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  1. On 11/8/2016 at 0:35 PM, cornchip said:

    Thing is, crossruff, that's basically the same story as the chess episode. They would have to get on someone who would do it differently. And at least with chess, Michael is a fan. I don't think any panelists really get Bridge so an episode about the game would be more of the 'polite interview' type.


    The solution to this of course is for everyone to extensively learn bridge.  (So I don't have to and then I can listen to it explained in such a way that tells me why the newspaper bridge column reads to me like secret WWII allied spy messages)

  2. It took me yeeeeeeeeears to finish Witcher One.  I enjoyed it but always got sidelined / sidetracked spent days away from it and lost the thread....and it always happened around chapter 3 or so.   I only just beat it a few months back.


    Had a similar experience with Fallout 3, still haven't finished New Vegas, or Fallout 4, or Skyrim.  When I say finished I mean I never get to the end of the main plot even though it wouldn't take that long.  I just become Hero Hunter man spending all his time gathering things for his house.  And now Skyrim remaster exists for me to do stupid things like print out a list of all of the books and try to assemble a personal library like my Elven Archer is some mindful scholar.


    For me my biggest hurdle is always, can I play this game all the way to the end without breaking off to do some other fun thing, and big epic expansive RPGs are a nightmare for keeping me on track and focused.


    I did outright quit Tharsis because despite knowing exactly what it was I thought "I'm sure I can handle that level of unfair bullshine."  Fun fact.  Apparently I can't.

  3. As someone who thought he was on the other side of the political fence* all I can say is.  "I am so sorry for anything and everything that happens in the next 4 years."


    I say 'thought' because while I might be personally conservative**, I voted for Clinton in a rust belt state that hadn't gone for a Republican since 1988, and still did***.   I looked around at the people I knew and apparently I personally knew the sum total of right leaning people who were actually on the NeverTrump train.  I naively thought that number was much more substantial.  And I have frankly spent  the last 24 hours dumbfounded.  (With at least 6 hours aided by scotch)


    *I suggested once that that political fence had moved 50 yards behind me at some point.   I believe that maybe it has moved 50 miles from where I thought it was.

    **well personally conservative as in failed to vote for the republicans last time as well.....and changed voter registration to independent two elections before that........hmmm I'm bad at being a I actually a blue dog democrat that doesn't realize it?

    *** I can speak to one personal experience I did have and that was hearing the couple behind me in line, discuss voting as 'why bother, its not going to matter, let's just go' and I keep looking at there being 7 million less votes than 2012.  I can grasp going to the polls and doing a write in, or third party as a protest vote....but 7 million people each making the individual decision that the right to vote wasn't a burden they felt like dealing with is troubling.  (Even with any kind of voter suppression, that doesn't explain that many millions of votes compared to 2012.)

  4. Just finished Bravely Default, which I think took all the best parts of final fantasys 1 through 9.  (And finally gave me the job system game I wanted all of that time.)


    Really enjoyed it.


    (Praline in Boss battles aside.  Mrgrgr.)

  5. Hello all,


    Long time listener first time caller.  Stumbled upon all of this about a year or so ago and I've listened from the beginning of the archive to current.  (As all right thinking persons do with podcasts that they can listen to at work)


    Gameswise I've been playing games since I could figure out how to work my parents Intellivision.  (B-17 Bomber FTW.)