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  1. It is literally impossible for me to pick a GOTY. There are too many games that are some of my favorites of all time, let alone this year. Prey, Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider, Tacoma, Wolfenstein II, plus a bunch I'm sure will be up there when I play them some day, like A Night in the Woods, What Remains of Edith Finch, Assassin's Creed: Tangerines, and Pyre. So yeah, there's no way I can choose.

  2. Three podcasts I don't think I've recommended before:


    Black Men Can't Jump in Hollywood - three black actors from New York (and, often, a guest) talk talk about race, acting, Hollywood, movies, casting, and sometimes everything else (they go off-topic sometimes) through the lens of one movie each week that features a lead person of color. They only focus on big studio movies, because the genesis of the podcast was the observation that Hollywood is super racist and people of color (like black men) basically never get cast as leads in big studio movies. All three hosts are super insightful and super funny, too, so it's a great mix of deep movie talk and lots of jokes. I've been listening through since the beginning and some highlights include In The Heat of the Night, where their guest is Keegan-Michael Key; Blazing Saddles, where they wrestle with the film's depiction of its lead; and Night of the Living Dead. I haven't made it that far yet, but I've heard their episodes on Remember the Titans and 42 are amazing.


    Off Book: The Improvised Musical - the two hosts and their guest or guests improvise a musical (to live piano accompaniment). Pretty amazing just from the basic "holy shit they're making up songs off the top of their head" angle, because that's extremely hard (speaking from experience), but also they're very good at it so the results are great. Highlights include episode 11, which was done in front of a live audience and which features Griffin Newman from Blank Check, a podcast I must've recommended earlier in this thread, and episode 12, which features a dad trying to find his daughter and her friend after they become separated at an EDM festival.


    The Director's Cut - A DGA Podcast - directors interview other directors about their films. If you like inside baseball this is really great stuff. Highlights include Martin Scorcese interviewing Steven Spielberg about Bridge of Spies; Christopher Nolan interviewing Quentin Tarantino about The Hateful Eight; Christopher Nolan interviewing Edgar Wright about Baby Driver; Rian Johnson interviewing Denis Villeneuve about Blade Runner 2049; and Spike Jonze interviewing Greta Gerwig about Lady Bird. Other interesting ones include William Friedkin interviewing Darren Aronofsky about mother!, which at one point devolves into Friedkin yelling at Aranofsky about belief in God; and Richard Donner interviewing Patty Jenkins about Wonder Woman, which is a good argument for setting up a Logan's Run sort of situation in society where we kill all men older than 45 or something like that.

  3. I like to do the same thing but with Criticker:




    The far right # is the # of films I've seen. The number just to the left of it is the average tier the movies are in, out of 10 tiers (higher is better). I guess I've seen a lot of Spielberg! I'll eventually make it to where you are with Jarmusch, for sure - he's high on the list of people to watch through obsessively. I guess I really like Kubrick and really dislike Vaughn. The average tier ranking can be kind of skewed if just a few movies suck, which is why Cameron Crowe is so lowe.

  4. I've been playing through the original Outcast on and off for a while and although it's definitely super clunky, I don't think I would ever describe it as "the slightest stone in his path will make him grind to a halt and you'll need to awkwardly turn around 90 degrees to circumvent the obstacle," so either you're overstating things or the remake made things worse or I have a high tolerance for bullshit. I wouldn't say the original is unplayable, so if the remake is unplayable, something's up.

  5. I've only played through the second game once, but I picked the salty Scottish man and I very much liked what I got. I've also heard one or two others say he's the better choice, so it sounds like they did a good enough job that everyone has different opinions about who is the neater choice. I've played through the original game both ways and nothing much changes when you pick one or the other. I think a lot must change in the second game, though, because there were way more story cutscenes featuring my Scottish dude, and presumably those are different with the kid.

  6. I watched one streamer, who I've seen play I Wanna Be the Boshy and other tough platformers, have a tough time with Cuphead, and I've seen Chris play platformers like Spelunky before and Chris said he had a pretty tough time with Cuphead, so that suggests that it's pretty fucking hard. My impression is that it's hard enough that I probably wouldn't enjoy it a ton, which is one reason I haven't bought it despite the fact that it seems like one of the most beautiful games ever made.

  7. 2 hours ago, Erkki said:

    It's amazing how what started from this little game grew into such a huge franchise.

    The original didn't really seem like a little game. They went all out on it from day 1. It couldn't have been cheap to make the original - it's been an AAA franchise the whole time.