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  1. Just a passing thought, but the rotation of the ceiling fan in the Palmer house brings to mind the rotation of the vortices. 


    Also, isn't whatever's going on with the guy in the cell the same as what was wrong with the girl in the car outside the Double R? As the various random-seeming Roadhouse conversations would seem to indicate, there is something very wrong in the town of Twin Peaks. 

  2. 16 hours ago, Lacabra said:

    Seems like Dougie got sucked into the lodge on account of dying while wearing the ring. Those early episodes are a great rewatch now even a few episodes from the end. Definitely seems like a Twin Peaks Rewatch Podcast Return Rewatchcast is gonna be in order.

    But Dougie didn't die, or at least not exactly. He was pulled into the lodge because he vomited (garmonbozia?) while DoppelCoop held his in.