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  1. This is the first Wizard Jam I've followed/participated in - I took the Showcase Weekend™ opportunity this morning to play through pretty much all the Mac-playable submissions, and I'm glad I did. There are some real gems in there! Thought about trying to stream, but setting up and commenting on an actually-good stream is real work.

  2. This game looks super cute and the devlog GIFs/images are great. I was a little bummed that the itch.io page indicates it will play on Mac/Linux, but there's only a .exe in the .7z - maybe I'm missing something? It seems to run pretty well in Wine, though. Looking forward to coming back to this later and playing more of it, since there seems to be a lot there.

  3. Fun little game! Kind of reminds me of NES Gauntlet, if it were a puzzle game. Does take some figuring out as to what counts as moving onto vs. being moved onto, as mentioned. Also had a couple times where I burned through all my lives by starting in a room with an invisible enemy right next to me, but I guess that just means


    whistling when you spawn would be a good gameplay tactic.


  4. Thanks! My high score during development was 1750, but I think it's pretty easily beatable with some work. I wish I had taken some more time to figure out more of the sound hardware so I could have simultaneous music and SFX, but oh well.


    Speaking of which, someone ported the 3DS Out Run music tracks to run on arcade hardware, because of course they did: 



    (see also here)


    Some more links of things that I stumbled across while developing this:


  5. Pretty happy with the main game loop and difficulty ramp right now:




    (forgot to move my cursor out the way when recording)


    Might try to add a little more polish, but at least I have something that works for the most part.


    Here are the current word lists, if there's any suggestions. I tried to avoid ambiguity but I think the difficulty is still good (it ramps from mixing in "bad words" to mixing in "hard words", and also increases the difficulty in other ways as your score goes up):


    const char * const good_words[] = { 

    const char * const bad_words[] = { 

    const char * const hard_words[] = {
      "bombin'", "bonin'", "bannin'", "bossin'", "burpin'",