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  1. The Chinese are just stone cold. I've been watching a lot of Dota2 lately, and the Chinese teams are very methodical, low risk players. I think that's why Navi has such a big fan base, they're willing to take risks but at the same time have really good technical skills to farm up their heroes. I remember watching one game where they were corned all the way back to their ancient until the gyrocoptor bought 2 divine rapiers and pulled a complete turn around.


    here's that game: http://www.dotacinema.com/vods/4423#game1

  2. I wouldn't mind so much if I could actually communicate. But as it stands now I don't even know what lane to start in, if I'm picking up the wrong hero, or what items to buy in the later stages (I get that there are suggested builds, but I don't know enough about the items to know when/how to use them).

  3. I really enjoyed the tutorial, up until I started playing against humans. I thought I would be playing with people as clueless as me, but instead I'm playing with Russians who yell at me because I have no idea what I'm doing or what they're saying. About 5 mins in someone on my team will eventually leave, and then it's about 15 more minutes of getting murdered until the game is over. I think actually playing this game might not be for me.

  4. I, too, am a non-player of this game, though I suspect my not-playing is rather advanced.


    There seem to be plenty of resources available for people who want to learn how to play this game; why isn't there even one video out there titled "How To Watch LOMAs"?


    I was in the same shoes as you (kind of still am). I like watching starcraft and dota but when I sit down to play them I feel the same way I would playing quarterback in an NFL game. That said, I had no idea what anyone was talking about the first match I watched, but what really helped was when I actually played a bot match and went and got a bottle and figured out what it does. From there you can start to pick up on what items do, and I actually just looked up most of it on valve's dota2 item page.


    I do wish there was a day9 of dota though. Something about the way he teaches advanced mechanics really helps you understand the basics.

  5. They only mentioned the video, but Star Citizen comes with a list of Molyneux level promises to go with the 6.8 million dollars they raised. Supposedly there is going to be flyable capital ships including corvettes and carriers. Ship boarding, the ability to knock out a bigger ship's thrusters then user a collar to dock with them and cut open their door. Then you can board the ship, fight the crew in first person combat. Fight outside the ship with magnetic boots attached to the haul. Or even fight in zero gravity, because space. Then you'll need to repair the ship to steal it or else the inside will be depressurized making it slow to respond. Basically the feature creep is being designed by a 12 year old, yes.

  6. I had a great run tonight with Engi A. I got a droid recovery arm in the first sector plus an anti-ship II. Later I picked up another anti-ship I maxing out my droids. I also went all out on offense and at one point had 2 heavy laser I and 1 heavy laser II, and to top it off a weapon preignighter. For the final boss I swapped out a laser for a fire bomb. It was such a fun play through, dumping all my drones at an enemy and blasting out all his systems at once.