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  1. Last night I tried to wake up my wife who had fallen asleep on the couch.


    "Time to go to bed," says I.


    "I can't..." mumbles she.




    "There' room."


    "What? Yes there is, the dogs are in their cages," I reply, thinking she must be dreaming that the dogs wouldn't get off the bed or something.


    "No, there's There's no room."


    After a moment of confusion, realization struck me. "Are you talking about inventory space?"





    (Lord of the Rings Online, which we've been playing together the past few nights and which is her first MMORPG, is for the most part very good about making the f2p stuff feel like sparkly extra conveniences or bonus content, but the inventory space upgrades always felt like something that should be free. That my wife has begun to have troubled dreams about loot management further strengthens my opinion on this matter. ^_^)

  2. I think we can all join together in hoping that the real reason there hasn't been a stream in about a month is because every Saturday they gather in the office, reach out a hand to turn on the computer, and hear a memory in their minds, faint but real -- "I'm still working..." -- and the (trembling) hand is retracted and they depart with hushed footfalls, telling themselves that next week things will be different.


    (Half of them starting a company may also be a minor contributing factor, but let's not make wild assumptions).

  3. Superhot is really fun. The only thing that would make it perfect is if it could record your level playthrough and play it back at full speed after you're done, so you can see what you looked like to everyone else who doesn't have bullet-time.


    Yep yep, I played it a few days ago after hearing about it on complementary podcast "Crate & Crowbar" (i.e. the podcast I listen to when I'm not driving because it's hard to understand slightly-alcohol'd British people with lesser microphones through an old car radio). The playback idea would be amazing, since there did come a point where I stopped feeling like a powerful special agent and started to feel tile-based, tapping WASD in short bursts.


    I see there are some SUPERHOT speed runs on the internet; I will have to watch some of those sometime. The funny thing is that a perfect speedrun would simply turn the game back into an ordinary FPS. ^_^


    I keep thinking of ideas for multiplayer SUPERHOT and all of them are silly.

  4. Lots of games have ancient sages who will give you cryptic prophecies and whatnot, but I desire to know your favorite Venerable Protagonists.


    NOTE: I am mostly interested in characters who are basically realistically aged and don't have some kind of superpower that keeps them powerful and vibrant forever. So millenia-old elf-lords don't count, and I'm not sure if Kreia from KotOR 2 counts (also because she's just a party-member and therefore only sort of "playable"), but the lady from The Graveyard would qualify certainly (though she is maybe not super cool enough to be on our list?!)


    I should be able to think of more (at least from adventure games surely) but I can't! I was going to say the lady from Graveyard Graveyard Revolution is pretty neat, but it's hard to be sure of her age and she might break the nebulous guidelines described above. =P

  5. Yeah, the Far Cry 2 stream was good for boggling at different styles of play. The biggest surprising difference between them and me was in the number of flammable and explosive things left un-exploded (yellow barrels, propane tanks, fuel lines, oxygen tanks, ammo crates, all largely ignored!).


    I therefore enjoyed it when the enemy AI managed to accidentally hit one of the explosive barrels that Chris or Nick was hiding behind (I think that's what happened when suddenly all their cover was blown to bits). At least, I assume it was on accident. It would be great if an FPS AI was smart enough to target the Standard FPS Explosive Barrels on purpose.

  6. The Super Poleriders stream was marvelous! I was on the edge of my seat for every GOLDEN GOAL (figuratively; in fact, I was sunk into a recliner). The original Flash game has always been my favorite Foddy game, and probably one of my favorite all-types-of-games. Super Poleriders looks a little bit easier to control and grasp (once you shed all of your original Poleriders habits :P) but I still don't think that would be enough to convince my wife to play it with me, she hates that game. Actually she hates other Foddy games too (like Winner vs. Loser, which everyone should play because it's similarly's kind of like a two-button QWOP with a lot of faceplanting that doesn't result in Game Over) -- the combination of direct head-to-head competition and stupidly (i.e. marvelously) fiddly controls does not appeal.


    She's actually pretty good at Poleriders and still plays it occasionally (though never, Ever EVER AGAIN Winner vs. Loser =P) but only because I like it so much. She knows that I am (as they say) having fun, whereas she herself may perhaps be best characterized as "still working".




    P.S. I watched the first half of the stream again for lolz, but instead ended up being uncomfortably aware how loud were the screams ^_^. That [therapist / masseuse / graphic designer] may have a regrettable tendency toward condescending chastisement, but she refrained for nine minutes with impressive forbearance!


    She also inadvertently added another layer of goodness to the stream because everything becomes funnier when you're forced to laugh quietly (and I watched the video at like 2am so *I ALSO* had to laugh quietly, producing a compelling solidarity).


    "Aww it felt so anticlimactic 'cause I couldn't scream..." ~ Sean Vanaman

  7. Within the Netflix UI on the Xbox 360, movement between categories creates a hybrid whoosh/thud sound, followed by a higher-pitched pop/crack when the next title is selected. By slowly moving between categories you can create a whoosh, crack pattern with slightly longer or shorter time delays between the two. In effect, it's tennis (Tennnes?) on the Netflix UI.


    Sounds like a good video game!


    Unfortunately for me, I don't think the PC port even has sound! Bah. (At least you can change the FOV).

  8. I like to call them computainments, but best of all I like to hear Video Games become increasingly aggressive (though never very) while talking about "Video Games".


    One of my favorite computainments ever was "Our House", which was a Family Circus Game! And by game, I mean that you would click on different things in a house and voice actors would tell you about what you were looking at! Then you'd look at stuff in a different room and different characters would tell you stuff! This game taught me what Parcheesi was, and what "percolate" and "facade" mean, and something about baseball cards and that's all I remember!


    But as you can tell from my description, it's essentially the DOS version of Gone Home.


    Unfortunately this is all I can find about it, no good screenshots or pictures of Their House. ALAS! I wonder if I still have this electrodiversion stored somewhere in Our House...

  9. Sean Vanaman's serious DOTA2 teamwork voice is so funny when directed at blowy (sp?) ghosts. :D

    It was also amazing whenever Christopher Remo was resurrected, burst out of the coffin and immediately started scampering around at maximum velocity like a treasure goblin making up for lost time. :tup:


    This stream reminded me why Spelunky is excellent and I should get it; but then it reminded me why I don't play the free one anymore, and that's because of the time limit per level! :tdown: I understand there are many reasons to have something like that in a game like this, but exploration on the clock is always hard for me to enjoy. Is there a way to play Baby Spelunky with no timer?