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  1. What I'm Doing: maya 3D art and animation, basic C# scripting

    Contact Info: watermelon here and on slack
    Time Zone: GMT, working several days over the jam but should be available most evenings.
    Portfolio:  i've done some low poly props in the past but i might be comfortable trying to put together a small environment with lighting and stuff this time around.




  2. What I'm Doing: I'm a 3D artist, I have some experience with C++, C and Python but I'm fairly new to Unity and C#. I have access to Game Maker 1.4 if you're into that. I'm not against trying other tools.

    Contact Info: watermelon here and on slack

    Time Zone: GMT (Europe)
    Portfolio: Last wizard jam I contributed some low poly, Blendo style models (unicycle, dart board, axe, balloon machine, ceiling fan) to Eyes of Cheatin' Hitman

  3. This was my first game jam. It got me back into doing some 3D work after years due to a lack of confidence. While I didn't finish everything by the deadline I handed over most assets to my team by Sunday. One thing I'm even proud of. I was working the last three days of the jam so I wasn't really in the mood to refine textures or model the last prop. Honestly, I spent probably three or four hours after the deadline on art. I came to the jam on the promise of a non competitive vibe and enjoyed that most about it.


    I worry that people will give up half way through if they know they can't meet a strict deadline. They wouldn't come away feeling like they have completed something, energised and ready to make something on their own time.