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  1. I agree with cast-Nick (not about Flappy Bird being a secret terrorist, but about what sort of reaction I anticipate I'd have if I fell into a pool of money and e-wrath).


    Jazzpunk sounds not terrible! I didn't realize it was released until hearing about it on this pod-cast. If I were not on the verge of becoming The Busiest Man for a while and also if I hadn't spent my discretionary funds on a Baconator >_<, I would consider watching a trailer and weighing a purchasing decision in my mind! (It is encouraging that none of the wackiness Jake mentioned was CRUDE WACKINESS and maybe the whole game adheres to those quality standards?)

  2. This is a fun thread. I approve. *approve*


    I'm currently tinkering around with a javascript-based tool for creating and navigating branching dialogue trees with various conditions. I'm sure lots of things like that exist already, but soon there might be one more. If it ends up being awesome I will share it. =P Also, branching dialogue trees are gross.

  3. I'm currently reading Ivanhoe, and so far I have two major observations:


    1) It's got Robin Hood in! Who knew?! I bet Sir Walter Scott would get a lot more people to read his book if he changed the name to "Ivanhoe: A Robin Hood Story".


    2) The bad guys in this book are ridiculously dedicated to the craft of being bad guys.

  4. Are people still making FPSes where your character wheezes and swoons after sprinting for 20 seconds? Because I wouldn't mind seeing that mechanic relegated to, not retirement, but at least some kind of special-case consulting position. =P (I'm about 5 years behind on shooter-games though though so maybe this isn't a thing anymore).

  5. The only truly comprehensive Objective Review of a game is the game itself, which contains all possible information about the game including all the pixels and the credits. Unfortunately most games don't include a review score and so aren't very useful in this capacity. Developers perhaps should release their game with a review score at the end of the credits.

  6. The Spelunky stream is basically just free. I'd be doing the Daily Challenge every day even if I didn't stream it. It's not coming at the expense of other games; I've been out of town playing the game on a Bootcamped Mac laptop for the past week anyway. I'd be happy to stream other stuff if other Thumbs want to, and I think that may become more feasible in the coming months, but right now it hasn't been super practical for us.


    Yeah, I figured the Spelunky stream was coming out of a different pool of time than the rest of life ^_^ (I have a similar pool of time for Desktop Dungeons, apparently). In any case, I will wait for the next Golden Age of Thumb Streams, or perhaps a Silver Age is fine, because during the Golden Age you were creating more hours of content than I actually had time to watch. =P


    Apropos of nothing: I hear Pikmin 2 Versus Mode is pretty good.

  7. Nothing (or thereabouts) against the daily spelunky, but it would be most diverting to see a new game pop up on the feed. Most of my favorite twitch.television episodes are when all-you-all try out a game you've never played before, embarking on a magical and interesting journey of discovery in the company of your friend Chat. Even if you cannot assemble the whole group, I've enjoyed the rare singleplayer streams too (I sort of hoped that "Grim Nick Breckon Plays Games That Come With Windows" was going to become a series, and even the Shadowrun episode was a fun way to discover that I probably didn't want to play that game).


    You may of course play and broadcast whatever software product interactions you so desire, but I encourage you to chase the horizon of your dreams into uncharted worlds of astonishing adventure, for my fleeting amusement.

  8. Hmm, I didn't realize until just now that the game is being released in two acts. I will put it back in the Unfinished Bin (the bin itself is finished, but its contents are not) and pay attention it to it again after Act 2 is ultimately released. When I start playing an adventure game, I like to know that it will be possible for me to beat it and see the ending, even if the entire development team is eaten by voles tomorrow night.

  9. Hey, OGR reviewed my currently-favorite game! Desktop Dungeons.

    I'm surprised it doesn't mention the intermittent cloud-syncing annoyances though. Maybe I'm the only one who has that problem.


    Also hey I wrote that review.


    Edit: Furthermore, I just ran an Objective Game Review through a text-to-speech reader and it was very amusing and helpful in eliminating any residual traces of subjectivity that I as a reader was projecting onto the words.

  10. Good website, I like the China Rising review especially. It gives me the information I need about the content available for purchase should I ever find myself having already purchased the base Battlefield 4 game. I'm confused about why they programmed the expansion pack to be worth fewer instead of more rating points, though. That seems like going backwards.


    P.S. One small problem with your website is that I tried appending /wizard to the URL and received neither secret content, nor secret discounts.

  11. I would also recommend Goblins Quest 3 (that's a link to Goblins 1, 2 and 3 on GOG -- I don't know if the first two are any good; I played #1 but got stumped somewhere around the first screen ^_^). I'm not sure if Goblins Quest 3 is widely well-regarded but when I played as a youth I thought it was pretty phenomenal. It's perhaps most noteworthy as an example of how to keep an adventure game feeling "fresh" from beginning to end. It's good at giving you imaginative and varied scenes to make the game feel different even when the mechanics aren't changing (for instance, one screen you must solve is a giant's face). It will also occasionally grant you new powers or put you in the shoes of a different character, which tends to reveal a whole new perspective (and new puzzles) on some old familiar scene. Also it is cheery and looks quite nice, and all the voices sound like "bow bik boo bik bow, boo".


    (Disclaimer, I haven't played it in years, all of these thoughts and memories are possibly heavily rose-tinted =).


    Re: programming, when first starting out there are sure to be lots of times where you look back at something you wrote a few hours ago and think, "What a fool I was in those days!" An encouraging indicator of progress ^_^ and as long as you don't spend too much time reworking things and obsessing with perfection, it's nice to be able to apply all that newfound knowledge (either by fixing up shaky foundations, or starting with a clean slate and tryings things differently on the next project).

  12. That thing about a procedurally generated world seeming more like a Real Place because it wasn't all hand-designed is exactly the opposite of the way I think about it -- procedural generation is an impressive technology to me, but if I happen to know that a landscape was generated procedurally, it feels false and hollow. This is mitigated somewhat if I still get a sense that a person was quality-checking the generated maps or doing a final real-person pass. (So the addition of biomes in Minecraft helped a little, and something like Sir You Are Being Hunted where you can see the little personal details they made sure to work into the algorithms helps even more). If I play something that's fully hand-designed it feels more exciting and living to me, except in the sense that I know it's bound to be pretty finite and I'm not looking forward to bumping up against the edges of it.

  13. I believe that's the case, apart from the one time and never meeting again.


    Yeah, I've just been on a grousing spree (spurred on by hearing about that show "Elementary") for the past few weeks about how one of the things that make Moriarty and Irene Adler great in the originals is that they show up and do their thing and disappear like proper short-story antagonists instead of lingering around and becoming recurring characters like most Sherlock Holmes remakes try to make them do! And the Irene Adler remark on the cast reminded me of that again. =)


    But that's not about Games, so, um...hey guys remember that game with creepy Watson?