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  1. The only 3D Mario game besides this one I have played at any length is Mario 64. I ended up liking this game but ultimately being disappointed. The story of this game being a result of an internal Nintendo Mario game jam definitely makes sense to me, and i think I like it less for that? I sadly still haven't played either Mario Galaxy game, so I don't have a lot of reference points to compare this game to, but ultimately it just doesn't feel challenging in the way I want a Mario game to feel challenging, and the post-end game unlocks have been kinda a let down so far (at least the 250 star unlock was not great). There is a ton to explore, I enjoyed my time with it, and I will continue ot poke at it to get more moons, but ultimately was lukewarm? I likely didn't have my expectations set right.

  2. Wow I feel like a giant baby. This game took me 30 hours to beat (I do think that there was a decent amount of time I left the game idling, but it can't have been for more than 10.) I did think the game was quite difficult, but overall really enjoyed my time with it.

  3. The talk about high school in this week's episode brought back some intense memories.

    I did start high school in 2007, and got my Facebook account right before my freshman year. It was as terrible as you can imagine, and honestly, in many ways, worse.


    The early days of Facebook were kinda a wild west in terms of the apps people were making for it. Listening to this episode made me remember two particular apps, that I think will illustrate just how terrible it was.

    One was an app, I can't remember the name, where you could anonymously rate your friends in a number of catergories, and then it would show you your ranking among your friends. These categories included: Hottest, Ugliest, Needs More Sex, Worst Dressed, and a variety of other superlatives, both negative and positive. Not only could you rate your friends on this, but you also could anonymously comment on the rankings!!


    Another app was called Honesty Box. All it did was let you anonymously message your friends, they could respond to you, and they had absolutely no way of finding out who sent that message!!!!


    Both of these apps were used by a huge number of students in my high school. I haven't really thought about the time in my life where I used these apps for a while now, probably for good reason. Can you imagine your 15-16 year old self having access to these kinda things? I am only now, reflecting back, realizing how deeply fucked up it is that we had access to these tools at this age.

    I hope social media is still not like that.

  4. This thread has been so much fun to read through and pour over. I've contributed very little to the forums over the run of this show, but this podcast and the discussion in here has been a real source of joy for me over the last few months.


    I suspect (as Jake had talked about Lynch's work on previous episodes of the podcast), that on subsequent viewings, The Return will be a much more coherent work, and the ending may be less frustrating than it is now. 


    I find myself most frustrated on getting nothing more on Audrey after the end of episode 16, but on the whole am just so pleased we got this season of television...what a gift


    18 minutes ago, FutureTuesday said:

    I'm thinking Dougie will return. I bet the question about the seed is to make a replacement for the Joneses

    That was my take as well.


    * Mike saying "Finally" cracked me up.
    *  It was so damn satisfying to have Dale Cooper back. I had a big stupid grin on my face for that whole scene.

    * RIP Chantal and Hutch. That scene in the suburbs was just completely outrageous, 

  6. I liked this episode a lot! It felt like a ton happened which is not usually the case.

    Really surprised by the number of plot threads that were explicitly spelled out, and moved forward quickly.

    Scattered thoughts

    • Laura Dern was fabulous. I think the FBI stuff is becoming my favorite parts of the show, especially Albert and Gordon (The Backwards Word!). 
    • The scene where Coop takes out the assassin was incredibly badass and stressful.
    • Very glad the new Renault is a total skeezeball. I imagine there will be more scenes with him, but I would be very glad if that's all we got.
    • Are we supposed to know more about what DoppleCoop and the Warden were talking about? All that scene said to me was that DoopleCoop has some shit on the warden.
    • Edit: Also the use of Skype was surprising to me. 

    This felt way more like a typical episode of television to me in terms of plot progression. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, TurboPubx-16 said:


    aeonofdiscord already posted the answer but I was in the middle of typing this reply so I'll still post it.


    Up until now, I think Frost & Lynch would have us believe that the people Dougie owed money to, and the people trying to kill Dougie, were one and the same. Or, at the very least, it was ambiguous. There were clues that they weren't the same people previously, namely, it wouldn't make sense to have assassins camp out with rifles and set car bombs over a $50,000. I'll try to run down the thread: 


    - In Las Vegas, Patrick Fischler is asked by his assistant why he allows a very bad person to use him, to which he replies, "You'd better hope you never meet a man like him", to paraphrase. 

    - Dougie escapes Rancho Rosa with Jade undetected by the hitmen

    - the hitman call the Lorraine. She texts "Argent" to the device in Argentina, which shrinks into a marble or something. She is really upset.

    - [Bad Coop hacks into the dark web through the prison landline and alerts his army to begin the process of eliminating all of his enemies and breaking him out of prison]

    - Patrick Fischler is typing on his Thinkpad when he gets a red square, which tells him that there is an envelope in his safe. He retrieves the envelop and notices a dot on it, which by his expression tells us, it's an important envelop.

    Ike 'The Spike' Stadtler gets the envelop and...

    - Lorraine is on the phone talking about the car bomb ("Are there any bodies?") She hears a scream and gets super murdered. Doguie is next! :o Maybe Patrick Fishcler's days are also numbered? 


    Some impressions:


    This is a dumb thing to get upset about sometimes, but the problem with having so many known or semi-known actors is that when someone like Jeremy Davies shows up (Daniel Faraday from Lost), and I recognize the person but I can't figure out where I know from them and holy shit this whole scene is garbage now because I'm distracted but seriously where do I know this guy from?!


    Holy crap this was super useful to read, and I did not do a good job of keeping this stuff straight in my head. Thank you!

  8. I thought all the stuff with Janey-E was really good in this episode. I got the sense that she has just had to deal with a ton of bullshit that Dougie has brought  on her and was really fatigued by having to manage it (especially the scene with the phone call where she sets up the deal in the park). And it was just really fun to watch her be a total boss in the park to the punks who Dougie owed money.


    Are the guys in Vegas who Dougie owes money too for sports gambling related to the woman who was killed this episode? Or are those two completely separate threads? (I need to go back and rewatch that stuff because those threads are all mixed up in my head and I don't really think I have what is going on straight in my head). 

  9. Various thoughts/observations

    • This episode felt very dense. 
    • Was that Truman's sister or wife?
    • Random office guy slurping down a green tea latte cracked me up.
    • The RR diner scene with Norma and Shelley was terrific. Peggy Lipton and Mädchen Amick have aged impossibly well.
    • I have no idea what to make of the Major Briggs stuff ("I do standup on the weekends")

  10. On 4/15/2017 at 7:00 PM, SuperBiasedMan said:

    The Handmaiden is a very good movie, from Park Chan-wook, who also directed Oldboy. It's got a great way of unfolding as the movie goes on, I highly recommend going in blind. 


    That said, trigger warning for sexual violence. And you should be aware that there's a lot of sexual content in the movie. 

    I went in going basically nothing about this movie and I agree 100%. 

    I think if I went in knowing that it was basically a heist movie the narrative reveals would have been less surprising/fun to watch. It was the first movie I've seen in a while where the narrative genuinely surprised me, and I didn't know what direction the movie was going to go at a certain point.

    One of my favorite movies I saw last year. Came out of the movie theatre somewhat in shock.