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  1. Today your name here did a "I did the markov chain thing" while I did some 3D modelling and animation. I'll guess this will all be flat shadet because I don't think I'm abel to do UVs for all of this. Next task for me is the some polish on the model and importing all of this into Unity.



    Edit: Also the WizardJam Slack is awesome and a great help!

  2. We are plotting along.

    please send in some favorite podcast moments for this and the soundboard. Through the form, in this thread or message me on the slack.

    your name here is laying the foundation for the game in Unity.

    We discussed some UI layout. And we going to try to make it in 3D.



    I'll try to make the 3D meshes. Like this one


  3. We released the project yesterday and you can find it here: https://yournamehere.itch.io/idle-thumbs-2000

    All thanks to your name here for pulling this project through and doing a bulk of the work and also for making super classy cover art.


    old post:
    your name here and I are collaborating on a Idle Thumbs Production Sim.


    We thinking of a card game deck building mechanic with a score system.


    This is a old first post on the team building thread
    The "card" would be small podcast clips. You can submit your favorite clip on this form (youtube timestapms make our live easier) HERE.
    We share the results with gerblinsinspaces read our lips soundboard . Synergy!

  4. I had an idea it might be a bit to meme'y but made a mockup



    the idea is something like a cooking game/ job simulator thing with a dual point system for combos. Using all the youtube archived segment metadata and auto generator for title etc.



    Games discussed would be a recipe for every episode with the goal to compose it out of segments (-> audio cassette + readermail ) gain points. The segments could function like a card deck for strategically build up a combo.


    If you release to many episodes with laughing and bird sound you get poop combos but downloads fall of because new listeners get annoyed and vis versa so manage to resources out of critical/good discussion and silly injokey stuff

    Maybe have special rounds like guests.

    For some reason I thought of a super diegetic UI. sadly I'm technically/graphics design inept  (apparent in the mockup) so... I putt it in the slack and here and hope someone will run with it


    What you bring to the team: A (maybe) funny Idea, a mockup

    What you need for your team: Gameplay Programming, Audio Editor, funny/silly writing (jokes)

    Contact thru: PM, twitter @simbiotiqu 
    Timezone: Central European

  5. Toblix has created this jam's logo:


    (I added "inter"! so genius)




    tbh i think this is the best thing that will come out of the jam




    hi was away from the forums, but heard about new jam on the cast. I approve of the logo.

    I would totally be down to cooperate in art department. like Illustrating a twine thing, also learning some 3d modelling in blender but I'm pretty amateurish still.

    Last jam I did the "But I'm still working game with clyde and Cpt. Hastings.

  6. This post reminded me that I should do something in playscii again. It is one of my favorite computer based art tool.

    In my mind a great way if you want to learn digital art because the tool has nice creative restrictions in color palettes and the character sets. Which made it more approachable than pixel based art. Same goes the animation tools included in the tool.


    This was my latest endeavour:


  7. Thanks Brett for the feedback.


    I think the music and scenery might suit slower particles though.


    I'm still really novice in blender. But over the last days I looked into it more. And the way I did the camera animation was pretty crude and I should probably put more time into it. Now I would do it different for sure. I will probably try to make a better version and than also change the particles.

  8. Hi, didn't post often here, but I like this thread and this might be interesting



    This "Project" stated with an interest in isometric tile sets. I stated by drawing the basic shapes in inkscape as vector graphics, where I also defined the the base colors. Than exporting them out as png file in a fixed resolution, so the base tile is 1024px horizontal. I than drew over in krita and added detail. I limited myself to 4 base grey tones which felt really nice after a while. After some time a had a collection of tiles and wanted to show them, in some way.

    I'm not really fluent enough to built a framework for a tile based game so I put all tiles together back in inkscape and exported the map as a big png. I did some dabbling in blender before but I thought I could animate a camera "flying" over the tile map. And after a while and some learning about particles and effects I got this video out of it.

    Kind of want to try some more stuff in 3D Tools like Blender.

    Also Bretts work is super impressive with all the technical detail and consideration you put into it.

  9. 'm a little confused about the progression now. My ship AI wanted me to investigate a warp gate, and I did so, finding that new hub town they added to the game. I was supposed to find some sort of resource, but found it in a liquid form rather than a solid, and my ship AI tells me nothing new.


    I was recuperating from illness the last days so I put some time in progression. Henroid the liquid is the fuel for the FTL drive to repair the thing you need to get the crystals. There different and not convertible. Progression is now gated through Missions you get in the hub town. One of the quest giver npcs wants you to get the highest armor set you can craft, and than gives you a mission, accessible though the ship ai interface. Mission is a contained planet with a boss fight that gives you the gating macguffin.

  10. So I confess I never played the coop campaign of Portal 2. I played single player when it came out, but knew no one at the time for coop. But starting a new thread just for me seamed a bit excessive. 





    My Idea was to start a pyramid scheme. If someone wants to (re)play the campaign. I would play it with the next person who wants to play though it, maybe for the first time. If I'm not alone with this omission. Otherwise this would of course fall flat.