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  1. Hello,


    I just released an adventure game I've been working on for a while called Abney Park.

    It's a short game about taking a walk through a park/ cemetery in London.

    Some of you might have seen the game I made for the latest Wizard Jam, Super Pools n' Ghosts. It's similar in style to that but a bit larger in scope.

    There may also be some ghosts in this game.

    It's free on for anyone who would like to play it!

    I'd love to hear your feedback if you do!



  2. 2 hours ago, Henke said:

    Yup, it works! Very nice and eerie game. :)


    Only bugs I found was that if you're walking when you start talking to someone you keep on walking, and if you walk next to the door on the left the camera clips through the wall. Oh, and I had to Alt+F4 to quit, you should include a proper quit function.


    Also, one last technical note on the Win build: the 2 .pdb files in the folder are debug files(Unity always includes these). They're not needed for the game, so if you delete them before zipping you can cut down the size by quite a few MB's.

    Thank you, this is really helpful!

  3. Thanks for the great feedback guys!

    I think my game is done, only thing thats annoying me is the flickering UI in this gif.

    Not sure why its happening, seems to only happen when 2 or more animated pieces of UI are displayed.

    But at this point I think I'll just tag it as 'known: shippable' :)


  4. 12 hours ago, brendonsmall said:

    Ooooh I love how the UI is 2D but in world space and how the character walks away from it. So nice! :)

    Thanks! Its my first time ever doing UI for a game, I'm having fun with it. Theres stuff that just isn't possible in other mediums. Its also much easier than figuring out how to make a start screen (just had to place a few sprites in the game) so really its just because I'm lazy :)

  5. 21 minutes ago, RubixsQube said:

    So, after messing around a bunch with Unity last night, I have some questions. I recognize that these questions are things that like, indicate that I don't know what I am doing. I don't. I'm not a game developer at all. I'm just a person who has some ideas and I want to manifest those ideas, perhaps through Unity.


    Do you have to add everything in a given scene individually? Like, in what I've done (shown in the shots/gifs above), I've had to go and manually add individual cubes and cylinders and rectangular prisms and planes. I even went to the asset store to see what that was all about and added a few buildings from some buildings asset pack. But that seems like perhaps it's not really the way I want to go. Presumably people use some other program to generate objects and settings, right? That seems like a heck of a lot of work. 


    Is it cool to go and raid the asset store for things, for this game jam? Is there a limit to the amount of stuff you can put into a given scene? 


    Again, forgive the fact that these questions sound like they are from someone who probably shouldn't be making games. I have mostly just been spending time trying to figure out how to get it so that you can look around while you're pulled around an area. 



    People generally make their 3D assets in programs like Blender or Maya and import them to Unity. They can be intimidating especially if you've never used a 3D program before, it might be a bit much to try to learn one of these programs on top of Unity in a two week game jam. I don't think theres any shame in just raiding the Unity store! And I'm sure there are plenty of talented modelers on the forums that can help as well!


  6. My first proper video game. I've played around in unity before but never built anything from start to finish.

    Planning on making a really simple game where you walk around at a swimming pool and talk to ghosts.

    If it goes well I may add a hamburger mode (idle thumbs episode 280).