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  1. 6 minutes ago, Professor Video Games said:


    I think it's possible that his experience in the lodge would have appeared just as cryptic to us as Andy's did. Andy seemed to know exactly what was going on and what to do once he returned despite his just seeing a stream of strange imagery on the ceiling.

    I had the same exact thought. There is no way for the viewer (who are seeing the same things that Andy is seeing) to know that the woman in the woods is important and that people are after her. He just knows. 

  2. 1 minute ago, scrub lover said:

    Really hope Lucy gets to out Chad for intercepting the mail. I've been disappointed in how she's been portrayed thus far in The Return... still can't get over the awful cell phone scene. 

    So I re-watched the pilot not to long ago and noticed that Andy calls Lucy from a giant 90's cell phone when the police find where Laura and Ronette were tortured by Bob....and unless it's a weird walkie talkie, it makes me hate this recent Lucy cell phone scene so much more. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, Crunchnoisy said:

    Cooper Math Question:


    On Major Brigg's secret note, we saw COOPER/COOPER and Truman says "Two Coopers..."


    But the note actually read (I think)...  COOPER / COOPER / COO


    COOPER = Bad Coop

    COOPER = Good Coop

    COO = Dougie, who appropriately only seems like half a person.


    Not profound, but kind of neat.




    If you watch the clip about the original message his name shows up more then three times.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. 33 minutes ago, suzyisbored said:

    i'm confused about the location of the trailer park... i thought it was in deer meadow, oregon but apparently it's close enough to be driving to twin peaks every day? am i missing something?

    Yeah, that is strange.
    Also did you notice that they called back the number off of the utility pole from Fire Walk With Me.
    It was originally shown in the trailer park when Carl shows Agent Desmond where Dpt Cliffs trailer is...then the pole seems to direct him to the Owl Cave Ring. It's called back in the this episode when Carl embraces the mother holding her child in the street.
    It obviously has something to do with Carl and electricity, but odd that it shows up in two different locations looking pretty much identical.  

    utility pole.jpg

    utility pole 2.JPG

  5. 15 hours ago, Blaine.1989 said:

    Has anybody else noticed Doppleganger Coop slip in some backwards talking when seeing Gordon Cole? When he first greet Cole "it's very very nice to see you again old friend" it sounds like the first time he says "very" has been reversed, the closed captions only account for him saying "very" one time, but even Gordon Cole in his reply says "very very" which makes me think he also heard Coop say it twice. Then while Gordon and Albert are talking outside Gordon says "I don't think he greeted me properly, if you catch my meaning". 

    A friend of mine pointed that out to me. Such a good catch. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, unimural said:

    Upon rewatching the glass box sequences what was strange was that as Good Coop initially falls from the red room, he falls on top of the glass box outside the building, then sinks in. Would Good Coop have made the transition safely, if he hadn't been caught by the glass box? If so, was the intent of the glass box to capture things moving from Lodge-realm to Earth? Or it could just be a really boring tv that explodes.


    Not that it really matters, I suspect, and I wouldn't be too surprised if it's never resolved.

    It would safe to assume that the NYC glass-box was designed to break the fall and transition beings from the outside in. If you remember when Coop leaves the box and is falling through space and lands outside of the purple/space room, he has to open the window to let himself in. Similar set ups for sure. 

    Even if it never gets resolved I still really enjoy theorizing different scenarios, that's half the fun. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Hello! New to the forum. 
    I went and re watched the NYC glass box room scenes after this episode. It seemed to make more sense when you watch them in order with the purple/space room scenes.  
    When ghost/monster women first appears in the glass box she seems to possess something like the small gold bead that Dogie turns into. 
    I had a thought that the NYC glass box room was a human manufactured version of the purple/space room as they have so many similarities: a couch, a single observer present, mood lighting, and spooky monster knocking about.
    I'm a little more convinced that "my mother" the American Girl is so worried about is the same monster in the glass box trying to capture Agent Cooper and turn him into the gold bead which ended up being Dogies fate. 
    Anyone else getting this impression?