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  1. You are the infamous cat burglar Slyboots, and you've been forced out of retirement because copycats are making a mockery of your legacy. Show them who the real Slyboots is! Use the arrows key or gamepad to move, collect the treasure and exit. But which one are you? Better late than never. This is far afield of what I originally came up with, but at least it's playable. What's fun is that each level is defined by a single tile in Pico-8 memory, so I can easily create more rooms. https://lokno.itch.io/slyboots Here's the lexaloffle.com page so you can download the cart if you want to see the source: http://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=28158
  2. [RELEASE] Real Slyboots

    You might have to left click inside the Pico8 canvas to give it focus. You use the arrow keys to move in the game and those will get you past the title screen.
  3. Hello! I'm working solo on my own game for the jam, based on the title of Idle Thumbs episode 267, Real Slyboots. Premise: You are the infamous cat burglar Slyboots, and you've been forced out of retirement because a copycat Slyboots is at large, making a mess of your legacy. Gameplay: Single screen stealth game where you return stolen items to their rightful places, fix knocked over furniture, turn back on security systems, etc. Working in Pico-8, I'll post me as I get further along.
  4. [Dev Log] Real Slyboots

    Welp I wasn't able to make the deadline. Had a real design block on this, and then just started power through at the end. I think I'll keep plugging away on what I've got this week and post the result. Here's a current screenshot, it has become something very different then what I had proposed, heh. The objective is to figure out which one you're controlling and then beat the AIs.
  5. [Dev Log] Real Slyboots

    Welp I didn't get started on this until pretty late so hopefully I'm going to have a real productive Sunday. Here's the current attract screen:
  6. Idle Thumbs Wizard Meet 2016 at PAX West

    Woot! I'll be there!
  7. Oops! I never made a release page for our Winter Wizard Jam 2015 entry! I'm Not Santa https://itch.io/jam/winter-wizard-jam/rate/47024 You play as a shitty wizard who just wants to drink his coffee in peace, but children keep mistaking him for Santa! Press Z to shoot an ice blast. You receive points if you can remain still long enough to take a sip. And for turning kids into snowmen, for some reason. That probably shouldn't be encouraged. Game over if a kid gets to you and goes on and on about what they want for Christmas. Created in Pico-8 Dev Team ----------------- Jonathan Decker (me!) Ben Stryker
  8. Hello! My friends and I are working on our own nublar. You have likely seen some other nublars in the works (here and here), but we plan to totally disrupt the growing nublar market. We are deconstructing the nublar to its very core. It's like Uber, but for Nublar. In our game you play as John Hammond, sitting alone sadly eating ice cream, daydreaming about what could have been as your best intentions crumble around you. Your greatest dream is to build the nublar, and while this attempt is looking rather grim, NEXT time you'll have control. For the time being, you're talking control of your life by sampling as much premium ice cream (spared no expense) as possible before it melts. The game is over when Ellie Sattler enters to extinguish your last dim hopes of success. Devs: Jonathan Decker, Ben Stryker, and Katie Stryker
  9. Update: Unfortunately, "Build The Nublar : John Hammond's Ice Cream Panic" is officially canceled. After the deadline, life happened and we were unable to find the time to adequately finish it. And to be perfectly honest I feel like we lost the plot, both literally and figuratively. We did however create a game for last year's Winter Wizard Jam, please enjoy: I'm Not Santa : https://www.idlethumbs.net/forums/topic/10952-release-im-not-santa/ Looking forward to the jam stream, and future jams! Thanks so much to the Idle Thumbs community organizers.
  10. Welp, unfortunately we don't have build we can submit in time so I guess we're out unless there is an extension. We'll keep working on it tonight and post the result tho. I didn't realize the deadline was 7pm EST. ^^;
  11. Oh my gosh yes, I was so stoked to see your team's progress, it's amazing.
  12. [Dev Log] Build The Nublar

    That interface is screen perfect, hot damn. So glad you guys joined the fun. May the best nublar win.
  13. Lots more assets and UI. It's a balance game where you have to maintain a rate of consumption between not missing out on ice cream before it melts and not eating so fast you get an ice cream headache. You know just like in the movie.
  14. Progress! We've got some assets together and we're working on logic. When we first imported John Hammond into Unity (J-Hams as we're calling him internally) he appeared blue. Turns out this was a compression issue and we needed to use true color, but also helped us brainstorm a mechanic where if you eat too fast you get an ice cream headache.
  15. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Hello, trying to make a last minute thing with a friend! We're working on another nublar.
  16. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Let's do this thing!
  17. Walking in a WINTER WIZARD JAM

