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  1. Recently completed video games

    I finished Detroit and I must say, it is way below Heavy Rain for me. To call the race aspect heavy handed is an understatement, it's constantly shoving it in your face and comparing android to slaves, to the point of it almost being funny. What isn't much fun however is the terrible writing all the way through and pay off that amounts to just about nothing. Looking at the stats I realize I took a somewhat different route than most, but it was very forgettable, I can barely remember what happened to the different characters here a week after completing it. There is also in the beginning waaay too much busy work. I don't want to clean his apartment, or drive this cunt around in his wheelchair for 20 min. It does look great though. Ranges from looking great to jaw dropping with some particular chapters being amazing. All in all I did enjoy it, but it suffers from most of the standard Cage stuff. At times it really does hit what it is going for though, even if also heavy handed, the part near the end but more often than not when they are trying to go for these things, it just feels like a cheap rip off of real life events but with androids copied in. Another point of how inconsistent the game universe feels: But in the end, I still enjoyed it. But man... It could be so much better
  2. Twin Peaks Rewatch 2: Traces to Nowhere

    You said to go visit the filming locations, if you are near.. My brother with too much money on his hand a year or two ago, decided to take the trip from Denmark to Seattle. I was in Seattle for some months once, and did go hiking in the great nature there, but to my big regret never went and actual saw these twin peaks specific places.
  3. Hatred: The Most Despicable Game of All Time?

    In a world where we got games like rapleplay and ethnic cleansing, this is not even close to the most despicable game of all time. It's a bit dumb though I agree.
  4. Offworld, an economic RTS from Soren Johnson

    My friend bought it and was nice enough to give me a key. Haven't been playing it that much though, I usually tend to stay clear of early access and the like, but it already seems pretty solid and I'm certainly interested in what the future brings for the game. Only thing that is actually bothering me/freaking me out is those computer generated voices haha
  5. Twin Peaks Rewatch 1: Pilot

    It really does feel like the show changes genre, at every new scene doesn't it?
  6. THE EVIL WITHIN: Slurms MacKenzie

    I don't really disagree with the bad acting part, but I have a high tolerance for that (loving SH2 and all). It's weird and kind of janky at times, but also so damn tense which is enough for me to be entertained.
  7. THE EVIL WITHIN: Slurms MacKenzie

    Got through the first few hours and I'm loving it, also Bethesda were clearly bullshitting with the system requirements, I'm running on a 570gtx and maxing out most of it, at 1080p, without any AA though.
  8. Twin Peaks Rewatch 0: The Pre-Episode

    Listened to your guys podcasts for a long time, but this got me to finally sign up. Excited to see your guys take on this.