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  1. I recant my previous statemements(96%); Sean and Steve are valuable additions to Idle Thumbs and have had their shining moments. It's hard for anyone to perform at the level of Chris, Jake, and Nick's cultivated professionalism, focused analysis, and apparent natural internaiisation of the etiquette of conversation, that often led to moments of golden hilarity. Way more than this internet jerk could do. You all are the source of a resurgence of my interest in games as a meduim of meaning.


  2. Are you saying that Chris, Jake, and Sean are the new topical "nobody cares" Simpsons?

    No way, I still look forward to everything coming from Idle Thumbs; I just get tired of what the old blues guys used to refer to as "talking out of your head" that seems to come from the newer guys sometimes. The lack of connection to the flow of the group conversation, and a lack of interest in literature, or art, or meaning of life stuff. I don't know.