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  1. I preordered a physical copy.

    I never preorder. I never buy physical. What's wrong with me? I think I just did it in the hope it comes a day early :getmecoat

    Not been this excited for a game in years!

    Weird, I hate horror games too, I loathe being scared by a game, but I never found the Souls games to be scary at all. They make me anxious and I get all the standard stress responses, but never fear.

    Well, to be honest, I didn't quit Demon's Souls because of fear, it was mostly because I got stuck in a stage with a lot of those bugbears, I promised to try the game eventually but never did.

    What scared me the most was the thought of encountering the Man Centipede. That's such a disgusting and disturbing enemy design.

    However, I have a lot of problems with anxiety, I usually make things in my head way bigger than they actually are. So I might just be over exaggerating it, maybe it's not that bad? Hmm.

  2. I wasn't really expecting to play Bloodborne. In Tommy Wiseau's definition, I'm just a "chicken, chip chip chip chip", I'm not very fond of scary games, and I remember Demon's Souls being quite scary at times, never finished it.

    But I decided to watch two Bloodborne boss battles and I think there's no going back now, I really want this. I'll discuss the battles in the spoilers, so don't open it if you want to have surprises ruined when playing the game.

    Here are the videos:



    That Vicar fight is just too damn good. It's poetically disturbing, the weaving fur and beautiful soundtrack mixed with the anger and suffering that the creature is having is something else, truly unique. It's so visceral.

    The Father Gascoigne battle is specially unique because, as some NeoGaffers said, the music box used by the player belonged to Father Gascoigne and his wife, and listening to it triggers the memories of the boss past, before being plagued, hence why he gets disturbed by it. It's fantastically depressing, not really the most original thing, but it's done with a subtlety that I often enjoy, but it's so uncommon in games. I need this game now, just have to grow some balls.

  3. I think that says a lot about the types of game you play, and how you're perceiving time invested.

    I understand where you're coming from though, as a long time (and now cold-turkey) MMO player, I would log on, do my dailies, weekly, monthly quest/dungeon/whatever and I'd tell myself that it was fun. It wasn't, but it felt like I was doing something I enjoyed because I got a reward.

    Now I rarely play those types of game, and if I do, it's in small doses. I get my enjoyment out of actually playing, you know, like you're supposed to. Games aren't meant to be a job you do to grind meaningless tasks that aren't fun, they're meant to engage you either by fun or by thought.

    It's very easy to find games that let you save in 30 min - 1 hour intervals and those take up most of my time, along with games that you can't complete such as Hearthstone or (right now) Helldivers, that only take up 10-20 mins for a play session.

    To be honest I think you need to change your outlook on what your time spent means to you. If you want to have fun and relax, play a game. If you want to achieve something, don't turn on your PC or console. That's not what games are for.

    I feel like it's a really hard thing to judge, honestly. There's a concept in psychology called 'flow', where if you manage to get in the sweet spot of ability and challenge of a task, you feel deep satisfaction. It's taught in game design courses, designers have known about it for a while.

    The problem is that ability doesn't change linearly, and increasing the challenge of a task isn't always linear either. For instance, Mario games would be much less interesting if instead of unique levels, they were repeated with minor tweaks to make them harder and harder. Keeping people in a state of flow is hard (assuming that's what you're trying to achieve with the game - there's good reasons for deliberately sabotaging that flow state, and I wouldn't be surprised if Hotline Miami 2 was trying for that) because you need to have a good idea of how the average player's competency will develop without the benefit of a statistically average player.

    Wow, those are really amazing replies, seriously haha. I didn't know or realize any of the stuff you guys said. That's great.

    I never heard of this concept of flow before. I really should read a book about game design, I think it would help me to express how I feel about some games.

    And I guess you're totally right about that, Griddlelol, I shouldn't bee playing that many games if I want to feel productive, you just told it in a real reasonable and convincing way.

  4. Lately, with more scarce time, I'm not having as much fun playing some kind of games as I did before. Much of it is due to the fact that some games are build through mechanisms that involves addiction, and I feel frustrated when I don't get the reward that made me "addicted" because I don't have enough time to.

    For example, I was playing Hotline Miami 2 , it's amazing, but after a hour and a half playing it, it still didn't feel like it was enough. I couldn't afford to play any longer, but it was like my brain didn't received what it was expecting. It wasn't like watching a movie or TV series, in which, at the end, even if there's a cliffhanger or something, you don't feel like you wasted your time.

    My point is that some games takes so much trial and error to give actual satisfaction that you should have an almost obsessive way to play it to really enjoy it. I don't think, however, that this is only tied to trial and error. Sometimes I take a lot of time to solve a Zelda puzzle, for example, but I don't feel frustrated.

    Anyway, I just wish games were designed with less focus on being something addictive, and somehow respected more of my time. Actually a lot of games does not require that huge amount of time progress, but it's usually playing it safe, with reduced difficulty. I wish there were more challenging games that gave enough satisfaction for reasonable gaming sessions, like Mario games for example. Does anyone else feels the same?

