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  1. 1 hour ago, Ben X said:

    I don't know much about that area, I'm afraid. There's an old topic here which might have some suggestions, but it's a few years old now, so folks here might have more up to date suggestions...


    (For people like me who can never remember what grades mean, 7th grade = 12 -13 years old)


    Welcome to the forums, by the way, @Sia - sorry for the immediate interrogation!

    No worries :) Thank you for the link.

  2. 15 hours ago, BigJKO said:

    I like to mix it up. I introduced my son to educational ones, but he also gets to play Angry Birds 2 because he does learn *some* fine-motor skills while playing it. You can slowly see him getting better at making micro-adjusments to the shooting curve, which is wonderful to see. But he's still only five, so he still quite likes the educational stuff and goes back and forth between that stuff.


    That said, I'm probably way looser with the iPad compared to other parents. As long as he also plays outside and wants to do other stuff, I'm fine with him doing whatever on the iPad when he wants to cool down.. 


    What kind of apps are the stupid ones she likes? Like.. Farmville stuff?


    I am sorry for the confusion. I meant games by apps. And I am not good with the devices and the language.. But yes, she like temple run, other running games, some toilet game. (dont remember the names)


    10 hours ago, Ben X said:

    What do you mean by "apps"? Games? You can't do much of anything on phones, tablets or Windows without applications...

    I am sorry for the confusion. I meant games by apps.



    5 hours ago, Ben X said:

    If it were meant that broadly, I'd expect it to be phrased that way. As it wasn't, I was wondering if a more narrow criteria was intended.


    And while we're here, what age range are we talking? Mathaly is apparently 1st grade, which apparently means 5-7; playing that "when she was young" suggests to me a current age of at least 10, but JKO's talking about his 5 year old kid.


    Nothing wrong with broad questions, but some specifics might improve the requested suggestions.

    She is in 7th grade. Mathaly is for Grade 1 to 5. Thanks for replying to my msg, I realize it is a broad question. If you know any good app/games that is productive, let me know. I can't seem to get her away from screens, but can use them for her benefit. :)

  3. Same old question - Are apps on mobile phones, Ipads, Windows good for kids?

    I am okay with educational ones. My daughter was so much in to Mathaly (, Zapzap (, Hangman when she was young. No she has out grown these apps and likes to waste time on really stupid ones. Should I let go? Or should I replace them with better learning ones? If not learn but something that is productive. Any suggestions?