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  1. I'm very curious to see how Offworld does. The competitive RTS multiplayer market seems like a very small niche to target. 


    The SP-value of OTC have certainly improved a lot since the first public betas, but I'm afraid the marketing will remain a problem. The perception of OTC as "mostly just for MP"-label might be very hard to get rid off. 

  2. With regular episodes I can enjoy listening even if I've never played the game. The only esport-game I follow is League of Legends and as soon as you start talking about SC2 or dota2 I lose interest. To make esports episodes really interesting you would need to have people involved(players and developers) with esports on the show.

  3. Dota2 being a Valve-product feels very strange. Valves previous titles are all extremely good at teaching new players the game. Dota2  is terrible from the very beginning where they ask you to chose between 3 different keyboard/mouse configurations (how am I supposed to know that before I even played it???).


    Valve have done surprisingly little to make Dota2 more approachable. The dark green/brownish graphics might be high-res, but they really suck at communicating whats going on which in my opinion is an essential quality for graphics in a competitive PvP-game (and as spectator for esports).


    It will be interesting to see how big Dota2 is going to be. Being backed by Valve is obviously huge. 


    Edit: On League vs Dota, this is essential

    You guys briefly touch onto this in the podcast and imo this focus on counterplay is certainly defining League.