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  1. What I thought was weird wasn't so much the message itself, but the way it's presented. It's very one-sided and preachy. The political ideas aren't challenged in any way, so they don't have to be proven. I kept thinking some kind of counterpoint would show up, but it's the same spiel all the way through. It's boring.

    Every Heinlein book I've read is that way. He weaves his politics into his stories and there is usually some sort of Mary Sue type character (Dubois, Jubal Harshaw, The Professor) who is basically Heinlein himself preaching to everyone in the book. IMO, Roddenberry was guilty of this too in Star Trek, but Star Trek manages to not brow beat you with its politics quite as much, so it's more digestible. And it probably doesn't hurt that I tend to agree with Roddenberry's politics more than Heinlein's.

  2. I just spent the last few days doing some heavy cleaning on my Twitter account and I'm much happier with it. I was up to following almost 400 accounts and it got to a point where I wasn't getting anything out of it unless I stayed glued to Twitter all day. The first thing I did was unfollow most of the news, corporate, and political Twitter accounts. Those types of accounts tend to be filled with links and hashtags that I find too distracting. Then I went about aggressively unfollowing people who posted stuff that I just didn't find interesting. Example: At one point I had a lot of athletes from the various Houston sports teams. Those guys post a lot, but very little of it was anything I cared to be kept up to date on. Mostly it's just trash talking with other athletes and responding to fans.

    After that, I organized everyone so they were only in one list each and cut my lists down from around ~20 to 6. The best part of doing that was it forced me to think about what kind of information I wanted to get out of Twitter and prune any accounts I felt didn't meet those requirements. Once I had everyone organized into lists, I switched from using the main UI to TweetDeck in my browser. Instead of viewing one big feed, I have 6 feeds for each list I created. I ordered the lists left to right from most frequently updated to least. This works great and I'm back to where I can jump on Twitter a few times a day and feel caught up.

  3. I'm not dismissive of the project, I made a snap analysis based on what I saw in the Kickstarter about whether this will be interesting for me personally

    I am certain this will prove an entertaining video series that will also enlighten people 'new' to feminism in gaming. But I'm also making a reasonable guess that twelve videos about female stereotypes in games won't be able to tell me a lot of interesting new things. The direction it seems to go in is more 'entertainment' than 'super deep dissertation about female characterisation'. I could be wrong. I am, for the record, always, and way more, interested in the latter.

    I think most level headed people would agree that sexism in the video gaming community is still a big issue, though. And as long as it is, it's not unreasonable to expect that a lot of people (especially women) are going to continue to want to add their voices to the issue. I've read studies that show that teenage boys no longer make up the largest demographic in the community, I'm not sure if it's accurate or not. What I do know is that they are especially vocal! The more counter arguments we get, the better, IMO.