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  1. I, too, have yelled at teens!

    To be honest, I would have preordered and been happy to hand over my cash no matter what the game was, just to support the Thumbs et al.; however, I am hugely enjoying it so far :)! I'm playing on a 360 controller, and am getting used to the scheme. But after playing the Witness I keep pulling the radio out when trying to run :P. I got to the end of Day 2 before stopping.

    I love the physical map and compass, but wold be useless without the dot to show where I am, since I have precisely zero sense of direction. It's great that there are options to turn off the position marker and quest updates in the options; I might try this with different choices some time after finishing.

    I also love the camera, and that I can't see what I've done so far, being film and all.The photographer in me is worried that the framing in the view finder won't match the final pictures, but that's all part of the fun with a disposable camera too. I may do a specific photo run, because I think it would be fun to get them developed even if it takes an age to get here in the UK :).

  2. Hmm, I have an i7-4770, a GTX 970, and 8 GB of RAM, and it's running pretty badly, but I am almost certain it's my computer's fault... I've been having problems with drivers and clashes with my on chip integrated GPU

    It's sorted now, and working well on Ultra :).


    The nvidia driver doesn't seem to recognise it yet, but I was able to brute force everything to use the 970. 


    I also downloaded the soundtrack. It is mighty fine, but I don't want to look at track names because they might be spoilery. I'll investigate later.

  3. Here's my take on the blue tetronimos... I'm still wary of spoilers so I apologise if this is a repeat of earlier discussion

    --- Each blue square is equal to -1 yellow square --- If a blue square is in the same area as a yellow shape, it cancels out one yellow square --- If there are fewer blue squares than yellow squares in the area, that area must take the shape of the remaining yellow squares The next point is a major spoiler for the last type of puzzle, so I'll put in another spoiler!

    --- If there are the same number of blue squares as yellow squares, the area can be any shape as there is no yellow left to worry about


    I've been enjoying my time with the game, and have 6 lasers now. For some reason, I'm tempted to play a certain other game, now that it's just become available ;)!

  4. Preloading on steam now! Does anyone have any idea what time it goes live? 


    My treacherous  brain made me watch pretty much the whole of day 1 in previews (and basically all at once in Giant Bomb's What is Firewatch? video). I've skim-read a few reviews, and it's looking good so far :)


    That camera idea is fantastic! We can make our own Olly Moss Posters :P (not to downplay other members of the art team)! 


    TO be fair, we could probably do that with any screenshot, after up-scaling it. I'm tempted by this shot I took with the GTA V smart phone




    EDIT: Oh, I see- the publsiher is distributing the photos themselves...what a cool idea, and a great way to show a little more love to the devs! http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-02-09-firewatch-on-steam-lets-you-purchase-physical-copies-of-in-game-photos

  5. Oooh! I've never heard of a 35 mm macro before, cool :)!


    Here are some macro photos of some ice crystals I found on my window... not quite the same as snow or waterfalls, but still pretty cool :P!










  6. In the latest newsletter, FD presented a rough roadmap for Season 2:

    2.1 The Engineers, Spring 2016... Loot and crafting, another mission revamp with persistent contacts, more huge weapons

    2.2 The Guardians, Summer 2016... Ship Launched Fighters

    2.3 The Commanders, Autumn 2016... Create a unique avatar for your commander and play with multiple humans on the same ship

    2.4 ????? Secret so far :)

  7. I just finished Tales From the Borderlands. I played episodes 1-3 pretty much when they released but for some reason or other only played 4 and 5 this week. This is easily my favourite Telltale game, and it might be the best too (that or Season 1 of The Walking Dead). I quite liked Bordelands 2, and finished it, but I think anyone could enjoy Tales; rather than being the super awesome fighter, you have to weasel, con, and blunder your way through and the emphasis is firmly on character rather than action.

  8. Just a heads up, the latest Giant Bombcast totally spoils the key to the flower tower! I hadn't done it yet, which is a shame but now I have to deal with the bloody elevator!


    I have set up 2 more laseres though, in the desert ruins and the dockyard(?). I'm playing on PC so don't have trophies to tell me the names of the areas. 

  9. Just 'finished' the game. Those pillar puzzle were a cake walk

    435 +75 with no cheating, help or drawing on bits of paper.

    Haven't found this credits sequence so got a bit of searching left

    Holy moly, I think JBlo is Mngton when he's sleepwalking, no wonder it took so long to make the game! I'm around 284 +10 with no direct puzzle spoilers, a few smartphone photos, and one very messy side of paper.

    I just found how to do the deserty ones, so have torn through a load. I have also made decent inroads into the village, at last!

  10. I just dropped $8 on the humble bundle (a bit more than average), getting Grow Home, Call of Juarez, Rayman Origins (these three are available for $1), plus Assasin's Creed Chronicles China (and Far Cry 3 which I have, and Splinter Cell Blacklist, which I might have played on XB360).


    I liked the look of it, so am looking forward to digging in!

  11. Question about the marsh looking area

    You solve a tetris puzzle to make a bridge take you over to the other side, then down in one of the basements there's an identical puzzle that I presumed would let me go back over, but it doesn't do anything. Is the bridge locked in position or can you move it back?


    Look at the shape you drew and think how that might relate to what happened after you drew it

  12. I think I finally got to grips with the Tetris mechanics; I just got to the orange background ones before stopping for the evening. There's some other ones that I am fairly stumped by for the moment, and I'm having trouble even finding the next puzzle in one area! 


    I'm flitting around rather than sticking at particular places, so I have only completed one area. I'm having a great time though!


    I accidentally clicked the spoilered answer to the question above before the question, oops! Oh well

  13. I've messed around for about 100 minutes according to steam. I got really lost for a while, and glimpsed some truly sadistic looking puzzles for the future. I love how the game looks, and have experienced many different themes (zones?) whilst trying to find my way back to the starting area.

    I've solved puzzles to do things other than open up new stuff; to what end, I'm not sure. I've also had to do specific things before solving some puzzles. Clever stuff :)

    I've already come up against a puzzle where I can't figure out the 4th panel even though I have the first 3. I'm not going to look at any hints though.

    I'll tell you what, playing just before bed is an absolutely terrible plan :P! I'll not do that again. At least I was able to end on a completed puzzle.

  14. It's true that they no longer have the Oculus badge on their advertising, so maybe people were alarmed by that. I know that current players with DK2s felt a little abandoned for a few months after FD stopped supporting new SDKs, but it certainly makes sense not to invest too much effort on such shifting requirements.

    I'm in no position to do so right now, but I definitely plan on getting at least one of the headsets (and boost my PC again)! Since my current PC has a small form factor I may need to wait until the next generation of GPUs that are expected this year, or buy a whole new PC; I've been looking at ludicrous "VR ready" PC builds that should also play everything else for a long, long time :P. It might even run star citizen :P!

    However, maybe I'll get a headset and I'll be fine with my current set up; after all it meets the Oculus recommended specs IIRC, just not the Horizons ones. FD have said that their quoted specs are for 90 FPS at 1.4 x super sampling, but people's tolerance for low frame rates vary considerably. I borrowed a DK1 during the early alphas and felt sort of OK with 30-40 FPS, but suddenly really sick when the station dropped it to 15. I certainly don't want that to happen again! Also, something called asynchronous time warp looks like it can soften the blow of reduced frame rates in VR by distorting the image according to the expected changes between frames. Or something!