games support preserving their state when you put the console to sleep. It makes it easier to play things for a little bit at a time.

  4. On 4/26/2019 at 10:41 PM, SecretAsianMan said:

    I don't own a Switch so I've never played Breath of the Wild but I feel like I'd also bounce off it pretty hard.  And speaking of Nintendo games, Super Mario Galaxy didn't do it for me.  I totally see a great game in there but for some reason it never felt right to me.  Mario 64 is one of my favorite games ever.  Even though I never finished it I enjoyed Sunshine.  So 3D Mario isn't an issue for me, I just never got into the groove with Galaxy.  I really want to play Odyssey though.


    You never know... I still have minimal interest in the combat sections of that game, but playing it as a purely open-world exploration adventure, it gave me plenty of fun. Figuring out how to sneak around mobs to unlock fast-travel towers or get past mountain ranges turned into a kind of weird meta-puzzle that I enjoyed more than I expected.

  5. Should be fixed now, sorry about that!


    Update: temporarily down for a few while I migrate all the upload assets to S3. Sorry! IT's back for real now, and images have been migrated to S3 so we don't run out of space again.

  6. For what it's worth, my engagement with the forums has dropped as conversation has coalesced into a few megathreads, even if they're for subjects I'm actually interested in, like Switch games. It's basically turned the forums into a slack channel anyway.

  7. On 11/4/2018 at 7:18 AM, Cleinhun said:


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    My understanding of it was that there's only the one timeline and what the judge did was reset the earth back to the right before they died. This doesn't really seem like a show that's interested in getting into the details of time travel so I'm assuming they're deliberately keeping straightforward with vague details




    Or next season they produce 5 different new branched seasons, and air then randomly distributed by geographic area.


  8. 1 hour ago, brkl said:

    Good bye guys, it's been swell. Thirteen years ago my first post was about cancelling my Psychonauts pre-order, apparently. I can't remember saying or thinking any of the things I wrote back then.


    I guess I'll notice if the Thumbs make a comeback at some point, but it's been pretty clear that the community isn't going to survive the Thumbs leaving, so I'm going to stop checking the site. Have a good one.


  9. Do you miss the fun days of Twitter, when it wasn't full of (as many) garbage people and was way harder to use?


    We've set up a Mastodon instance just for Idle Thumbs at


    What is Mastodon? It's basically decentralized Twitter. You can follow people from other instances, but your local timeline will always show you post from just the Idle Thumbs instance. It's a delight. Also it's free and you can just go sign up.

  10. On 6/11/2018 at 1:30 AM, Ben X said:

    @tabacco Would it help for whoever first reports a thread to reply to it saying so? There's a few of these per day now, and I don't know if it's annoying for you to get like ten reports for each thread, but I also don't want to not report for that reason in case everyone else is thinking the same!

    Nah, the forum software groups reports, and if you reply it just means there's a dangling reply that makes no sense once the spam is cleaned up.


    Though it does seem to have subsided in the last day or so, fingers crossed.