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  1. Not sure if this merited an email so I'll post it here. Regarding Megan's family:


    I'm not sure to what extent the writers intended to allude to Quebec's situation at the time. I always assumed that making Megan a French-Canadian was a wink to Jessica Paré's own nationality but after Chris voiced his thoughts on the episode, it does seem more deliberate. From what I remember from my high school history classes, basically Quebec following the confederation of Canada remained a fierce conservative and catholic province up until the end of the 50s. During the 60s and 70s, the Quiet Revolution (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quiet_Revolution) occurs which leads to a large scale secularization and modernization of the country. This change occurs fairly quickly after the passing of a corrupt Premier (Duplessis) who had been in power for a long time due to a combination of corruption and strong church support. It is my understanding is that the societal changes that occur during this period in Quebec is much faster than the gradual evolution depicted in Mad Men because of Duplessis' reign prior (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grande_Noirceur) and other influences (the US?). It seemed to me that Megan has always been, as Chris said, a more urbane and modern person than what I assumed a normal Quebecois person would be in that time, but this episode juxtaposes her to her more traditional family. Her sister remains entrenched in traditional catholic family values on which she bases her entire worldview, whereas her mom rejects the old way (Megan mentions that her mom had been unhappy for a long time) and seemingly embraces the revolution by staying in New York.


    I'm not sure if they've mentioned if Megan is a typical Quebecois or if she's specifically from Montreal. Insomuch as Quebec is different from the rest of North America, so is Montreal from Quebec. Montreal is closer to the values depicted in Megan in that it is a mix of old world values and traditions with modern cosmopolitan sensibilities. During this time period, Montreal ends up holding the 67 International Exposition (we end up naming our future baseball team after this), builds a subway and hosts the Olympics in 76. This is also the time period where the separatist movement is birthed. Again, I doubt the writers intend to have all of this reflected in Megan and her family, but it does explain a bit why you would feel that they seem to have a contradicting set of values.

  2. I thought that the event was a bit lame at first, but once they could finally reveal it was a Hotline Miami 2 crosspromotion event, the inflated numbers did not look so egregious. I ended up caving and getting a Completely Overkill pack today along with all the DLC that was on sale today. Finished up the last 2 achievements I needed tonight just in time for new infamy levels!



  3. I've played them all but don't have them yet because I'm waiting on a sale. The Diamond is quite fun both stealthed and loud. I enjoy the Dockyard, though stealthing is a tad annoying because of the guard density leads to fail cascades. The one time I played the Forest map, I got dizzy because of elevation and weird geometry. I've hit V-100 and still play a lot. I mainly play with SA Goons but if you ever want to get a game going just shoot me a message.

  4. I gave it a shot last night. It seems do-able but we wiped and were too tired and frustrated to give it many other shots. In theory it should be equal or easier than a DW run. The main issues we ran into was the lack of ammo (conserve your ammo, ignore far away cops and focus on immediate threats) and dealing with shields/dozers with no HE or snipers (judicious use of grenades here and classic flanking). Besides that, treat it like a DW run and try to push ahead of the car and don't fall behind. The main danger zone is once you get into the parking garage. Grouping up is key. Day 2 should be easy if you dupe the cards and open Armory, Infirmary, Ops, and then Objectives. If you guys need a 4th I'll be happy to give it a shot again.

  5. I've been playing the past few days with 2 buddies and it's the opposite experience for us. Anytime we try and stealth or case the joint we immediately get our cover blown and we have to shoot our way out. Granted we're all new and in single digit levels. I can't wait until we can get heists running smoothly. We're already slowly getting there as we get more familiar with the maps. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to latch onto your games and I can see how it's really done.