    I love to skew comedic!
  18. Hello! I'm a programmer, mostly C/C++ but I know a mix of other languages like python, javascript, lua, squirrel, etc. I've also done a bunch with graphics, and I can write hlsl/glsl/cg shaders if need be. I'm considering working alone on a pico-8 game for this jam, but if there's a team I'm a good fit for I'd be interested in getting involved.
  19. Super Mario Maker

    Hello! I made a few levels I think are worth playing! Koopa's Dizzy Daze 2.0 (FD3C-0000-0048-7D65) New Super Mario Brothers stage where you need to keep pace with a spinning koopa shell the whole way. The Secret Boo Fortune (23BB-0000-0063-8425) A tricky boo house that requires you to solve a puzzle to clear it. Koopa Logic 2.0 (42A0-0000-0059-3FEE) This one is a little odd. It's not a traditional level, it's a 2-bit adder made using Mario Maker. What that means is that it can add any two numbers between 0-3 and it will produce the resulting sum in goombas. It's a little tricky to work, since it uses spinning koopa shells as bits and they will simply disappear when out of view. So there's a series of p-switches you have to hit in order that gate the shells. Instructions: You select the numbers in binary by hitting question mark blocks. There are four blocks you can hit, two for each number in pairs. Hit the blocks to select the numbers you want to add, and THEN hit the first p-switch, waiting there for the timer to run out. Move forward until you see the next p-switch and repeat. You need to wait for the timer to run out near each p-switch you hit. When you hit the last p-switch you should see goombas appear out of question mark blocks. The number of goombas is the answer. Hope you like my levels! Here's some art I did for the boo house:
  20. Haha, episode titles, what a fun theme. I'm not sure I can commit to this but I'll interested to see what people create. Good luck, everybody!
  21. That is pretty incredible. There's real terror baked into that executable, you can taste it.
  22. Hello everybody! Not sure I've posted here before. I was watching the Idle Thumbs stream of Far Cry 2, and they were idly postulating whether they could stream themselves playing Far Cry 2 with the Oculus Rift, but have the gameplay stream itself look normal, and not the lens corrected two eye distorted dealie. I wrote to them, initially to explain it could be possible, but in researching my answer I started to figure out how to do it in practice. The Vireio Perception driver creates a directx 9 proxy to hijack the API calls coming out of a dx9 game and present it to the viewer in stereoscopic 3D and warped for viewing in the Oculus. This works for a variety of games, including Far Cry 2. This is the driver that made playing Skyrim in the Oculus Rift possible, if not a little awkward. Its not perfect, but it's the only way OR support will come to some of these titles. So before long I had a lengthy explanation of how to go about playing Far Cry 2 with a Oculus Rift, with some adjustments to the Perception driver to add additional views to the output which were undistorted. Trouble is, I made some mistakes, and didn't actually test it with the game before I sent them the details. Long story short, what I sent along is vary unusable. So I decided to come here and enlist some help from others with the Oculus Rift Dev Kits who would like to help me figure this out. There are two main issues I haven't worked out: 1) creating an entry in Perception\cfg\profiles.xml which make Far Cry 2 work well with the Oculus Rift, and 2) to design an effect file which correctly maps the eyes to the Rift, while also presenting undistorted views to the other monitors in an NVIDIA Surround configuration. I attached my draft instructions and HLSL shader which goes into Perception\fx The main idea here is to set up a virtual device spanning multiple monitors and then put undistorted views to the right the distorted ones directed at the OR headset. My current shader crops to 1/3 of the resolution but that's some serious tunnel vision. There is an attribute aspect_multiplier in the configuration files, but this variable isn't actually used in the source code. Work in progress, I guess. Thanks in advance. farcry_rift_instructions.txt SideBySideRiftStreamdotfx.txt
  23. Streaming and the Oculus Rift

    Heh, yeah. That's actually the point of what I'm trying to do; while the OR player will see the distorted views, the viewers of the stream will see a normal fps view, as you would in any other game stream.
  24. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello y'all. I'm Jonathan Decker, but Lokno is my sweet internet handle. Been listening to the Idle Thumbs podcast for a spell and I thought I'd look around the forums. I'm a thirty year old excited about games, and interested in programming them, for some insane reason.