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  1. So people actually use Steam as a kind of "gamer facebook"?


    Huh...bizarre. But I guess anyplace with a friends list and a profile page can be shoehorned into that mold if its creators try hard enough.


    I got a card and sold it right away for $0.44, but I can't decide if I feel more than $0.44 worth of silly for participating. I think it's alright though. When I got done rolling my eyes the money was still there.

  2. Maaaan, to be honest, this game looked pretty boring to me for a long time. Not because I hate this kind of game, because the concept is right up my alley... More because it just looks kind of like the core mechanics aren't very interesting? But the way everyone keeps talking about it makes me want to just play it. UGH. U:


    Did you play the demo? It's plenty long enough to get a feel for whether or not you can tolerate the basic fighting system.

  3. i still can't exactly figure out exactly what you mean by progress through failure, do you mean games that ignore your failure (in the cave you can die but instantly respawn) or where you gain things by failing (rouge legacy and the shop) ?


    The latter, certainly. The former is pretty much just a quickload, which they refer to as being the uninteresting / standard way of handling failure. I don't know that you even necessarily need to *gain* by failing, I think it's more the idea that your "failure" (whatever that means) doesn't end the game or require a restart, but instead just puts you in...a different situation. (I'm forgetting the name of at least one game that lets you play as a survivor in a tribe of people, and if that survivor dies you just start playing as one of the other tribespeople, with the world affected by everything you did as the last guy...)


    Man, such a long conversation about dating sims and win conditions, and no mention of Save The Date?


    I thought of that too, but wouldn't classify the win condition situation in Save the Date to really be related to dating at all. Definitely fits with the progress-through-failure discussion, tough!

    P.S. I thought that game was silly.

  4. So, how is it that the gold you have on your body when you die in the depths of the evil castle also becomes the gold your children inherit?


    The only thing I can think of is, maybe the kids tie a long rope around their parent's leg and if the rope stops moving for a couple of days, they pull the body out and take the gold and armor and scribbled last words back to the family mansion. Kind of like the high priest of Israel with the string around his ankle, only a much longer string.

  5. Loose and sloppy.

    That's what I found too. I can see an interesting game in there but I got sidetracked by silly stuff like being able to hit enemies that were slightly above me, but not ones that were slightly below me.


    I'll probably try it again soon, on a day where I'm not feeling so persnickety.

  6. P.S. Do you care if the game produced by the engine is cross-platform or not? I think part of the reason things were so hard for me is that I didn't want an engine that only made Windows-compatible games, and so my expectations of everything being wrapped in a handy .exe were continually disappointed. =P


    Edit: I just remembered I had some moderately good success with "Panda3D" which is a free game engine initially developed for Disney's 2005(?) Pirates of the Caribbean MMORPG. I was actually able to get it up and running. =P I think it was mainly built for use with Python, but has C++ as a secondary option for most of the things you might care to do (and has C++ versions of the tutorials too, if I recall correctly). I don't remember why I stopped using it, I think it was mainly some annoyances with the Blender exporter to their custom ".egg" files -- but if you're already comfortable with 3d graphics stuff that might not bother you so much. :)

  7. Disclaimer: this post is full of largely ignorant complaints by a C++ noob. =P


    If you're already something of a programmer, the main issue with trying to learn C++ is all of the annoying linking of libraries and stuff. The problem with 3d Engines in C++ is that their tutorials always start this way:


    "Download these source files and use MAKE to build the project from source (because you totally know how to do that already), then import into your favorite C++ IDE (because you have one) and set up these 32 project properties and build paths and environment variables and linked libraries (I know you could do that in your sleep, tutorial-reader!). Good to go? Okay, here's how to make a game..."


    Not that I blame them -- it's just a side effect of being an ancient programming language with hundreds of slightly different versions. =P Or maybe I'm just dumb about it, but I always get stuck on just getting the darn things installed and never get to the actual "using the engine" part, and then I give up and go look at Java engines like JME3.


    So my advice to you would be that you should make "Ease of Installation" a high priority in your search for C++ engines -- and let me know when/if you find one. ;)

  8. You mean a "Queen of Spain" mod?


    "For Castile!" "Bow to your sovereign!" "Conquistadors, ride!"


    Oh golly; that would be ideal.

    There are probably a lot of other characters that could stand similar mods to some extent -- you could do a whole monarch lineup. Makes the Lords Management moniker just a shade more literal. ^_^

  9. It's weird when people seek free codes for a game that is currently on sale for potentially a fraction of one penny. (Well, weird unless those people don't have any method of online payment available). Is it just for to get a Steam key?

  10. I just defeated Back To The Future: The Game. It was good! It was also the first Telltale game I've played since Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. As I was playing it I was continually thinking about how I could understand any criticisms leveled at the game's control scheme, linearity, predictable patterns and general cutscene-y-ness -- and yet I devoured all five episodes like a tasty cake. I was impressed by how enjoyable it was even for someone who never saw the movie. 1930's was a mighty fine choice of starting era.