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  1. Titanic: Adventure out of Time!


    That's one of those games where I owned a copy, but I really don't know where it came from. If I had to guess, it's because because my dad, a big Titanic buff, wanted to check out the mode where all of the "game" portions were stripped out, and you could just walk around on the Titanic. My only adventure game experience up to that point was Monkey Island 1 and 2, so between new (to me) mechanics, presentation, and the fairly in depth alternative history, this game was an engima to me (but that didn't stop me from pouring dozens of hours into it, like most of us did with our limited game library back then).


    Here's a good PC Gamer article from last year about it, for those who might want to know more about it: http://www.pcgamer.com/saturday-crapshoot-titanic-adventure-out-of-time/


    I think it's time to go drag it up and give it a try, now that I've played The Last Express, and passed high school level European history.

  2. I'm really, really bummed about Offworld Trading Company. I loved Civ IV, think Soren Johnson is a cool dude, and this game sounds extremely my shit.


    But I'm not, ever, under any circumstance, buying something that says "Stardock" on the box, so I'm going to have to pass on it. It's the worst.


    Ugh, I think in the back of my mind I knew this, but surpressed it. I really wanted to play this game, too.

  3. Saturday Night Live did a spoof on this past episode:


    Is Serial really this big? I know it would almost assuredly be big the type of person that writes for SNL, but I'm surprised they got the green light to do such a specific parody. It seems to me that this sketch might have some broad appeal, but the majority of jokes would be completely lost on people who don't listen to the show (the end probably being the most obvious example).


    I might be completely off base here, but it struck me as surprising.

  4. Chen controlling ancients 


    Ogre Magi's HP regen buffed hugely (and now Soul Ring builds into Bloodstone, offlane Ogre Magi dream is real)


    Totally confusing damage type nonsense all gone


    Space Created chat wheel option


    Two chakrams 


    I don't even know where to stop listing things that are exciting me.

  5. Really didnt liked way hosts of show talked about people with opposing opinions, discussion in comments and admin behavior wasnt great either for my taste. I hope Rob and Troy will change their mind because i feell bad about giving clicks to this site.


    You don't follow Rob or Troy on Twitter, do you?






    Spoiler alert: you probably won't like how they "talk about people with opposing opinions" either in their tweets.

  6. Just chiming in to say great episode. "It's like if Dadaism was just invented to hurt people" is a spectacular sentence.


    It turns out I'm really glad I'm not going to PAX this weekend despite missing the Thumbs and Campo Santo stuff, because there's a non-zero chance that I might have Buzz Aldrin'd someone by the end of the convention. 


    (that last sentence was a joke, but I'm honestly a little worried about PAX this weekend)

  7. I'm sure it's been mentioned by now, but I want to shamefully admit that I finally got around to checking out Filmspotting and it's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for in a movie podcast.


    Now to attempt to digest 500 episodes of backlog.

  8. My waifu-like misuse of a word as a child story:


    For my 9th birthday, I got a copy of Green Day's Dookie from an aunt who saw the cartoon artwork on the front and really didn't know better. I played that cassette to death, and quickly memorized all of the lyrics. In the song Basket Case, there's a verse: "I went to a shrink/To analyze my dreams/She says it's lack of sex that's bringing me down/I went to a whore/She said my life's a bore/So quit my whining cause it's bringing her down." Being the logically minded child I was, I assumed based on this that whore was a synonym for psychologist.


    I don't remember the details of the conversation with my friends later on where I used the word whore when I was talking about a psychologist, but they never let me live that one down.

  9. If you have the latest version of the game, you'll have everything needed to do the standard MvM stuff.  If a server with custom maps (like the one jimtwo has graciously offered) is going to be used, you'll probably have to download the maps first.  The game normally does that by itself when you try to join the server, but I've never tried it with MvM.


    It does work like any other mode, if you don't have the map ahead of time it will download it from the server when you connect. That being said, I usually keep a zip file of the current map rotation handy so people can download them ahead of time if they want. It's a bit out of date right now though, so I'll have to update it tonight.

  10. I don't think I'll be around this weekend, but I have a custom maps MvM server I'd be happy to throw a password on beforehand for everyone to use. The current map rotation is:


    mvm_degrootkeep_b1 (medieval mode)
    mvm_hangtown_v1_3 (+advanced)
    mvm_oilrig_rc3 (+advanced)
    mvm_badwater_rc1 (+2 advanced)
    mvm_skullcove_rc1 (wave 666)


    Some of them are good, some are not so good, but they should all be at least functional (I think the only one I haven't played is skullcove). If you want to check it out now, it's at

  11. I find Valve's free-to-play position in the market so strange.  On the one hand they use so many of the same obnoxious mechanisms that the worst f2p games use - like having your 'loot' be a chest you can't actually open without buying a key, and you have to spend the money up front to essentially get a single pull from a slot machine.  And they shove the in game purchase stuff in your face all the time. 


    I don't think they've offically said this change is permanent, but the last few "chests" Valve has released for Dota are quite different now. There are no keys, you just open them, and you are guaranteed to not receive duplicate items when you open it until you have at least one of everything the chest offers (besides any "super rare" items that could drop from it). Also, if the chest has full item sets in it, you actually get the full set at once.


    edit: Here's an example of how a new chest works: http://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/10544?r=cd