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  1. I don't like most of the criticism of the specific members of giant bomb in this thread (mostly because I've been listening for so long that to talk badly about them feels like talking about a friend behind their back) but the community definitely has some major losers. This thread where a bunch of people defend Troy Baker's stupid joke retweet about Caitlyn Jenner is particularly disheartening. I have to wonder why so many of people in that community are like this. The actual giant bomb members themselves certainly aren't the kinds of people to complain about "PC culture" and "SJW's," but I guess they just attract the kind of people who do.

  2. Nickolodeon has this problem where they give their most popular shows tons of rope and support and anything else can go hang. Spongebob has been there for a while, so I understand it's gotten a little... strange.

     I agree with you totally on that, but also (and I am totally biased on thisI think if any show deserves the support, it's Spongebob. This episode is actually from what most people consider the golden era of the show, so it's always been a strange show. Nowadays it's a different kind of strange though. A bad kind of strange.

  3. I had a dream a while ago that involved idle thumbs. In the part I remember, I was on a bus sitting at the front with Jake, Sean, and Chris and we were talking about music. I was trying to describe this really experimental and hard-core rap group I listen to called Death Grips. I recall that I was having a lot of trouble communicating just how hard core they were. Chris seemed really confused.


    For some context, here's one of their songs:

    . (warning: not for the faint of heart)

  4. I've come to accept that I'm only good at a handful of heroes in this game, and that I should really just stick to them. It's actually been quite nice. I have fun because they're my favorites, I win because I'm good at them, and my team doesn't flame because I'm not sucking. Before this realization I just sort of played whatever and got really frustrated at my ineptitude. Now I'm back to enjoying dota.


    How do you guys pick? Do you always play the same role and heroes or do you just random and hope for the best?