  5. I've been interested in this game since I learned there were no disasters and it was a bit less "gamey" than Sim City. I'm currently working in a public office that deals with urban problems, so it the more realistic tone of the game is neat in my view.

    But I also have problems with my current gaming time, so I'll wait for a better deal, even though the current price is really tempting.

  6. All that I've been reading about the Valve VR demo made it sound pretty great in theory, but I can't help but think about the practical limitations that would limit my ability to enjoy it. It sounds like you need a seriously beefy PC to even consider running it. Not only that, you'll need a big, open space to play in to take advantage of the device's spatial awareness. I live in a tiny apartment, and doing a major upgrade to my PC isn't really in the budget for me right now. I imagine I'm not alone in either of those circumstances, so I have to wonder how well the retail version of the Vive or whatever it's called is going to do.

    EDIT: All that said, I really want this stuff to work out and be accessible to as many people as possible. It's just that I can see a small headset/camera combo that costs $200-300 being an easier sell for someone like me than the craziness of Valve's prototype.

    Yeah, those things sure give some uncertainty about it. I honestky think it won't work if it requires you to walk and move through your room. It might be successful as a novelty first, but it's too impractical. Also a big part of gaming is connected to challenge and reward, and you can't increase challenge that much if it requires too much physical effort of the player, it won't work.

    However, I think it can work for smaller and quicker games/immersive experiences, like some indie games already do. In fact, this might be the kind of work that will benefit the most of VR, never realized that before.

  7. This is a great month indeed. Aside Papo and Yo (which I already own), I always wanted to try all those games. I will use the PS+ trial to get them while I don't have a PS4.

  8. Both Sony and HTC devices are looking hot. HTC has a better resolution, and when using a cardboard with my Moto X I saw that 1080p at a close distance doesn't look so hot, looks a bit too grainy, however, it's still acceptable. Sony's is still 1080p, but the 120Hz is a nice upgrade. Also, their VR surely looks better and more comfortable to use.

    Will be interesting to see how devs will approach VR. I think they should go for an art style and aesthetics that make it viable to have good looking games at the best framerate possible, otherwise the motion sickness can really hurt the general view of consumers on VR.

    After trying the cardboard, I'm really interested in VR, surely is something else.

  9. I have yet to watch the demo and I'm somewhat torn whether I want to or not. I'd really like to go into it knowing as little as possible. I'm normally not one who cares about spoilers but in the case of something like Firewatch I feel that discovering everything about the game on my own will be much more satisfying.

    While there aren't major spoilers in the video (I believe), it does have something that I wasn't expecting, not a "plot twist" or anything like it, just a indication of what the narrative might approach. So yeah, if you want to discover things by yourself, I recommend you not to watch it. I personally don't mind it at all.

  10. Looks good, could use a bit more of ghosts though.

    Now seriously, this looks pretty good, a more grounded story focused a lot on the characters. In 17 minutes I already care for those guys, it's important that I feel connected to them so easily, great work on the writing. The voice actors are doing a fine job as well, had no idea Harry Crane/Rich Sommer was involved. Can't wait.

  11. Does anyone knows android games that are good to play with a gamepad?


    I bought a gamepad mostly with the objective to use it with emulators. But I wonder if there any games that are deep enough in the gameplay aspect that actually get better with a controller.


    I know there are a bunch of old games released on android, some of them are interesting, but I'm looking mostly for games made for mobile. 

  12. About Kid Icarus, I bought it this weekend and the game is wonderful! The visuals are impressive considering the 3DS limitations - although it can look very ugly sometimes on the ground portions - and the gameplay is great, really varied and the difficulty system probably was very well planned and thought by the devs.

    The problem, as everyone knows, is the controls. I'm getting used to it and recognize that the touchscreen provides more precision than aiming with a analogue stick, but it's definitely uncomfortable when you're in the ground, it just doesn't work well for turning the camera for example. I think they should just have streamlined the shooting in ground combat and made a fixed camera, that would work better IMO.

    However, the stylus controls are beautiful in air combat, have nothing to complain about that. This game reminds a lot of Bayonetta, lots of stuff happening sometimes and I can barely see what the hell is happening on screen, I kinda enjoy this.

    The characters are also really nice, I just wish they saved their best jokes and lines to the parts that I'm not busy trying to survive the hordes of enemies. I feel like missing a lot of stuff.

    Anyway, despite the flaws with the controls, I'm really enjoying this and feel like mastering it's mechanics through multiple playthroughs.

    Still, I kind wish the PS Vita was Nintendo's creation, then I could play it with a proper analog stick and even prettier visuals.

  13. To be honest, I think there's a better reason for Valve to develop HL3 if they are making a VR. It seems that they were not focused at all in making a traditional single player game, but with VR they might actually want to deliver it since the game is perfect for that.

  14. Awesome! Will do it then, but I'll wait for the next batch of free games, I already own Rogue Legacy and Transistor on Steam.

    Also, EU or US PS+? I used to have a EU, because it had more retail games than US on PS3.

  15. Curious: do you have a PS3 or vita with PS+? Even if not, it might be worth grabbing PS+ already. If you get the 1 week free trial, you can use the PSN web store (or app) and download this month's free games - Apotheon, Rogue Legacy and Transistor. All of which are great games.

    Then when you get the PS4, you can buy your PS+ subscription (as you need it for online play with Driveclub anyway) and those games will be ready to play, and the May free games will be too.

    I used to have a PS+ subscription, but never really "bought" the free PS4 games, someone told me it was impossible. But it seems that this person was wrong then. Damn. Can I "buy" the games on the PS3 store or through the PC only?

    I never realized that I could use the trial period for that. That's a great idea, thanks a lot Griddlelol :D

  16. I love that in Wind Waker

    I just traded 20 joy pendants that didn't have any use for me for a beautiful Island. I own a Island now, and it's so beautiful. This game is amazing.

    I also enjoyed how they kinda force you the explore the seas later in the game. I never wanted to do that without any reason, the fact that you have to navigate through the sea to explore the map never really appealed to me, mostly because you only see water most of the time, but the game now demands that I do it to complete some objectives, and then some really neat stuff is happening. Like

    A gigantic, gargantuan octopus just came out of nowhere and was ready to completely tear my boat and bones, but fortunately I was able to defeat it.

    Anyway, Wind Waker is an amazing game, even if it is a bit annoying at times.

  17. What exactly do you mean by the companion mechanic? If I remember correctly, you occasionally play as the sage of a particular temple, but it's not throughout the game. It's a bit weird, I agree, but I remember thinking it was kinda cool to have a different set of abilities (although barely).

    Just remember it's an HD version of the game! The original doesn't look anywhere near as nice (although it's still real pretty).

    As Reagan said, I don't enjoy that they are escort objects. I think newer games, like Enslaved Odyssey to the West, handled companions better, with enough AI to make them more independent. However I totally understand that Wind Waker is old, this wasn't something very common or easy to do back then.

    But I do enjoy the puzzles with them, it's definitely very nice, they are my favorite parts of the game so far.

  18. Well, I just bought Driveclub and Infamous Second Son in a pretty good deal at a local retailer today. Don't know if it was the wisest decision, now I really want a PS4 as soon as possible to play the games. Will have to hold my anxiety until the US trip in May.

  19. The regular sail is a good reminder to how artificially long that game became on initial release

    There is a lot of information to gather from the fishes in addition to filling out your map. I didnt want to use a walk through, but made a spread sheet i filled in from my phone as i got new info & whether i had cleared the mini-treasure on the tiertiary islands

    As a recommendation get the speed sail as soon as you can, makes the traversal system so much better. Double sailing speed & the wind is always at your back so do not need to do the tune every time or tack back and forth

    Will need a few hundred rupees and get win from the evening auction house on Windfall Island (its the 4th or 5th item that comes up)

    Thanks for the info, I did get the sail, but it was almost at the time that I needed to learn the Gales/Ciclone song, so the fast sail kinda became obsolete shortly. But it was still valuable, if I ever play this game again I'll sure get it in the first opportunity.

    I played the game a bit more, sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, but there's mostly love for it in my heart right now. The combat improved a lot with the Master Sword. My main complain about the second part of the game is the companion mechanic, it's a bit clunky, even if the puzzles related to to are nice.

    Don't know exactly why, but I loved the Wind Temple Boss Fight, it ressembles one of Shadow of the Colossus Boss Fights, but this one was way prettier. This game looks fantastic at times, it's unbelievable that it was a game cube release. I really enjoyed both Wind and Earth Temples.

  20. The only issue I've heard of is the sensor for ejecting can sometimes act up. When I first got mine, it ejected my disk at random a couple times. Looked into it and if unplugging it for a while then plugging it back in doesn't stop it from happening, you need it serviced. From what I understand it's not all that common. This happened with mine when it was just sitting in rest mode as well as while playing, but since cutting power several months ago and plugging back in it's been fine.


    Yeah, no problems here either. My PS4 has been very solid and I haven't really heard anything anywhere of any kind of widespread issues.


    I would throw caution to the wind and go with no warranty. As long as you can test it whilst in Miami, make sure it's working out of the box. I've had zero problems with my launch PS4 and haven't seen any threads/posts on gaf of people with bricked consoles, I don't go looking for them but if there were problems I would've come across them from time to time

    I'm getting the order tomorrow, a rental, but it was always going to be. Im excited, hopefully I won't be let down

    Thanks for the feedback, will buy it at Miami then. I just saw that PS4s are being sold with a free code for The Last of Us Remastered, so that makes the deal even better.

  21. It seems The Order is not worthy of a pre-order, or even a order at full price. Shame, the guys at Ready at Dawn seem genuinely cool, I kinda wanted the game to success, but it never really impressed me aside the visuals. 


    Changing the subject, I'll buy a PS4 this year, just don't know when. Right now, I can in Brazil for about 560 dollars, with 3 years of warranty with the store. But this year I'm going to Miami for vacation, so I can buy there for 399, but no warranty at all here in Brazil. So, do you guys think it's worthy to pay $160 more just to have a warranty? I'm not aware about the PS4 realiability to be honest.