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  1. I legitimately thought that was Truman at the beginning of that scene.
  2. I'm surprised how much I liked this episode! A lot of the shots and scenes were unsettling/creepy (its unfortunate that the surrrounding narrative has a fraction of the potency of the laura palmer stuff). To me, this episode really brings back some of the elements of what drew me into the show in the first place (the diner scene and dripping syrup scene worked for me). The horse costume was goofy to me. Having Earle sing during Home on the Range seemed to me trying to evoke the creepiness of Leland singing the Mares Eat Oats song and it fell kinda flat to me. I thought Billy Zane's departure was pretty dumb but enjoyed Pete's presence in it.
  3. This episode really just had so much nonsense in it. That stupid map was just doubling down on the LOST stuff from the last episode, and that silly box is revealed to contain another box that has strange symbols on it. I forgive the goofiness of that box because I enjoy so much where it eventually goes. I found myself liking the wine tasting scene fine enough, and was glad to see Mike and Bobby back together, but overall thought this episode was mediocre to bad.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I've been making my way through Louie Season 4, and man I can't sing my praises of this show enough. In particular, I just got through the two-episode arc "Into The Woods." The episodes focus on the time Louie smoked pot when he was younger, which he flashes back to after catching his daughter smoking. These were two of the most powerful episodes of television, for me personally, that I've seen in a while. The details of my own experience are different, but the depiction of being 14-15 years old, getting involved with people and things that caused me to make decisions that hurt my relationship with people that loved me, and cared about me at that age was incredibly potent.
  5. Well I now have a new ringtone
  6. Amateur Game Making Night

    I've spent the past semester in a game development class, and my group made a puzzle game I'm pretty happy with. I think I'm gonna spend some more time fleshing it out, I got some great feedback from the people I had playtest it. It's a simple get from start to finish game, but each side of the cube has a different face, which can interact with different ground elements. For example, if you put a normal face on the ground, your cube will burn up and you have to start the level over, but if you put your ice face on the fire, then you continue on. We only have a few interactions, and about 20 levels that I"m not entirely satisfied with, but I think we're headed in a cool direction. Edit: i think I might be really dumb, but can you upload images to this forum? Or can you only link to web images?
  7. I agree with everything people have said here...seeing Cooper and Gordon Cole interact feels like we're seeing the Coop we were introduced to that hasn't really been around in a while, and the diner scene was a delight. The beginning and ending to this episode though were pretty bad. Evil seductress sent to kill Truman out of sexual jealousy? A wacky cave at the end? Despite not loving everything in this episode, it definitely feels like the show is moving in a direction now.
  8. The Weekly X Files Rewatch Thread

    I would be into this, as I've never seen the show.
  9. Feminism

    Something good to come out of reddit for once! (Don't know if this qualifies as good, but people on the thread are actually acting like somewhat compassionate humans) There was a thread where someone asked women to share their moments when they first noticed they were being sexualized. Warning, some of these made me pretty physically nauseous, but I think it's important for men to read. It's pretty telling that all the men's responses are shock, while the women all are nodding in agreement, not surprised at what is being said. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/3249ff/women_of_reddit_when_did_you_first_notice_that/
  10. Something I'm surprised no one's mentioned yet is the ending to this episode which, despite enjoying most of this episode, I found so terrible! Remember that Eckhardt guy you don't care about? What if his assistant got in bed with Harry! I thought we were done with that whole thread!
  11. This is so different than the show Twin Peaks once was, but it is immensely more watchable than the past few weeks. I hesitate to say it is good though. Edit: I like many of you am really surprised how much I enjoyed that scene with Mike and Nadine at the Great Northern. That Pine Weasel scene though....oof. I'm glad I'm now looking forward to watching the rest of the show, especially for what I think is next episode?
  12. Life

    Central Square was also somewhere I was looking at. I kinda split my time between those three squares when I was there previously, and I'm excited to head back. Of the three Central felt the "busiest" to me and I don't mean that in a negative sense. Thanks for the advice!
  13. Life

    I will be getting my undergraduate degree in about a month now, and have accepted a job out in the Boston area. Any recommendations of where to live? I spent a summer there and liked the Davis Square/Porter Square area quite a bit, but curious what other people think/reccomend.
  14. Infinite Jest

    Page 200 is definitely when this book clicked for me (at least in the edition I had), when there are just like 5-6 pages of the things you learn living in a place like the Ennet house. One of my favorite passages.
  15. Oh man that scene between Peggy and Joan in the elevator.
  16. The End of Mad Men: Welcome

    They talked about the finale of the first half (Season 7 Episode 7) in the end of Idle Thumbs 160. (and that conversation has me really excited for this cast)
  17. Woah thats really really awesome!
  18. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    A little off-topic, but someone showed me this brilliant comment today on KiA, and all I can say is LMAO. http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2eynpx/idle_thumbs_comes_out_in_defense_of_gaming/ckn6z88 Sorry if this has been posted already.
  19. IDLE THUMBS 200

    That is definitely how I feel about them(or at least how I personally felt about Thomas Was Alone...I haven't actually played any of the others.
  20. IDLE THUMBS 200

    I miss Steve
  21. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I have trouble putting myself myself into words here, but I'm very troubled by this constant analysis and discussion of how people should/shouldn't act when it comes to things like this whole kerfuffle.
  22. As soon as he pulled out that map and compass I was sold. Edit: Holy Crap I had no idea Henry Crane was on the voice cast! Also this looks amazing. I can't wait.
  23. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    All this stuff bums me out so much. Not that I'm capable of psychoanalyzing people from their twitter but i dont imagine totalbiscuit is a very happy person. All these things lead to is venom slinging and people further entrenching themselves in their beliefs...I just get depressed reading about it
  24. I really enjoyed the jail scene. Seeing Ben Horne bested and infuriated that he's in a situation where he can't get the upper hand was a lot of fun to watch.