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  1. Idle Thumbs 201: Adults Only

    It made me feel bad when danielle said "I'll talk like a normal person now". I DO want to revel in that accent, but I also don't want to give her any reason to ever stop using it all the time. Also I just generally feel like a jerk
  2. Not sure how cool it is to have recommendation threads here, but I've been craving more casual, in-depth discussions with game makers about their works. I've seen Infinite Ammo and Brainy Gamer bandied about when I search similar recommendation threads, but those ones seems dead. Is there anything else like these shows? Preferably still living as well.
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, I'm matt! I'm into small indie games ( shutting down felt like a personal betrayal), big fantasy novels, and all kinds of comics. I'm from Toronto, just about to graduate university, and I use my real name way too often online!
  4. I hope there's a sick 200th episode special with steve gaynor to make up for the travesty that was episode 150. the name of the episode can be Episode 200: Episode 150 EDIT: I don't really play GTA, but those guys love putting urban legends into their cities:
  5. Brent Weeks

    I'm way more into Lightbringer than I was into Night Angel. Night Angel had some good stuff, but the world building wasn't there for me. It didn't help that I kept imagining Weeks thinking "BADASS MAGIC NINJAS" the whole way through. Tales of the Otori was a series that had ME going "BADASS MAGIC NINJAS!" all the way through. That series is probably too much of a soap opera for most readers though. To my mind, Lightbringer is Weeks looking at the Green Lantern power set, and going, "I can do better." And he totally does. All the outer ranges, physical properties, smells, and emotional states give this magic system some weight for me. Curious what white and black do! As well as what various other Mirror/Prism type beings there are. So far I'm not sure that people are actually becoming gods, so much as imbuing themselves with so much magic that they become metaphorical avatars of what their magic represents, then calling themselves gods. The Blue God is the avatar of logic, Green freedom, etc.
  6. Manga Thread of Reading Comics Backwards

    Girl Friends and Blue Flowers are the only ones I've read that I think are genuinely enjoyable. Girl Friends is a super saccharine take on it, while Blue Flowers is an emotionally understated take, that reads like a deconstruction of yuri tropes (Catholic all girls schools, older sister figures, etc), by the woman who made Wandering Son. I'm not that well read in it though.
  7. The F Nick Breckoncast

    Hi, does anyone know where I can download the F Nick Breckoncast? I'm relatively new to idle thumbs, only listening since around 140, and I'm still catching up on the backlog. I found a random corner of the internet that had the other backer only progresscasts (sorry... I dont believe that there is any legitimate way to acquire them, is there?), but I can't find this one.
  8. The F Nick Breckoncast

    Hey TychoCelchuuu, I specifically meant I want this thing: Thanks for the reply though.