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  4. I think this has something to do with the sex magic angle from The Secret History. From wikipedia, describing Choronzon from Aleister Crowley's sex magic ritual: Choronzon /ˌkoʊˌroʊnˈzoʊn/ is a demon or devil that originated in writing with the 16th-century occultists Edward Kelley and John Dee within the latter's occult system of Enochian magic. In the 20th century he became an important element within the mystical system of Thelema, founded by Aleister Crowley, where he is the "dweller in the abyss",[1][2] believed to be the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment. Thelemites believe that if he is met with proper preparation, then his function is to destroy the ego, which allows the adept to move beyond the abyss of occult cosmology. Seems like they fucked, which destroyed their egos (perhaps Diane's unsuccessfully or in an incomplete manner, which is why she left and fell into the abyss of the manufactured judy world), allowing Coop to move beyond the abyss.
  5. Here's a neat scene where Mrs. Tremond appears to Donna and Coop as someone completely different, as in episode 18, and then hands them the missing page from Laura's diary.
  6. Just stop with all this crap. You have no way of reading into a creator's motivations and just because you personally disliked something doesn't mean that it's a personal attack on you. I'm so fucking sick of this attitude from fans and critics, that just because something doesn't align with their tastes and expectations, there must be something wrong with it, there must be something about it that's laughing at them. Maybe you're the one with the flaws.
  7. Diane might not have been the same, but Cooper is. He reads the note addressed to Richard like he has no idea what Linda is talking about, and then later in the same episode introduces himself as Agent Dale Cooper.
  8. At the end of episode 18, Laura is alive, knows who she is, and is back in Twin Peaks. Cooper succeeded in saving her. BOB is in the Lodge again, and will remain there. There are loose ends to tie up, but they're in a better position to do so than ever before. Chalfont/Tremond tried to trick Coop and Laura into walking away into the darkness, forgetting everything that happened, and living a life lost, empty, and filled with pain, but it didn't work. Laura still woke up from the dream.
  9. I think it's really telling how people are so passionate about it being a bitter, sad, hateful ending when I can't read it any other way than uplifting and positive.
  10.胶带-jiaodai As a noun, it means "Recording tape." Guess it was Diane the whole time
  11. No, because Diane was raped in her house, and the sexual encounter we saw took place in a mysterious motel and then a different mysterious motel.
  12. I think it's just cool stunt casting to add to the otherworldly spookiness.
  13. I wonder if Mary Reber also disappeared into blackness in real life after Sarah Palmer yelled "LAURAAA" from inside of her house.
  14. They found a Lodge spirit. Mrs Tremond/Chalfont.
  15. Mrs Tremond/Chalfont tried to trick Dale into leaving, but Laura listened to the sounds, shattered the veil over reality, and woke up from the dream life imposed on her. It's a cliffhanger, sure, and there are a million loose ends, but there's also a ton of resolution. Laura is alive. Bob is back in the Lodge. Dale did what he meant to do.
  16. thats weird because i loved it and im pretty sure lynch wanted me to love it. the ending was perfect. if we get more, sure, whatever, it'll be cool, but it could end forever now and I'd be satisfied. That was perfect.
  17. that was the greatest ending to any tv show i've ever seen.
  18. "He is BOB, eager for fun. He wears a smile, everybody run."
  19. I feel like Johnny's going to come back in a big way near the end and completely brutalize someone in a horrific fashion.