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  1. I was told not to be shy. I have never made a game. I will not be shy -- I don't know how to make a game.


    I opened the link to the Random-Episode selector. It opened to Crazy Crane Deceit. It's an episode about Lobsters and DOTA and The Binding of Buzz Aldrin. I think i can make this. I would like to make this game:


    I want to make a crane game titled Crazy Crane's Athlon for Wizard Jam X.


    I read the other Dev Logs; someone mentioned they were using Love. So i grabbed the love ppa. Not sure how to open it or what to do with it. I will look up some videos.


    For prizes, i have ~10 tabletop rpgs i wrote.


    I want player to be able to:

    1. grab treasure chests (prizes)
      • prize animation
        • scroll pops out of treasure chest
    2. print prizes
      • Like a "You Won!" certificate
        • except its a pen+paper rpg


    I want crane to be able to:

    1. become inflamed
      • destroy all it touches
        • next 4 secs
    2. spawn miniatures (astronauts)
      • hang from crane's links/chain/cable
        • deflect projectiles/ disable enemy" forces
    3. become magnetized
      • pull in prizes
        • also pulls in tanks


    I want setting to have:

    1. Tanks
      • "shoots" (shakes) crane
    2. Lobsters
      • "cuts" crane length
        • crane can only reach 1st 1/2
          • 4 secs
    3. Mimics (fake treasure chests
      • Opens to fire Shrink Ray
        • Shrinks crane head
    4. Background


    I want UI to have:

    1. Track ball
      • Move mouse to roll track ball
      • Click depress track ball
        • closes clamp
    2. Up/Down toggle
      • 8 seconds to reach bottom/top
    3. Indicator lights
      • Enemies (vertical) & Power-ups (horizontal) currently spawned
        • Like Check Engine/Oil Lights
    4. Prize hole
    5. Countdown timer
      • ~30-45 seconds




    Crane game w/print 'n' play prizes

    As you move through the crane game, the background shifts to match your changing coordinates

    Each item in the crane game is a handmade RPG to print&play with your friends (if/whenever)

    Turn off defenses to make picking/holding items easier/more wonderful possible

    Music is strum patterns matching your actions (if all inputs constant: 360 notes per minute -- 6 sounds per second)

    Turn on offenses to blast other items out of the way or to clear obstacles (like shelves).

    Crumpl-y/skeuomorphic paper/crease shadows effects



  2.  Concerning seambib2bs, I can't find the to-the-point youtube video from ~2011 where POV's apartment is littered with AR ads and then they turn the ads down for a second to see something and then they turn the ads back up and the video ends cleanly there; so instead here's 2016's 600% louder and longer version featuring the same message.

    Also, you mentioning instapaper reminded me my account, which i am surprised to see starts ( and ends ( with links to user generated maps.