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  1. Does anyone play Bounden? It's super good. It has the same spaceteam effect of making you look like an idiot in a group.

    It's also out on Android now.

    (I wish this was just a general mobile gaming thread, since the overall traffic in here is low.)

  2. To what source do you go to find reviews and info about good* iOS and Android games?

    *no onscreen joysticks, FTP crap, overly drawn out experiences. I find extended play sessions on tablets and phones uncomfortable.

    Places like Toucharcade tend to cover everything. I need

  3. For the "combos" it only happens during the "stop time" period.

    I'm loving the game, but I'm still figuring out the balance between doing combos and running away while I recharge. When running away the slow movement speed is a tiny hassle.

    Overall, the first hour is fantastic.

  4. Hi,

    I've listened to Thumbs close to a few years, close to post-kickstarter time. This podcast has coincided and contributed to my growing interest in game development.

    I've half-heatedly lurked the forum for a few months. I think I already internet-know some people here from a different forum.

    I mostly play PC and Nintendo games in my fleeting free time.