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  1. Hello, So, the sequel to Elemental:WoM is now out. I'm reading mixed reports on the net: sounds like it's nowhere near as terrible as the first game, but still not much better than mediocre. Given that, since WoM, we've had a few excellent strat games (XCOM, Warlock, CK2), I get the impression that the crowd has moved on. Scanning the official forum, the first page is mainly bug report threads. I'm a big fan of Fall from Heaven 2, so I'm hoping Kael managed to apply some of his magic to the game! Anybody here played it? Worth looking into, or should i stick with CivV (which I've only just started playing, thanks to a free steam key from Sorbicol!) thanks iosman
  2. Hello, I'm not asking because I'm looking for advice about which one to pick up, but rather to see if there's a general consensus or whether opinions are divided. For me, I found Crusader Kings II to be far more intuitive than either EU3 or HoI3 (I still haven't been able to crack either game, although I think if I gave EU3 another shot I might get it), due to the reduced economic complexity, and also perhaps because I was more easily able to relate to playing as an actual, literal ruler than as a sort of abstract, omniscient one. I assumed this would be the case for everyone, but I've seen forum posts in which people say that EU3 or HoI3 was their natural entry point to Paradox games, and that they found Crusader Kings II baffling. So I'm wondering which Paradox game you found the easiest to get into, and whether or not you think that says something about your personality. I can definitely say that I'm not really a fan of number-crunching, which is why the focus on political intrigue in CK2 appeals to me a lot more than fine-tuning taxation sliders or re-assigning division commanders. thanks iosman _________________________________ tweakbox tweakbox tweakbox
  3. Hello, Frankly, until recently I was convinced I didn't like strategy games, but I just don't like RTS ones. One of my favorite games as a kid was Sid Meier's Pirates and I just found out it's classified as strategy. Apart from playing games like Sim Ant, Sim City, Sim Earth, or similar once in a blue moon, the closest thing to a strategy game I've played was the Pikmin series, which I think I enjoy more because it's more about survival and not about war like in the other RTS-like games. One day, I actually dared to buy Civ Revolution on the cheap and I actually figured out how to play it (on chieftan) and enjoyed it. But I was convinced I could never get into the "real deal" and yet, I bought Civ V when it went on sale and once again, I enjoyed it! I got Warlock: Master of the Arcane and enjoyed it too! I even found an old copy of Civ II, which crashes way too much on my PC, but I did enjoy what I manage to play. I got Total War: Shogun 2 and didn't fare as well, the time limit seemed too strict and while I wasn't losing, I was winning fast enough. (I don't enjoy controlling troops RTS style, so I always auto-battle). If it helps, the only other strategy games I've played and enjoyed I can recall are Castles II and Defenders of the Crown (the remake), I may have played others, but as with Pirates, my brain just doesn't classify then as such. thanks iosman _______________________________________________ 12v Air Compressor