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  1. Thanks, atte!

    So no update for a while...I have been working on it a lot. But, you see, I'm way out of my depth.

    Just doing things I thought would be simple is taking me hours and hours. For instance (for a reason that probably only makes sense to me), there are THREE pause states in this game: the legit "doong sok doong sok doong sok sok dok" orig Battletoads pause, and a help screen, and a quit screen. Just managing the conditions of these states, how this can't happen and this can, and making it all not break...Well, it took a while and was my first real coding conundrum. Ie: I barely know what I'm doing.

    Basically, the theme of the game, the idea that BattleToads is glitching out and you can't escape the pause screen, is TOTALLY mirroring my real life flailing, trying to get anything working with this code!

    As such, the game still only looks like messed up iterations on the second Battletoads level as posted above. I will have new screens later though! Also, slapped together some pixel art too, and I'll be introducing that once I escape to fabled Room 02.

  2. Here are some sketches of some "NPCs."




    I've put together what might be considered a "design doc" too. And I've come to the realization that I'm more or less making a graphic adventure here. And strangely, those odd chars above, and most of the non-Battletoads original art I'm making for this,  are only going to show up after the game is over. There is a party after you've beaten the game and you can walk around and talk to people. Anyone know the ending of ToeJam & Earl? Like that.


    So yeah, weird and getting weirder, but It half-makes sense in my head now!

  3. I'm following along with Tom Francis

     and doing okay I guess. Weirdly for my first game I seem to just be remaking the second level from BattleToads haha.




    Here's where I am. I have the fundamentals of char movement down and replicated the scrolling in the level alright. The pause works with the cool music! The guy shooting the ninjas is just leftover from the tutorial. Figuring stuff out!

  4. Released here!



    So I got sort of obsessed with this idea so I'm reserving it with a thread!


    I'm an artist and total newbie to the forum. I'm still open to get help with the coding (could switch to Unity if pressed). Otherwise, I'm going to learn GameMaker here and now! 


    The idea is to start at the pause screen for Battletoads, and use glitches and weirdness to escape into....something else! Should be odd and cool. Inspirations: Frog Fractions, Corrypt




  5. Hello. I'm a professional cartoonist who has made art for a long time, including lots of pixel art. In terms of games, I've done work before, but nothing super legit. I posted these in the other forum but here's a sample of my pixel work:



    Wanting to do a 2d game or maybe a very low-res 3d thing with 2d sprites. I've been wanting to use Gamemaker, but could also mess around in Unity if not expelcted to do all that much. I'd also be waay more excited by a fantasy/weird game over, um, a regular game with normal people.

    I had wanted to do LD32 next weekend, but I think I'll pretend I'm doing that and do this instead! Likely most my output will be on those days.

  6. I haven't been following along with this thread at all even though I was interested from the start.  I didn't think I'd have time to do anything.  I still don't really but I've changed my mind and said "screw it, I'll try to make a shitty thing".  I made a new year's resolution to make a game this year and thus far I've done nothing to that end so maybe this will help me actually make some progress.  I bought a copy of Gamemaker Studio Professional last year when it was on sale and haven't touched it since.  I'm probably going to try and use that.  I have zero art talent so I may be asking for some help there.

    Well I'm an artist and actually wanted to learn a bit of Gamemaker myself! Uh, maybe we should team? You're good with coding tasks?

  7. The Josie inside the knob nonsense was the main thing I remembered about the dregs of season 2. I'd always reference it through the years and people would say "I don't remember that." To the point where I questioned my own memory of the show. On rewatch, it was way WAY more over the top than my memory. Okay, it did happen. And it was insane.

    To me, it was shades of Liquid Terminator, and Jake's comparison to Ace Ventura was super good.

    Also, I remember when I first saw the show maybe 8 years ago getting up and yelling at the screen, "A shelf knob!? She got trapped in a SHELF

    KNOB!!" To which my then-gf responded, "What's a shelf knob? Shelves don't have knobs."

    Okay. That's all I have re: knobs rn.