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  1. I listen to Moanin' about every two days. I don't know jack about jazz but I know I LIKE THAT A LOT.



    I am totally in the same boat when it comes to jazz. I saw whiplash the other day and it reminded me to check out the few jazz songs I know again. : D


    If either of you aren't familiar with Miles Davis - Kind of Blue then you need to check it out. I don't know much jazz either but I know it's great :)

  2. I'm almost at the end of this game now, I just have the treehouse and jungle left of the main puzzles. I really dislike the audio based ones so I'll probably skip those.

    I've done everything I can find in the treehouse except

    I need to open a door, which I can do but it's not possible for me to run there in time before it closes, which suggests that I'm missing something. Can anyone advise?

  3. I just got a steam controller and I wasn't too keen on using big picture but I realised you can set it to use specific screens which is real helpful for me as I have my PC near my TV but still want to use it as a PC on my monitor, so I just hit the steam button on the controller when I want to play games and all games I launch through steam will default to the TV. It doesn't sound like a big deal but I found positioning windows perfectly on the TV a pain.

  4. Logical Increments is a cool as heck website that I have started showing people.


    I have an i5 2500k and a GTX 970 with 8GB RAM and I have to say it's still a rad computer. From my recollection the i7 920 is just a touch behind the 2500k but I would bet your experience would be basically similar to mine. I had an interim GTX 750 Ti when my card burnt out about 18 months ago and that was a totally fine card but nothing special.


    According to the i7 920 is about 5000 something number and the i5 2500k is about 6000 something number so yours is a whole 20% better :)


    I was ok with waiting for Fallout 4 but with X-Com and Tomb Raider coming out I may have to upgrade a bit sooner, I'm thinking a new card this month and a new CPU (and thus new motherboard) next month. I'm leaning towards the R9 390 and probably a high end i5.

  5. The only reason I'm apprehensive about this game is that Psychonauts 1 is such a unique weird thing, it'll be very hard to follow that up.

    The mini doc episodes about its development show how unusual it is and now that Double Fine have matured I can't help but wonder how it'll affect the sequel. Which isn't to say that I think they need to crunch like hell and almost go under but the first game was (for better or worse) undoubtedly a product of a troubled development/inexperienced team. How much of what makes the game special is tied to that is probably impossible to say though, they did highlight one example in the docs, the little hidden areas that they spent a disproportionate amount of time on when very few people would ever see them.


    Oh well, unlike a lot of the internet I actually have quite a bit of faith in Doublefine, things seldom go to plan but they always deliver something different and entertaining. 

  6. That chip is 7 years old, but a lot of games are getting better at pushing load off to the GPU instead of the CPU, so you might be able to get by? I have a 4 year old i5 processor and I rarely max it out.


    Yeah I know it's overdue replacing but it's been great at handling a whole bunch of stuff for the last 6 years, I was (perhaps over-optimistically) hoping I could get another 6-12 months out of it.

    If it the CPU also needs replacing to get decent frame rate in Fallout 4 then fair enough. I'll just hold off for a couple of months and get the whole lot when a big spend should be less painful.

  7. The time has finally come, my PC can no longer run new games well enough even on low settings. So I need an upgrade, my current spec is an i7 920 2.6, 16gb ram, 5850 1gb and some other stuff.


    It seems to me that I need a new CPU, board and card but I'm considering just getting a cheap card to tide me over for a bit. Would that work or would the CPU be a bottleneck?

  8. I didn't have much in the way of spare funds for most of the year so I haven't played a lot of what I wanted to but I'll likely get around to them in 2016.


    1. Metal Gear V

    2. Infinifactory

    3. Tales From The Borderlands

    4. Helldivers

    5. Grow Home

    6. Massive Chalice

    7. Beginners Guide

    8. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

    9. Star Wars: Battlefront

    10. Cities: Skylines


    Stuff I haven't got around to (but may have been on the list if I had):


    Witcher 3

    Life Is Strange

    Fallout 4


    The award for 'Most conflicted game' goes to Destiny + Taken King etc, I don't think I've ever thought a game was so good and so bad at the same time before.

  9. I got a couple of t-shirts from society6 and although there was a lot of chaff to sift through I am happy with the ones I bought. They took weeks to arrive though and then had customs charges on top, not a huge inconvenience sure but I thought I'd explore other options before heading back there.

    I haven't been in TKMAXX for years I should check them out, I just checked and there's one not too far away :)

  10. Thanks I've just been to H&M, I got a couple of t-shirts but just plain ones as I wasn't too keen on their printed ones so I'm still looking if anyone has any other suggests.


    Side note - I'm happy to see that a lot of stuff in H&M has concious labels now.

  11. I'm looking to update my wardrobe a bit but I'm having trouble finding nice t-shirts, mostly because I'm quite picky. I don't want a load of gaming/nerd references or amusing slogans/images I just want nice designs or patterns. High street stores haven't proven to be much use and most of the online places I look seem to be threadless style (which is fine but mostly falls into the previously mentioned categories of what I'm not looking for). 


    Does anyone know some places that are more curated and less brand/reference focused? preferably European based but that's not a deal breaker.

  12. Update: I didn't make much progress with the art, I think anything more than boxes is going to be too ambitious given the time limitations. I won't be able to do much on it next weekend so I'm going to focus on getting a relatively stable prototype with one or two puzzles.


    On a more positive note, re-orientation is working, sort of... :)

  13. Yeah the gimbal is just not intuitive, I'll change it when the gravity change and reorientation is working.

    I'm gonna take a break from code, hopefully I'll have more success with code at the weekend.


    Now I need to decide on the visual style, something I hadn't put much thought it. I'll probably go with something stylised and simplistic so I can get a decent number of things done in time

  14. Thanks guys :)


    Progress update: I have the gravity changing working, sort of... 

    You can rotate the gimbal and set the direction, it's a bit crude at the moment but it works. There's some strange bug to iron out but I want to get re-orientation of the player in next then I'll get gravity changing working fully.



    I'm currently thinking that maybe it's the arrow that should rotate instead of the gimbal, it currently makes a certain amount of sense for someone like me that spends a lot of time in 3D programs but that's not most people. Also there's the question of world and local space, you could make the arrow point in one direction and the gravity change to a totally different one, perhaps it should point in the world direction and be unaffected by local rotation, a bit like a compass. 

    Many things to consider but I'll focus on getting the main systems working before I worry too much about that.

  15. Progress update: You can move, jump and look around, which took me most of yesterday to do, something that would probably take a real coder all of 30 minutes tops :)


    Also I made this to help the player see how they're going to change gravity but I'm not sure if it's the right approach yet, maybe it's over-complicating it and some sort of arrow would be better.