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  1. Incidentally, I now have the power to turn off certain types of deaths. For example, fall damage can be turned off, or creepers can be made to not explode. You name it :)

    Turning off death completely would be pretty cool, but not being able to commit suicide just in case you got lost somewhere in the world seems like it would be a problem.

    Maybe theres a way to keep deaths, but have it so you don't lose the stuff in your inventory when you die?

  2. Could someone grant me building credentials? I wanted to send PM to either tabacco or Kingz, but my lack of posts on this forum kind of makes it difficult to do so.

    I know I'm not much of a reputable person here on the forums, but Im huge fans of Idle Thumbs, and would love if I could participate in making the Idle Thumbs Minecraft server even awesomer.

    My Minecraft Handle is OldMouse. Ive already logged in everything, too.

    Thanks! :worship: