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  1. I found the game to be extremely linear and the choice between shooting or stealth is similar to dishonored. If you shoot bad people you are forever branded as a monster. I have up on stealth when after the first mission where i knocked out ever enemy except one that i killed some cop was yelling at me about being a murderer (Totally ignoring the fact that had the cops gone in many more on both sides would have died). After that I just said fuck it and killed my way through the game whenever i could. There are many forced stealth sections and the boss fights are forced shooting.

    The ending is also IMO terrible, like Mass Effect 3 terrible.

  2. 45 minutes ago, TychoCelchuuu said:

    I may have an accelerated cultural metabolism or something but I don't really get tired of stuff. One movie a year on a topic is a drop in the bucket for me, since I typically watch between 100 and 200 movies a year, I'd estimate. So it would take way more than a Marvel movie every year or so to tire me out.

    they are making 3 a year tho

  3. Possibly nothing? I will be out of the country until the 30th. I think a friend is having a party the weekend after Halloween so I might just use my Gorilla suit or star trek uniform for that.

    I like dress up, but I never feel particularly inspired.

  4. 1 hour ago, Kolzig said:

    The trailer was released two days ago, it's weird when Star Wars is an ip that I used to be really big fan of, but these days I just don't care anymore. I got no other special feeling from the trailer except that I seem to really dislike the porgs or what those things were called. I kind of still thought Star Wars should make me excited and hyped, but I don't know. The Force of Star Wars has left me after Disney started to produce these on a yearly basis


    I know exactly how you feel, I used to love Star Wars as a kid, I read all the books, I even liked episode 1 for longer than I should. I was pretty disappointing by Episode 7, it was so crammed full of cynical fan service, bad dialog and mediocre plot. Watching that trailer its obvious the dialog hasn't improved, also the first movie trailer I can remember seeing that repeats clips, that is something I expect in a fan trailer, not the real thing.

  5. I made a vegan version of budae jjigae or army stew. Its a very hearty dish with an interesting history, it was first made after the Korean War and has a lot of ingredients that were scrounged stolen or smuggled out of US army bases, hence the baked beans and hot dogs (no spam in the vegan version). I didn't find out till today that it was effectively an illegal dish during the dictatorship of Park Chung-hee due to restrictions on the purchase of American goods. Anyway its a tasty stew and probably a lot healthier with mock duck and veggie hot dogs. Some versions also have ground beef, macaroni noodles and put some American cheese on top.




  6. 2 hours ago, prawks said:


    I'm surprised to see this advice. From what I've read, putting any pressure on your carpal tunnel sounds like it's not a great idea, and my experience plays that out. Last time I tried using one it not only pressured my wrist but made it less mobile: I did a lot more wrist turning rather than using my forearm to move my mouse which absolutely killed my wrist.


    But everyone's different, I guess just tread carefully and figure out what works for your specific case.

    I usually rest my arm on it, my wrist is above it, i use it mainly to help my wrist angle. I use one at home and at work and haven't had any issues.

  7. This is literally how I cook every week. I make 2-3 meals and have the leftovers for lunches and dinners. This week. I just finished making carrots and fennel braised with orange zest and honey.


    Put it on couscous, is very good. Later this week I'm making roasted garlic focaccia and a vegan version of Korean army stew. Stay tuned ;)

  8. 32 minutes ago, SecretAsianMan said:

    Discovery is only (legally) available in the US on CBS's streaming service.  The rest of the world gets it on Netflix (except for Canada).  There's nothing on CBS that I want to see other than Discovery so I'm reluctant to sign up just for one show.

    you can get one week free if you want to check the show out and not have to deal with 'totally legit websites'

  9. As a Vive owner I sure hope VR isn't doomed. The one good thing about the cooler weather is that I can finally start playing more intense VR games without getting super sweaty. It's definitely too expensive right now but there is a lot of cool stuff you can do in VR that is not possible in AR. Its surprising how easy it is for your brain to buy into the simulation, it didn't take long for me to start avoiding running into virtual objects in Job Simulator even though the graphics are pretty cartoony. The most likely future for the tech is for a combined AR/VR headset. Having something like a removable face plate. Both techs are currently limited by batteries and resolutions.

  10. Cancelling CBS all access was a giant pain, but I did it before my free week expired.


    Edit: I watched the third episode, it was better, I am still on the fence.


    don't like that they appear to be using Tilly's crippling social anxiety as a gag. The recitation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland seemed really out of place.


    The technology they are working on seems like a bad idea for a larger plot because this is a prequel, we know that the federation doesn't have this tech unless this is secretly a new timeline. A little worried that the ship will get pulled into some other part of space Voyager style.


  11. Stealing this from the latest Crate and Crowbar episode. Guess the top 10 games in your steam library by playtime, post your guess here then see how well you did and talk about what games you wish weren't on there or what games you believe should be higher.


    My guesses:
    1. Crusader Kings 2
    2. Skyrim

    3. Civilization 5

    4. Hearts of Iron 4

    5. Europa Universalis 3

    6. Fallout 4

    7. Stellaris

    8. Total War: Warhammer 1

    9. Kerbal Space Program

    10. Hitman 2016


    The real list:



    EDIT: Well I was like 50% accurate. I am pretty sad that I actually spent 153 hours on Empire Total War. I really wanted a Paradox Grand Strategy game at the time, but didn't know they existed. Surprised I have spent that much time in Elite, but maybe I guessed it was lower because I had a lot of fun and it didn't feel like 205.

    Thank goodness WoW isn't on steam, I haven't played since 2009 but I think I had over a Year of in game time when I quit.

  12. I probably won't get to play much till Sunday but I can't wait to get my hands on the Lizardmen. From gameplay videos I have seen it looks like they have been making actual UI and engine improvements instead of just making this a kind of standalone expansion with only a new map and new races.

  13. 12 minutes ago, Ben X said:

    I'll take a look!


    Meanwhile, Crysis 2 is as linear as advertised. Even when it does open up an action bubble, they tend to be slightly wider corridors. Taken on its own terms as a mainly linear shooter, it's fine. Very impressive pyrotechnics and the basic 'cloak-decloak-shoot some fools-recloak and retreat' pattern is still fun. Other differences: you now have to tag your own enemies, which is fine but a strange choice when they're streamlining everything else; there's some light RPG stuff where you kill aliens to get nanopoints and upgrade your suit - unfortunately it's heavily restricted and ineffective so I've basically disregarded it already. 


    It's fine, it just doesn't stand up to the fun of Far Cry 1 or Crysis 1.

    I literally sprinted through the final few levels because I found fighting aliens so annoying. I never even looked into Crysis 3, wonder if it was better than 2?

  14. 1 hour ago, Nappi said:

    I'm yet to get over the Hotline Miami mentality of taking out every guard using a wrench or (if things go sour) guns only. While I could just pause the game and try to figure out how the other equipment work, I rarely do it because I feel like I should keep the flow going. Moreover, I usually feel that the missions are either too easy to be wasting my time on advanced tactics or too hard to risk by using said tactics.


    I got quite far with one of my characters, bought the personal mission intel, found out it was way too difficult for me at that stage, also noticed that the only other missions available to me were hard or harder ones that required me to have equipment to deal with armored or shielded guards, which equipment I did not have nor could I buy them because of my lack of funds. This meant that I had to retire my character essentially because he went broke, which wasn't a very exciting way to end his career.

    There is a planned patch to make sure easy and medium missions are always available but start paying less. You can always just go out and raid ships for items or money, also unlocking better subverters and armor piercing guns/melee weapons at stores is a must.

  15. 4 hours ago, Ben X said:

    No. I've got v2 but it seems to be third-person with sniping so I kept it off this list.

    Its third person when not scoped but first person when scoped, in 3 and 4 higher difficulty levels have realistic wind physics and bullet drop to compensate for.

    3 hours ago, Henke said:

    Word on the street (internet) is that Sniper Elite are the good sniping games and Sniper Ghost Warrior are the bad sniping games. I've never played the Ghost Warrior ones tho, but I did like SE2 and 3, haven't gotten around to 4 yet.


    That is what I have heard as well, The new Ghost Warrior game is sitting on my wish list till it drops below $10. I really enjoyed Sniper Elite 4 and highly recommend it.

  16. I am coming at this from a more socialist point of view than Dem Soc, but there is a lot of overlap in our thoughts on these topics:

    I would be very cautious about blaming Brexit, Prop 8, bathroom bills on 'the popular will'. There were elites on both sides and tons of money got funneled into these campaigns. It wasn't the masses vs. the enlightened technocrats.

    I don't see the issue with economic populism especially considering what we currently have is economic corporatism. Why shouldn't the people have more of a say in how wealth is distributed and how much power corporations have over our economy and government? As for trade protectionism, there are serious issues with 'free trade' deals as they are currently structured. Often they are backdoor ways to limit governments power over companies. The TPP for example would have limited the US's ability to implement the Paris Climate Agreement even before Trump pulled us out of it. The Single Market in Europe puts limits on nationalization of industry. We on the left oppose these trade deals because they allow companies to more easily race to the bottom on wages, worker safety and pollution controls by moving between countries and getting them to compete against each other to have the weakest legal checks on corporate power. 

    1) Even the worst unions are more democratic structures then the best corporations. A union is by definition an organization of labor, of those on the bottom of the economic ladder. Corporations represent the interests of the 1% and of corporate power over the democratic will and best interests of the populace. It is in a companies interest to maximize its profits by lying about climate change, implementing as few safety measures as possible , paying its workers as little as possible and being taxed as little as possible. Workers and unions don't share those interests.

    2) Breaking up and preventing monopolies would go some way to preventing the centralization of profit among the few. Some industries can and should be nationalized.

    3) I don't see an issue with truly democratic government dominating markets it gets involved in. We would be far better off if government dominated the healthcare space.

    4) Subsidies and contracts should be given in ways that benefit society. Stop giving money to anti-union anti-worker companies, ones that hide their profits overseas, ones that pollute. If all the fossil fuel subsidies we currently give out were shifted to green energy a lot of good could be done.


    5) Again anti-monopoly laws would help here. As well as reforms to the legal system to mitigate the power wealth has there.


    6) I don't think the differences between the states are as large as you are implying. All need more infrastructure spending, better wages and worker protections and better environmental protections. Obviously all power should not reside in a centralized government and the elimination of corporate power and influence would be just as beneficial to currently existing state and local governments as it would be on a federal level.


    7) Dem Socs and Socialists in general argue for a strong democratic state. I am not an anarchist and am not able to properly represent their views.


    8) I assume you are talking of the problems of Stalinist type communist states? Avoiding the accumulation of power by individuals and balancing the power of different democratic institutions is important here. I would never advocate for state unions or a one party state.