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  1. A gotta go fest.


    Anyway about the base system thing it's cool to see which cultures developed numbers from counting on their fingers versus dividing the day into twos or threes. Any other people speak a language with weird units?

  2. I hate measuring things in inches.  12 in. = 1 ft.  What a fucking dumb system.

    I read somewhere (might've been "What is Math" or something along those lines) that a lot of old measurement systems were derived from groups of 12 units because it's a highly divisible finger-and-toes countable number, and the fact that in English we have unique words up to twelve (then it's thir-teen, four-teen) is an artifact of that. Also French goes up to "dix-sept" with unique names for numbers, implying a similar situation with units of 16.


    Edit: ah yeah it was "What is Mathematics" by Richard Courant

  3. Watching the high school boys nichijou. I'm experiencing an astounding amount of conflicted feelings over hating the predictability of the jokes and the quality of the animation and liking the timing and acting a bunch. It feels like it just narrowly crosses the threshold and I'm watching the rest because of insane Stockholm syndrome.

    But haha holy shit the literary girl segments. I also like how the girls in this are depicted either as horrible forces of nature or sadists.

    I don't like that the show is interspersed with horrible 2000s era manufactured punk rock.

  4. Excited to be participating in a jam this weekend! I've got an idea that I wanna share/open up for suggestions:

    It's basically bird luftrausers where you can fight other birds and catch fish.

    It takes place at a lake where weird species of animal have been isolated. You control a species of bird that can only lay one egg but can mate with any bird and thus must survive long enough to find a mate and continue your line. You have specific traits that govern how you perform while flying, scavenging, hunting, and mating, such as wingspan, beak length, color, and size. The goal of the game is to survive a year and make it to spring so you can mate with another bird, producing a unique but evolutionary set of traits. You can control how the species develops by choosing your mate every year.

    I really want to play with the kinds of polymorphism afforded by an ECS in gameplay. It's all super vague and kind of weird but I think it's within my skill level...I hope.

    I've kind of cheated by setting up a little bit of code I made earlier, stuff like the ECS, the physics system, the ui system. All that needs to be done at this point is the art, a buncha gameplay code, and AI steering behavior stuff. Gonna post here as it progresses.

    First project in Haxe/Luxe!

  5. Ah I didn't mean to make an assumption about the ethnicity of the creators. I didn't mean to speak generally, but it was still a pretty crass thing to say. Sorry bout that.


    But what I mean is that in the context of western studios adding non-western perspectives to their games in non-western settings, unless extensive research or incredible care is taken with creating the characters the creators have to go out on a limb to fully flesh out an accurate, non-problematic representation of the character. It doesn't mean that his ethnicity carries any less weight, it just means that the quality of the representation has great potential to be compromised. I'm probably giving the creators too little credit though.


    I also know very little about Far Cry 4 but if the original cover and the main villain from the previous game are any indication, this villain character is going to be depicted as a despotic, sadistic, violent human being, so how his ethnicity is handled does matter a bunch. Sean wasn't saying (???? I'm not Sean so this is what I thought he was saying ????) that the ethnicity itself doesn't matter, I think he was saying that the quality of the representation has little to do with it and speaking of the character as if he were a real person (in which case the quality of the representation is 100%, cause he'd be a real person) is glazing over the fact that he has to be squeezed out by a different perspective...maybe.


    I'm probably overthinking it, but...

  6. Sean: this comment you made nagged at me, and I would be interested for you to expound on it. Discussing Pagan Min (FC4 antagonist), you said it didn't matter that he was Asian because he was a made up person. That immediately made me wonder why then such a big deal's made out of all the white man video game characters, because they're just made up people. Obviously there's a very, very good reason people make a big deal out of all the white dudes in video games, so I was surprised to hear you say that in such a cavalier way. He's the ruler/king of this faux Himalayan country that has ties to the region. Of course it matters that he's Asian. Am I taking this completely out of context?

    I feel like his point was that the ethnic context could simply be something you tack on to cheaply add context to a story, and never actually let it mesh thematically in the way that you describe. If he were a real person then his ethnicity alone carries weight, but because he's fictional and strained through the perspectives of probably white people, there's no guarantee.

  7. The biggest question for me is, since you've clearly taken to the "slice-of-life but a little weird" subgenre, whether you'll go for full mundane like Minami-ke or for complete left-field weirdness like Girls und Panzer and Upotte!! at the end of the day.

    Hmm...I feel like the thing I liked about nichijou was that it was all about short, standalone visual/verbal gags without too much fluff (like whole segments of jokeless/pointless conversation or animation focused on moe). The slice of life elements felt kind of incidental to my enjoyment, like they're the comedic foil backdrop for the wacky crap that goes on. I dunno, recommendations along those lines feels like having someone who liked Armstrong and Miller watch Sherlock just cause there's British people in it.

    That said I don't want to seem ungrateful, haha. Y'all know more about this than me.

  8. Justin, actually there are times when I can't tell if I'm imagining something or if I'm seeing it. Just a vague sense of unfamiliarity and distance.


    You know that Understanding Comics thing where people perceive things symbolically, structurally, or abstractly? I'm experiencing (it's waning now) reality as a totally abstract canvas of shapes and colors without any connections.


    I usually get around 4-12 hours of sleep, depending on how busy the next day is. It's really screwing me up.


    For example I forgot that bamboo chutes were a thing just now.

  9. My mom did the egg thing too. As far as I could tell they were just put in raw, shell and all to simmer with the meat. Along with some other thing I can't remember to soak up the oil from the meat. I'm the worst.