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  1. I have conquered East, North, and West in that order. Time to go south and finish it?

    I love this game so much. A few upgrades and a mind sharpened to pick up on enemy behaviors, so good. In the West I was clearing many areas with no hits. I only brag because I'm usually not good at action games like this. I don't know what's different here.

  2. In continuing to plug away at Card Crawl, trying to unlock all the cards.

    I think I might lose steam before I'm finished.

    Anyone else play? Very well done solitaire card dungeon crawler thing.

  3. After playing a few minutes of HM: Friends of Mineral Town (too small screen, DS Lite buttons uncomfortable to hold down shoulders) and HM: Magical Melody (SD is UGLY on my 55' TV and I can't find my NGC MEMORY card) I finally caved and bought this.

    I'm glad I did. The graphics are gorgeous and the controls on a 360 pad are glorious. The use of the right stick for menus is good. This will be my new chill out game.

  4. It's real good. It's built up a good assortment of DL only games to complement the usual AAA Mario, Zelda, Pokemon etc.


    The eye tracking 3D actually makes the feature worthwhile for the first time in my opinion. I'm finally (finally!) going to beat Zelda: Link Between Worlds and the looking down into a 3D toybox feeling is fantastic.

  5. I have Steam codes for



    Star Wars KOTOR 1


    Typical qualifications of 50 posts and nice person apply. DM me!


    PS Duet is one of my favorite games from the past few years. 

    I subscribed and unsubscribed to Humble Monthly! They didn't take away my 12$ charge! Enjoy some games at my expense. Oh well, Volume, Titan Souls and Alien: Isolation will get some play. Here are the duplicates I have



    Broken Age

  6. I suspended my disbelief long enough such that the actual reveal of what Ned was up to out there made logical sense, but my main issue was that it didn't really impact me all that much. It sets up a Lost-style mystery, and in the end, it's not really that mysterious at all. It makes perfect sense, but it is a bit anticlimactic.

    Part of my problem was that I didn't really connect with Brian. I was looking for something bigger than Brian, so I sort of glossed over the stories Delilah told, just taking them more as world-building than as a core plot point. So when I discovered his hideout, it was neat, and it made sense in the context of his character, but I just couldn't tell if I should be paying more attention to it or not. When I discovered his body, it didn't really affect me all that much. "Oh, I guess I was supposed to be paying more attention to this guy and not trying to invent wild theories in my head". I didn't get enough of a chance to connect with Ned to care about his motivations.

    I think, ultimately, my biggest problem was that Delilah was fascinating to me, so I spent most of my time thinking about her character and sort of skipping over the other details. Cissy Jones' voice acting was top-shelf, and the chemistry between Henry and Delilah was magnificent. To me, most things happening in the game that weren't interactions between Henry and Delilah were just simply not as interesting as their conversations. I actively looked forward to every chance I had to radio her, because I wanted to hear the conversation.

    I tried to rationalize it as the mystery being incidental to H&D's interactions, because that's what I was really interested in, but the mystery took centre stage. Something that ultimately ended up being not all that outlandish tried to compete with wonderful characters and dialogue.

    I don't want to sound too harsh. I really enjoyed the game a lot. It's beautiful, it's well-written, clearly well-designed, and I found a lot to which I could relate in H&D. The ending was unsatisfying, but in the right way - it really parallels some of my own experiences, and while I wanted a happy ending for H&D, it's increasingly obvious as the game goes on that getting that will be difficult, if not impossible. H&D aren't good people, so they don't necessarily deserve a happy, or even satisfying ending, just because I, the player, really want one. Everything about the ending made perfect sense to me. I felt hollow afterward, but I imagine that's not dissimilar from how Henry would have felt.

    Reading through this thread and others, it's amazing how much I missed.

    This post sums up my feelings almost word for word, especially the second paragraph about Brian.

  7. I feel like an inflection point with the accessibility of first-person controls is Minecraft, which has ensured tons of kids today know how to use WASD/dual analog controls. It would probably be nice if conflict-free first-person games like Gone Home and The Witness included simpler controls when possible, but I'm guessing the next generation is going to intuitively understand first-person movement the way the previous one intuitively understands platform game controls.

    This is an excellent point. However, I feel like the audience ceiling for these story games is potentially large. I hope developers can break into a larger audience. It's going to be an uphill climb for the general public not to immediately associate video games with violence exclusively.

  8. I got this a few days after Xmas and really like it! I'm going through the thread and adding folks. I'm graddy online.

    Did this game do well for Nintendo? To the standard they need for a AAA game? I really want to see Nintendo receive positive reinforcement for taking a risk and being creative.

  9. I just finished it. I really liked how it didn't gloss over the struggles they went through, particularly

    the conflict between the optimistic wife and more doubtful husband.


    I found the imagery very affecting

    Cancer = briars and brambles. Drowning in the water. etc.


    The one part I didn't like was

    the Go-Kart race. Finding out at the end that the prizes you were collecting were chemotherapy drugs was a gut punch. I wanted them to have one moment in the game that was joyful without a background of sadness. But hey, maybe that's how it felt, pretending to be happy at this party on this bittersweet day of discharge from the clinic


    I'm a Christian and have really been turned off by the perspective that there's always an answer to every question. Cliche religious sayings do more harm than good especially to those grieving.

  10. I came up behind Chris on a bus in Seattle on the way to PAX for the panel! I learned that the best time to say hi is definitely not when they are fumbling for their wallet to pay bus fare.

    There seems to be a pattern here. Or Chris just uses public transit a lot.