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  1. Battlekid

    I always wondered who they let join the French Foreign Legion. The sequel should let you put stickers on the guns. That SKS would look pretty sweet with some Spongebob on it!
  2. The Walking Dead

    Yes, but I came from the mindset it was more of an homage to classic adventure game puzzles. And it's something to break up the tension and pace the game properly. At times I do feel like the game could have been better if it wasn't approached from the angle of needing the puzzles, but I don't know if they would have ever been made if they had to be in some sort of "Story" genre. Edit: After a bit of a lull in the story with Episode 2, I feel like Episode 3 was as good if not better than Episode 1. Which is to say, outstanding. Maybe because 2 didn't have that much "stuff" going on? Two things that do annoy me, though: The pictures when you start the episodes are spoilers, and the ending "Next time on The Walking Dead" are full of them. I tried to exit out during the preview of the next episode a couple of times, but I lost progress. Bummer. So now I scowl, take off my headphones, and turn off the monitor for 5 minutes while it runs through them.
  3. NEWS FLASH! Nick Brekon taking over for Bob Villa in This Old House: Did you go with the classic maple floor, or the oak, Bob Nick?
  4. I think it's a pretty good idea! 360 and PS3 players don't have access to mods, so official DLC is basically the only way they'll ever get to do a build-your-own-house mod at this point. Additionally, the variety of mods means there will inevitably be some overlap between the mod space and DLC. Even if it was a case of Bethesda seeing a popular mod and basing DLC on it, as long as they aren't directly ripping assets or code, I don't see it as a problem. They aren't preventing PC players from using the mod. If they integrate the top 5-10 mods from the last Elder Scrolls every time a new one comes out, can you imagine how quickly the series would improve? Hell, now-standard game modes and sometimes entire genres have been created from companies copying mods of games with or without the mod's original creators. For me it's a plus.
  5. I imagine that it does get pretty frustrating when a game could be completely playable, except for one issue that could be relatively easily fixed by the developer. I know a part of web design training these days are lessons in ADA standards and usability, but I imagine there probably is still very little of that done with games. There is no reason to not be as vocal as you can about it, or maybe get a group of some kind going to petition developers to improve their accessibility. In some cases, it probably is a matter of money, and they just aren't going to add in accessibility for a small group of gamers. But being vocal about it may make them think about it for future games early on in development when the time can more easily be budgeted for it. I think it's interesting and sad that the most accommodating developers are usually the ones selling the least copies, instead of a company like EA or Activision who could easily afford to make it a standard in their companies. Or maybe it just has to do with PC games being more flexible overall with different hardware (both digital and meatspace) than EA's and Activision's console games and ports.
  6. DayZ

    It is a different game between a high-pop server and a low one. Low populations make it more of a zombie survival game, while high population servers make it more of a PvP game. Keep in mind that people interested in being bandits usually stick to high-pop servers, since there are more targets. But yup, find a buddy to play with and it's a third type of game. You get more interesting objectives and can have some protection from the bad guys. Contact realarccos in Steam if you want to give it a shot.
  7. Meeting Friends into Gaming

    With things like sports or books and such, it seems like there are plenty of opportunities for adults to meet other adults with the same interests in person and make friends. That doesn't seem to happen as much with video games. Any suggestions on this? I would love to get a gaming group going, but living in the Northern suburbs of Chicago means there aren't any organized activities related to video gaming. Any websites or such to set up video (or other types of) gaming groups?
  8. DayZ

    DayZ Commander is great compared to some of the other kludgey tools out there, thanks for that! What I want to know is what sicko keeps restocking these loot spots just to see us all tear each other to shreads? "I find playing on low population servers for loot a little pointless." I would agree with that, except when you're playing with a partner. That makes everything much better, even low pop servers.
  9. Pokemon

    That's pretty much how I felt. I could see the appeal, but since the battle options are as simplistic as JRPGs get, I turned it off pretty quickly.
  10. Team Fortress 2 Co-op! Mann vs. Machine

    FYI, it's pretty easy to set up a server on your local machine when you want to play, and it fills up pretty fast even if you aren't playing with friends. Here's how to do it: http://forums.steamp...d.php?t=2881268 You get in right away, and you help out the queue. Win win!
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Huh... I thought I created an account ages ago, but I guess it was all just a creepy, sexy dream. So hello!