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  1. Hey. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to get this done by the deadline. Just bad timing for me. Buuut I'm going to release a WIP version Sunday, and give myself an extra week to complete the final. So there's that.


    I need help finding a goblinesque laugh to use from a Thumbs pod. Like, is there a good laugh (probably Jake's is most gobliny) someone can remember for me to soundbite? Much appreciated!

  2. Progress!




    The gif is starting to be weird (ie: that brown bar in the bg is actually a smooth gradation) but happy with this!


    The mobs don't exactly fit in with the space/perspective, but I think this is going to be the best I'll be able to do with that.


    Also: you throw Corvos as a weapon (collision not functioning quite yet). Look in upper right for Cool Mask.

  3. Yeah! The Dance of The Treasure Goblin was a significant pod to me too! It makes me remember: "My favorite podcast is not dead and IS BACK and hilarious! And I have an unhealthy obsession with Minecraft." Haha! Ah, the memories...


    I forget what the actual Treasure Goblin joke was though specifically, and I decided not to listen to it again to remind myself. I like to go off on my own weird tangents with my wizard jam games.


    Here are some super slapdash creatures! Not great, but need to speed up.



  4. This is your gob.




    I'm slowly making the game more animated/better. Still basic traversal stuff being ironed out though!




    The faux 3d is good enough for me at this point. Also, gob gets dizzy if you try to move the mouse too fast. You can see it in the middle there.


    Getting to be super fun...but not sure time is on my side!

  5. Download on ITCH here!




    Original Post:

    Hey, no art yet but wanted to commit myself to doing this by posting!


    This is gonna be a tribute to an old arcade game called Wacko. I had quite a cool experience when I discovered this game and completely ignored the rules and figured it out on my own. It became sort of an "arcade puzzle game." So I want to replicate that. (if you are familiar with Wacko it might be pre-spoiled -but still fun!- for you).


    Want to include:

    -Twin stick shooting ala Nuclear Throne (but gonna swap movement to mouse to make it weird)

    -Faux 3d layers to fake dimension in gamemaker. Also: parallax bg.

    -Bizarre Jack Vance inspired creatures.

    -A goblin that hurls coins at them.

    -Simple Zelda-lite room structure, with some kinda insane room swipe transitions.


    Fun stuff! I hope #wizardjam can help us/me with this panic/depression we/I are/am going through right now! Sounds like just the remedy to me!

  6. Thanks for the comments! You dudes rule.


    More mummy traversal:




    I was gonna make a demo about half the size of the final game, but just decided to go ahead and finish it in one go. Still many months off (even though the game will probably be only 40 mins long or so). Dang, #gamedev is a rough ticket!

  7. You guys will think I'm mad. But here's a gif for an Entirely Different Game.




    I've been wishy-washy about the penguin one, so can I turn this thread into "whatever I'm working on"? Is that allowed?


    The game here is a "Cinematic Metroidvania" (two words I hate) about a mummy that incorporates comic book panels. It's been the more long-term thing I've been dabbling with.

  8. So, um, er, here I am a year later. I abandoned this project in favor of another one. But something about #wizardjam makes me want to revive it. I think it's because the design I had planned for this is more akin to my jam games. Sort of weird (house) progression that is unpredictable and maybe a tad glitchy.


    I booted it back up and am trying to fix the code (it's bad). I also gotta up the resolution, because I've been obsessed with mixing pixel art with high-res art lately.


    One of the main things that made me want to cancel it was that I wanted to have 3 different gameplay styles. I've thought of a way to scale it down though.

    So I might get back to this...or, if not, I'll at minimum keep you guys up on my other projects. I wanted to resurrect the thread while I was thinking about it.

  9. As with your previous Wizard Jam game, I loved the surreal atmosphere and gameplay progression on display. The way you have strange mechanics open up over the course of a playthrough is really quite masterful.


    I don't think I found any secrets, unless one of them is:

    eating the moon

    Wow! I really appreciate the nice words! I'm happy you guys like some of my design decisions, because I've convinced myself I'm not great with gameplay. The whole concept of "how to I make this fun?" escapes me...and I just make a thing, haha.

    I think I oversold the "secrets," and mainly wrote that to trick people into keep playing to the end! What a jerk I am!

    Here are the references:

    -The moon reveal is sort of a secret to me. And a nod to Thumb's obsession with the moon.

    -"Power Up" sound is from Altered Beast.

    -The transition from night to day in the left room is from my memory of Super Mario 3.

    -The sound at the bottom of the well is the Sonic game over tune (just thought it was funny).

    And the big (in my mind) secret (That I am hoping Jake will get):

    The podcast "Twenty Year Old Weird House" gets its name from Jake describing Valve. The knobs at the end, which some think are ship's wheels, are supposed to look like Valve's logo...or, you know, the image of the guy with a valve/knob in his neck.

    Lame secrets....I'll get legit ones in next time!