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  1. one of the reasons bitcoin is bad is because it needs to be regulated but it was created and adopted by people who demanded it should never be regulated.


    If you said to me "refinements in blockchain tech could lead to currency improvements in the future" then i'd agree with you.


    Bitcoin, though, is bad.

  2. Perusing and catching up on some back episodes of 3MA after the spark was rekindled from Stellaris 2.0 rolling out this weekend, it's equal parts hilarious and frustrating to hear that Rowan's solution to make space games not all MoO is to make them literally not space games.



    Relatedly, who the hell is putting ********* on a pizza with pepperoni? The whole idea is it's Hawaiian style because the ********* goes with the ham.

  3. Going bullet by bullet


    * Not sure what part of the game the demo is, but it's possible

    * Very possible, the English voice acting is genuinely excellent. I'd be curious about your impressions of the Spanish.

    * If you're thinking about it it might be true

    * Almost definite. I know people are into the steam controller but it's no substitute for a first person shooter.


    I have to imagine they aren't dropping a lot of cutscene bombs on you if you're playing a 20 minute demo, and the cutscenes are the heart and soul of the game.

  4. IMO Fate is a good system for Adventure Zone, because the consequences of using the system are really flexible and spin out down the road in ways that aren't just damage points. It allows conflicts that aren't ended with death or an artificial interruption by story conceits. It allows open interpretation of skills and abilities to play to the creativity of the goofballs using it.


    Plus the numbers are small and easy to interpret.




    West of Loathing

    Hollow Knight

    Dead Cells

    Wolfenstein 2


    Horizon Zero Dawn


    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Heat Signature


    Hon. mention:

    Night in the Woods (A game I like, but have not finished and has not captivated me like many others)

    Zelda (The excellent characters and story of Horizon, a wildly similar game, combined with not playing Zelda at launch to ride the wave of the zeitgeist really has me feeling like I missed something other people are slam dunking as GOTY)


    Haven't played, want to (or won't):

    Nier: The gameplay drives me away from a story that attracts me. Eagerly awaiting spoiler discussions


    Battle Chef Brigade

    Steamworld Dig 2

    Dishonored: DOTO

  6. Played the story from start to finish yesterday. Holy crap what a game! Goodness I thought some other games had a moment or two. This game had a moment or two per level. Whoever did the cinematography for some of those cutscenes deserves a lot of awards.


    Played on whatever the default setting was, did not experience the difficulty spikes I've seen a lot about.


    Bring on every spoiler cast.

  7. It's hard to go really wrong on a tv, now. The thing I hear the most, especially higher end stuff, is everything is good but too expensive. My suggestion is take a look at the wirecutter article and if those TVs don't quite fit what you're looking for, pay attention to the qualities they valued and compare what you're looking at against them.

  8. 6 hours ago, osmosisch said:

    - I would have been vastly happier if the nonlethal resolutions of the Dishonored missions involved things like capture and trial, rather than condemning, say, a person to be locked up in a rape dungeon or become a mute slave. Poetic justice only goes so far in my book. I don't think moral agency enters into it, I just don't like having no good option.


    It's explicitly a revenge story, told through the eyes of the man who was successfully framed for the brutal murder of his country's ruler and his lover. This story isn't a Law and Order episode, it's reclaiming the throne by the most effective methods 6 people can manage. Unless you're motivated by extrinsic factors (achievements that tell you not to kill anyone, or a desire to mess around with all the outsider powers, say), it's on you as the character to decide whether a fate worse than death is a warranted action. There aren't any "good" options.

  9. I'm trying to find a perspective, comparing those two games. I think the way I'm contextualizing it is I understand the praise of Zelda far more than I do Mario. Even though I finished Mario and I probably won't finish Zelda, I get why people went absolutely nuts about Breath of the Wild. Comparatively, I think Mario is fun with a couple of moments that stand out.


    The music is awesome though, I've caught myself whistling it at work.

  10. I have now completed the game. It ended really well, I'm very glad I loaded it back up and more or less mainlined the last 3-4 worlds. The ending sequence was great, I was smiling almost the entire time. The kingdom you unlock after finishing was worth running around in.


    The kingdom you unlock with enough moons though...



    A boss rush? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME. I think I'm done with the game.

  11. So far this game is Good, with Great moments. New Donk City saved the game for me, it's by far the strongest and most creative thing I've seen so far. I think perhaps I was expecting more, with the absolute maximum level of hyperbole shown in review scores. The caveat is I have not "completed" the game, so maybe it gets stonk crazy 3 hours of play time from where I am now.

  12. 1 hour ago, Korax said:

    So... if I want to try raiding with fellow Thumbs, I have to go to a different community that I have no investment in and join their THIRD FOURTH overflow clan that might not actually have any of the people I'm trying to play with in it?




    You could talk to us in slack instead of being dramatic about the act of attempting to interact with people instead, I guess?

  13. I'm now at the portion of the podcast where Nick angrily describes eating a bushel of crabs in Maryland. He is objectively incorrect, because nowhere did I hear him say "the best eating experience you can have with friends, where you get to hit stuff with a hammer".


    The weird partially remembered recollection of the miasma of crab guts and old bay haze was hilarious to listen to, though.

  14. This game's awesome. You're basically playing batman: crackdown. They establish up front that you can elf ghost jump and elf ghost sprint and the regular orcs will notice you but mostly after you've run past them. The feeling of danger in this game is extremely low, except for situations you create willingly. You're a goddamn undead man elf superhero with a ring of power. At one point I felt like I only wanted one sub-power from each ability, but now I'm at the point where I am sometimes swapping them depending on the fight. The gear is interesting, and the whole thing is far less overwhelming than the demo videos at E3 made it look. The fortress assaults are kind of fun, but I'll be frank they're a little too straightforward for my tastes, counter to a lot of the discussion about them.


    I'm at the point in the story where the "grind" begins. I am as few as 1 story mission from starting that. We'll see how it goes from this point forward.


    I commented in slack, but I find parts of the story way more interesting than I've seen any reviewer give credit for. There's been a lot of fuss that Shelob is a pretty lady and not a huge spider, but the story they tell with her, while a liberal (though technically plausible!) interpretation of her history and backstory is a creative way to hold your own actions up to a broken and warped mirror.