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  1. The cutscene for when the (player) empire loses is all sorts of wonderful: 


    I loved this game as a kid, to the point that I can still hear the voice of the emperor & mon mothma when they inevitably failed in their diplomatic missions. It has one of the best implementations of sabotaging opposing infrastructure I can think of - but counter to that it is also possible to turn a planet into a fortress that literally nothing can get through - triple shields, heavy laser cannons, enough troops to fill a super stardestroyer and a good general and you've got something that the enemy will never get through. But if the enemy does manage to destroy those shields then oh man are you in for a world of hurt. 



    One neat detail about the Death Star: whenever it enters a system all the planets there will get a small loyalty boost towards the empire as people are indeed cowed into submission - but it goes away if the death star leaves. This means that whatever planets were already maxed out will be less loyal after a death star "driveby". I don't remember but it might be that if the Death Star does destroy a planet then the other planets in the system don't change loyalty but the rest of the galaxy does go more towards the rebel side. 

  2. It's weird to hear this critique compared to youtube personalities (like Quill18) who are a lot more ... let's call it excitable. Don't get me wrong, it's a breath of fresh air compared to <best game ever> meaningless blather. So thank you for providing some grounding and in-depth discussion of the mechanics that work or don't work.

  3. I'm looking for a game where you can start from nothing and slowly build up an empire, preferably one where you start in the economic sphere but then branch out into military and/or political spheres. I tried X3 a while ago and I found the user interface somewhat frustrating and the universe too static - you could build a fleet and send it into a sector to destroy everything, but soon the economic AI would repopulate the sector with new stations.


    Any advice?

  4. Hello,


    I'm in the middle of a very neat Crusader Kings 2 playthrough (by which I mean Oh god mongols everywhere) and I'm a bit disappointed in the politicking/scheming in the game. Sure, there are wonderful backstabbing possibilities, destabilizing a realm by killing the right person is very satisfying, but overall I find the game too shallow in terms of political goals and alliances you can create. Are there games out there that focus more on the political side of things, the backroom dealmaking and -breaking, with maybe a slice of lobbying to get your agenda implemented? Alternatively, are there empire management games that focus less on external expansion and more on internal nationbuilding?



  5. After listening to the podcast I got very interested in the game and went on a little google hunt to see more of the game. I'd probably have bought it. Unfortunately there are a few things that were very offputting.


    First of all: $30 for an early access title is insane. That's the price for a full release, not for an incomplete product of uncertain quality. Second: there is no demo. I understand that a demo is difficult to do for a game in active development, but I still need to get a feel for the game, and a youtube video doesn't cut it. And lastly, unless I looked in the wrong place, I haven't found a roadmap with long-term and medium-term development goals.


    I'll be keeping an eye on Clockwork, but I'm not going to buy it, especially not this far from whatever you consider 1.0. The price, combined with the other unknowns, makes me very very hesitant.