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  1. Chris, I think it would be a good idea to forbid animals from entering prison and medical areas (and maybe even areas outside the compound). That way no Emus can get beaten to death inside a prison door frame, no tortoise can get blown up outside the compound wall and no cat can be locked out with mad boomrats. :D


    Anyway, happy the fire didn't burn down too much! Ironically, after I watched the Great Fire of Video Jamestown, just a few hundred meters away from me, a field or barn was burning today. Lots of smoke in the air. The mad running around from the settlers was probably fairly realistic. ;)

  2. I can't decide between FarCry 2 speedruns and Factorio. The latter I have only recently learned about and was fascinated by so I'd love to see that. But FarCry 2.


    What would Sophie do! I'll have to sleep on this ...


    I kinda also want to see a day in the life of Nick's RimWorld. But just a peek.

    What do.

  3. Original difficulty was the Chillax narrator on the Free Play mode. Successive attempts have been Classic and Base Builder. This one is going well so far, so I don't think a change in difficulty is really warranted at the moment, but if things get frustrating it might be worth either doing Chillax + Base Builder or Classic + Free Play.


    Edit: Ha, I was one stream behind. That went bad real fast. Maybe a new game is for the best?

    You're one behind again! Chris bounced back beautifully! :)


    One thing, though, Chris: Zones! You zoned the shit out of that place but ever since the first zone massacre you stopped using them. During the last raid it would have kept Tammy inside while you micro-manage the gun squad. Also, expand the existing zones to the new building spaces. You also don't have the animal zone you created active, I think. When you went into the "restrict" screen for animals it looked like they all were set to "unrestricted" - maybe that would also be useful to restrict them to the compound in general. To avoid future "helpless little fluffy pet trapped outside with rampaging boomrats" and stuff :D


    Also, put that door in that murder tunnel (and hold it open during regular business days). Keep manhunting animals out. I fear for the worst the next time a butterfly decides to go on a killing spree. :D


    Oh, and that finish with the wedding was beautiful! A nice counter to that depressing end of the previous stream! Video Jamestown 4 ever.

  4. I know, I'm sorry! It actually really makes me sympathetic to Nick in those Crusader Kings streams when he never noticed anything going on. When you're streaming, your attention is basically split three ways: the game, the chat stream, and your own stream of consciousness monologue so it's not just "silent person plays video game." I'm typically extremely attentive to detail in games like these (it's what I like about them) but man it is just ROUGH while streaming.

    I hope I didn't sound rude. I tend to madly yell at the screen silently (that's a thing) while laughing at the same time. I yell with love (as long as the cats stay alive^^).


    Don't feel too bad. You are doing a good job, despite the difficulty of juggling between the tasks! Also, seeing the chat lose their shit over something that you have done (or something that you have not yet noticed), adds to the hilarity of the streams.


    The last couple of streams have been quite rough. I hope you still have the energy to go back to RimWorld despite the shitty combat experiences. Love the stream, and I'm hoping to catch more of them live (they usually end one or two hours before I wake up).

    That reminds me, maybe it's worth going back to that initial difficulty from the first game (Video Games, RIP!). I don't recall there being that many raids or mad animals. Or is that the Basebuilder settting and Chris just has a string of poopy luck?

  5. RimWorld streams are my crack. Can't get enough (it's real bad, send help!). I almost (almost meaning really did) yelled at the screen watching Video Jamestown Episode 3 when the Boomrats attacked and Cinnamon was locked out. She was right by the door and couldn't get in. A simple quick unlock of the door she was right next to might have spared Chris the whole "OMG Tammy is on fire!" debacle.


    I'm getting into real backseat gamer mode now with this. :D But Jake would still be with us if the murder tunnel had been secured with a "always open" door that could be instantly closed when danger was approaching.


    I need therapy now. RIP almost everyone. The animals are about to take over. That tortoise is gonna outlive them all.


    AaaaaaaaaaaAaaAaaaaAaahh!! :)

  6. Uploaded some new videos from the archives to my Idle Thumbs plays playlist. The first DayZ stream with Evan Lahti and the X-COM stream with JP/Evan. Currently uploading the Pikmin 2 head-to-heads ...which makes me long for the crew to finally check out/stream Pikmin 3 ...because it's fantastic!

  7. Hey, with the changes coming to twitch, are the Thumbs going to archive their streams elsewhere? I want my grandchildren to see Nick Breckon's realization that his Kerbal spacecraft has no fuel.



    I saw a thread on gaf about a new kid on the block Hitbox.tv, might be worth investigating


    Hey there!

    I finally signed up to the forums. Might as well start off saying something useful: I started downloading some of the stream archives from the Twitch page. It appears you can now download full streams (at least with download assist tools like downloadhelper in Firefox), even in chunks. So I started with the BioShock-related streams with JP and Steve. So just to be on the safe site, we could all back them up manually. There's still some I haven't watched but still wanna see some day. Gotta save those Pikmin 2 battles for the children! :)


    is the YT playlist so far