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  1. Not at all, I'm here with you (would you like a game on DGS or OGS?).


    Great show, and I'd like to +1 about Michal being one of best panelists (guests?) on Three Moves Ahead. Please have him on more regularly!



    If you are ever thinking about doing a show on "Go in 2016" (and there's a LOT to talk about just now given the huge AI developments), then I can suggest a couple of people who would make great guests (Dwyrin, who streams on twitch/youtube and also does Let's Play of Civ and TW games, so would dovetail with 3MA's core audience) and Haylee (a professional Korean who has her own youtube channel too). [Andrew Jackson and Nick Sibicky would also be great].



    This episode did make me want to go play some chess. Sadly, I first need to get to 1dan with Go before I can consider learning another deep game, and that's taking a while!


    More shows like this please!

    Also a Go guy here. A Go show would be nice. Those suggestions for guests would probably be great :) Crazy stone was just released on Steam for those interested in playing against a good AI. Maybe not for a total beginner and the price is very high...